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RewardsApex Legends: Legend Tokens & How to Get Them (Gameplay Only)Legend Tokens are one of the four primary currencies in Apex Legends, alongside Crafting Metals, Apex Coins, and Heirloom Shards. These valuable tokens can be used in the game to unlock new Legends and exclusive items. This guide will go over everything you need to know about Legend Tokens, including how to get them and how to use them in Apex Legends. » Curious about Heilroom Shards and how to get them? Check this guide What Are Legend Tokens in Apex Legends? Legend Tokens are unique in Apex Legends because they are the game's only completely free currency. Unlike other in-game currencies, they can't be acquired through loot crate drops or purchased in-game. You can't even buy Legend Tokens with Buff points like you can with Apex Coins. This makes them a valuable but limited resource for players. The only way to obtain Legend Tokens is through gameplay. You can find your current Legend Token balance on the top-right corner of the Apex Legends home screen, as shown below. What Can Legend Tokens Be Used For? This effort-earned currency is the key to unlocking more Legends to gain access to new abilities and styles of gameplay! It takes a total of 12,000 Legend Tokens to unlock a new Legend, which means you have to level up 20 times (600 Legend Tokens per level) before you have enough to spend on a new Legend for your team. Next, you can unlock some cool re-colors for some legendary skins you may own. Just keep in mind that legendary recolors cycle out of the shop weekly, so you'll have to stay vigilant if you want a fancy new color for your legendary skin. Finally, you can also spend Legend Tokens to reroll daily challenges (though we don't recommend it, the price isn't worth the reward). Legend Token Price List Unlock new Legend: 12,000 LTCosmetic re-color: 6,500 LT for a weapon skin and 8,500 for a Legend skin2nd daily reroll: 200 LT3rd daily reroll: 500 LT4th daily reroll onwards: 1,000 LT » Apex Legends Battle Pass without spending $$$? Yes, it is possible How to Get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends Legend Tokens are, thankfully, quite easy to come by—you just need to play the game and level up by earning XP! 1. Leveling Up There are loads of levels to be earned in Apex Legends. In Season 14, Respawn increased the maximum level cap from 500 to 2,000. That's 1,2 million Legend Tokens—or 100 new legends, five times the total Legends currently available! Even after you hit the maximum level, you'll continue to earn 600 Legend Tokens every time you earn a level's worth of XP. If you're a new player to the game, the first 60 levels are thankfully a little easier to get through, letting you unlock your first 3 new Legends by the time you get there. The required amount of XP to level up incrementally increases per level, to a cap: Level 1: 100XP Level 10: 8,600XPLevel 20: 12,500XPLevel 30: 14,000XPLevel 40: 15,500XPLevel 50: 17,000XPLevel 60-500: 18,000XP After you hit level 500, you advance into the next tier, where your level resets back to 1. At tiers 2-4, the experience needed to level up is a little different: Level 1-100: 18,000XPLevel 101-200: 20,000XPLevel 201-300: 23,000XPLevel 301-400: 28,000XPLevel 401-500: 36,000XP » Regret buying those Apex Coins? You can refund them 2. Accumulating XP Earning experience during a game is based on many different things you can do during a match. We've made a list to help break down how XP is calculated during a match, so you know what to focus on if you want to level up at the fastest rate: Winning a match: 900XPTop 5 finish: 300XPTime survived: 3XP per second survivedFirst kill of the day: 500XPKills: 50XP per killDamage done: 0.25XP per 1 damage pointIs kill leader: 50XP if you become the kill leader at any point in a matchKilled champion: 500XP per kill of the champion squadIs champion: 500XP going into a match as the champion squadRevive ally: 25XPRespawn ally: 200XP 3. Playing With Friends Teaming up with your friends in Apex Legends has more benefits than just being able to work together and communicate better. Having friends in your squad gives you extra XP! Having just 1 friend in your squad adds a +5% XP bonus to your time survived, while 2 friends gives you +10% XP to that bonus. 4. Progressing Through Seasonal Battle Passes The seasonal Battle Pass definitely has some juicy items, but as you level up through the premium tier of the pass, you'll also unlock stackable XP boosts that add a 10% bonus to the top 5 and win XP for you and your party members. These boosts also stack up with everyone in your party, amounting to a potential 300% boost for the rest of the season! Better Get Playing! Legend Tokens are the key to growing your Legends roster, and gaining levels are the key to earning more Legend Tokens, so by playing loads of matches and surviving for as long as you can, you'll be adding new Legends to your team in no time. Just start, as every minute helps. Additionally, don't be afraid to spend some Legend Tokens on your favorite recolor either—they're only around for limited times, and you'll eventually earn the tokens back. » Buff can't get you Legend Tokens, but it can everything else—Download Buff
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Tips & tricksDominating the Valorant Economy: Insider SecretsYou probably already know that the economy is super important in Valorant. But what does it mean to manage your economy? Buff is here to give you the full breakdown to ensure that you maximize your time winning rounds with the best weapons you can get. » Need more VPs? See the best ways to get free Valorant Points The Basics—Credit Earnings and Buys No matter how you perform in a game, there are some numbers that are constants. Every player starts the match with 800 credits, and the maximum amount of credits you can have is capped at 9,000. There are different ways to earn credits: Credit Earnings for Wins Winning a round gives a flat 3,000 credits to each player on your team. However, there are opportunities within the round to earn even more, such as 200 credits for each enemy you kill. There are also side-specific ways to earn credits: On the attacking side, planting the spike will give you and each member of your team 300 credits. As the defenders, defusing the spike will grant each member of your team 300 credits. Though not directly tied to economy management, the player who successfully plants or defuses the spike, or kills an enemy, also earns 1 Ult point. Credit Earnings for Losses With each consecutive round loss, your team will earn more credits, capping at three straight losses. One Loss: 1,900 creditsTwo Losses: 2,400 creditsThree or more losses: 2,900 credits Types of Buys Full buy This is the ideal scenario where you have enough credits to have your loadout decked out. This will mean full armor (heavy shields), Vandal, Phantom, or Operator (your most preferred weapon), and key abilities. For this, you need 3900 credits, plus the cost of key abilities.Eco round This is a credit-saving buy, where you are typically getting the Ghost or Sheriff and light armor (light shields). Depending on the role, this may mean just buying key abilities rather than focusing on your weapon loadout. The goal is to have enough credits saved for the following round to make a full buy. Anti-eco This is a response tactic when you know the enemy team will be doing an eco round. Rather than saving along with them, you spend credits to greatly increase your chances of winning the round with a loadout advantage. The most common occurrence of this is after winning the pistol round (first round of the half), as the enemy will almost always go Eco to build a losing streak for the credit earnings increase.Half buy This is a middle-ground buying tactic to save for a full buy in the following round when you have enough credits to buy better weapons than a sidearm, but not enough for a full buy. The range is pretty wide here in terms of weapon and armor choices, but the most common ones are the Spectre, Marshal, or Guardian.Force buy As the name states, this is when your team is forced to buy the best loadout they can. This is typically either when your team is one round from losing or at the last round of the first half, as everyone starts with 800 credits at the first round of each half. » Looking to improve your aim? Here are 5 sensitivity settings that could help you How to Manage Your Economy Simply put, the goal is to have as many full buy rounds as possible. There are some rules of thumb that are a good place to start: For the second round of a half, go with a half buy if you won the first round or an eco round if you lost the first round. This is the best way to capitalize on the losing streak to make a comeback, or to take advantage of the enemy team when you know they will be coming with a very weak loadout.Understand the role you play and what abilities take precedence over a weapon in a loadout. There are many new players that misinterpret a full buy as being 3,900 credits and just buy a Vandal and Full Armor with no abilities, when the team may be relying on them to smoke key choke points.Dying during a full buy round means that you have to spend at least another 2,900 credits for a Vandal or Phantom on your next full buy, whereas staying alive effectively means you've saved that same 2,900 credits. The same applies to getting a kill on eco or half buy rounds. If you kill somebody on the enemy team during their full buy, you can save 2,900 credits by picking up their gun and staying alive for the rest of the round.Some new players also fall victim to endless half buys, where they die and only have enough for another half buy the following round. Remember, the goal is to maximize the number of rounds you can make full buys. Buying After the 3rd Round The 3rd round in the half is a pivotal moment because this is the round where momentum can really change. There are a few scenarios, all of which dictate what type of buy you should be making: If you lost the first two rounds, this is your opportunity to turn the tides with a full buy from the extra credits you've saved from your losing streak.If you won the first two rounds, this is what is called a bonus round. You are typically coming into the round with the weapons from your half buy last round still intact. Most teams hedge their bets by not making a full buy, knowing that the other team will surely be doing so, effectively saving 2,900 credits for the following round.If you won one round and lost the other, it's best to communicate with your team. See how they'd like to proceed, as it's best to be coordinated. » Need help with Fracture? Discover the pro tips for Valorant's Fracture map Additional Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings Here are some extra tips that can help you manage your credits better: Choose the Right Armor You may have seen some pros buy light armor when they are against an opponent's full buy. The idea behind this is that the Vandal is already a one-hit headshot kill, even with full armor, so it is more cost-effective to just buy light armor. However, pros are playing in an extremely high-skill environment where landing headshots consistently is all but expected. For newer players, getting Heavy Shields is the more sensible purchase. Don't Forget Your Abilities Next, some agents have ultimates that equip them with a powerful weapon. Abilities like Jett's Knives, Chamber's Tour de Force, or Neon's Overdrive equip you with some of the most powerful weapons in the game, allowing you to save credits for that round. Don't Waste Your Credits The last key tip is to not waste credits by earning over 9,000 of them. Offer to buy weapons for your teammates, as that would improve the team's overall econ. Similarly, watch your teammates loadout and wallets, and ask them for a buy should the same opportunity arise. » Read our tips for climbing the competitive ladder more efficiently Perfect Your Economy Skills for Higher Win Chances Perfecting your economy management is essential to improving as a Valorant player. By understanding what decisions to make and when to make them, you allow yourself the best loadout, which translates to more kills and more wins! And while winning, don't forget to run Buff in the background for some extra rewards.
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RewardsGet Paid to Play: 5 Ways to Monetize Your CS:GO SkillsCS:GO has brought fame and fortune to many gamers out there; whether you're a pro player, a streamer like Shroud with an entertaining persona, or you've even just some extra time on your hands, you can also make a great profit off of this globally free-to-play game! 1. CS:GO Tournaments If you've got what it takes to go up against other people who are there to win with prize money up for grabs, entering into CS:GO tournaments might be for you. Tournaments are the ultimate test of skill—you're going up against the best of the best. Whether that means locally or internationally, you'll be fighting alongside your team against opponents who have spent thousands of hours in CS and who practice their skills and strategies all the time. Winning local games will likely get you and your team scouted for bigger matches and tournaments. Keep winning, and who knows, maybe you'll enter the CS:GO Majors where you can earn a chance at $1,000,000 prize pools! 2. Earn Points With Buff If you're not familiar with how Buff works, it's a gamer's loyalty app that rewards you in Buff Points for spending time playing the games you're already playing. Whether it be online or with your friends you can earn points that you can use to purchase in-game items and even hardware. You won't be getting cash sent straight into your account but if you're up for joining the referral program and getting your friends on board you can get some free gift cards to go towards your next skin or game, without any extra effort. » What are you waiting for? Try Buff out here! 3. Boosting or Coaching There's a big difference between the two: one can get you banned, while the other is actually encouraged. Boosting While we don't support boosting, you can earn quite a bit of cash from doing it. Boosting is when someone "boosts" a player's rank to one much higher than it should be, either by signing into their account and climbing for them, or carrying them to a crazy level by joining the lobby on a smurf or hacked account. Hacks are often involved in this process, and even when they aren't, both the booster and the player who got boosted stand a high chance of getting VAC banned by steam, as the very act messes with the entire match-making system. Coaching Coaching is a great way to earn some cash if you've got the CS:GO skills and knowledge to share with others, and it's fun and rewarding! Many coaches are ex-pros who've gotten too old to compete or players who have extensive knowledge of the strategy behind the game. I've personally coached a few of my friends in other games from things like aim training, angles to hold, mechanics, and rotations. Let me tell you, that feeling of watching your student consistently do better and better after taking your advice can be more rewarding than actually winning the game yourself. It's a whole other feeling of being impressed when the student starts to do better than the master. There are a few ways to get started with coaching outside of teaching your friends, the easiest being signing up on a coaching platform like GamerSensei and Pro Guides, or using freelance platforms like Fiverr. » Looking to boost your FPS sniper skills? Read our pro tips for sniping in Apex Legends 4. Streaming Being successful in Streaming CS:GO doesn't necessarily mean that you need to be insanely good at the game and hitting clips all the time. Having an entertaining personality or finding different things to do in the game beyond being good can gather a lot of interest for you on your channel, like getting your mom to a high rank or role-playing while chatting with your team. Whether you've got god-tier aim or you're doing something different, you have to have a presence on Twitch or YouTube that has some sort of showmanship or presentation. That means paying a lot of attention to and communicating with your chat, having a timetable or schedule for your viewers to follow so they know when they can catch you online, and making sure you're politically correct (unless the point of your channel is to not be)—so don't say or do inappropriate things while you're streaming. Great CS:GO streamers to get influence from that are often live are PimpCSGO and Nikolarn. Check out Shroud too, as he originally came from the CS:GO world. Or if you want to get some inspiration on how to make content that's different from the intended purpose, take a look at some Rocket League content creators like Lethamyr or SunlessKhan. » Need help? See our pro tips for streaming on YouTube 5. Content Creation If you're not comfortable broadcasting live or having an audience to entertain, or you've just got extra content and more ideas to present to the world, maybe creating video clips like tutorials, guides, and montages is a direction that could work for you to make some money off of CS. There's a lot of opportunity to make interesting content based on what's in the community maps and servers, like minigames, surfing, aim maps, and much more. Making clips for YouTube or other platforms can be a lot less stressful than streaming and doesn't require as much of a beefy PC, though it certainly takes a much longer time to gather, create, and edit content for video clips than streaming takes. The best way to get started effectively is to watch other successful content creators closely and get tips on how they produce, and reflect that in your own content. When watching with the mindset of creating your own videos, keep questions like these in mind: Do they read from a script? What background music do they use for which situations?How fast do they switch from scene to scene? How do they actively keep your attention?How do they do their intros and outros? Alternatively, you can consider making custom CS:GO maps with interesting and unique playstyles for others to download and use. While you won't earn any money directly from the Steam workshop, if your maps become popular enough you can create a website to list them all and monetize that when it gains enough traffic. » Build your custom online personality by learning about trading & selling on the CS:GO skin exchange Start Earning From Playing Your Favorite Game You're already playing your favorite games like CS:GO, so you might as well make them work for you and start getting paid to play! And don't forget to run Buff in the background for some free rewards with no extra effort.
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Tips & tricksThe 5 Must-Have OP Agents for Dominating Valorant Ranked in 2023Valorant is a round-based competitive shooter that's pretty much the same as its influencer, CS:GO, but with one key difference: your team is comprised of unique playable characters (Agents), each with their own abilities, gadgets, and ultimates that add huge twists to strategy and team composition. Having the right group of Agents on your team can turn the tides of your game simply by how well their abilities work together to help the team. That said, there are 21 Agents and counting, most of them with a chunky grind to get through before unlocking them to try them out. So who should you focus on adding to your Agent roster first? We've got you covered. Luckily, most of the Agents in this list are playable right from account sign-up, so you can start practicing them right away as you work on your next Agent contract. » Need help? Read our tips for climbing the Valorant competitive ladder 1. Killjoy (Sentinel) Passive CQEXN/ANanoswarmAlarmbotTurretLockdownN/AA remotely detonated grenade that is invisible to enemies out of its proximity and deals damage over timeEquip an invisible bot that explodes when enemies come in range, applying a debuff that makes them take double damageDeploy an automated turret with a 180-degree cone of site Deploy a bubble dome with a large radius that explodes, causing all enemies hit to be slowed and unable to use guns or abilities for 8 secondsN/A200 credits200 creditsFree7 ultimate points Our Tips Killjoy is a must-pick in most competitive maps in 2023. Since Chamber got his huge nerfs at the end of last season, Killjoy has risen to be the most-picked (if she's not banned) Sentinel Agent in ranked play, simply because of how strong her overall kit is, and how her gadgets allow her to play safely. Her Nanoswarm ability is very versatile and on its own gives killjoy a strong defense mechanic to bring to the team. The ability can be used to halt aggressive pushing from opponents and prevent them from planting or defusing the spike, all while avoiding damage herself. Killjoy does not lack in offense either. Her alarm bot and turret gadgets are relatively cheap for their effectiveness, both individually and in combination with other abilities and gadgets. Her ultimate practically locks everyone in place. The beacon can be destroyed while it's charging, but it's a huge risk to do so, meaning most opponents will run outside of the zone to stay safe. This can mean free planting zones if played correctly. » Not enough VPs? Discover the best methods for getting free Valorant Points 2. Viper (Controller) PassiveCQEXToxinSnake BitePoison CloudToxic ScreenViper's PitViper's toxin-applying abilities reduce an enemy's maximum healthEquip and fire a chemical canister that creates a debuff zone, dealing damage and applying Vulnerable to enemiesEquip and fire a gas emitter that has a smoke effect and applies damage/reuse to create a toxic cloud that drains Viper's passive fuel to remain in effectEquip and fire a line of gas emitters that have a smoke effect and deal damage over time/reuse to create a toxic wall that drains Viper's passive fuel to remain in effectEquip and fire a chemical spray gun that emits a large gas cloud around Viper that acts as smoke and reduces the maximum health of affected enemiesN/A200 credits200 creditsFree7 ultimate points Our Tips Viper has been my personal favorite Agent since Valorant's launch. While she's a challenging Agent to master, she's still up there as one of the best Controllers in the game. Her kit allows her to be both aggressive and defensive, though she really shines if backed up by a good teammate. Her Poison Cloud and Snake Bite make for a nice wombo-combo if played correctly, and her wall can be cast through terrain at an incredible distance. Viper really shines when you're thinking two steps ahead and worrying about player locations. At the same time, she's considerably harder to play if you're not comfortable with using abilities strategically and you're keen on some casual fun. 3. Sova (Initiator) PassiveCQEXN/AOwl DroneShock BoltRecon BoltHunter's FuryN/AEquip and fire a remote-controlled drone that can mark targets with darts, revealing them to the playerEquip and fire a bow with explosive bolts that can bounce off walls or detonate on hit and damage nearby playersEquip and fire a bow that can bounce off walls or detonate on hit and reveal nearby enemies to the playerEquip and fire a bow with 3 wall-piercing energy blasts that deal damage and reveal nearby enemies to the playerN/A400 credits150 creditsFree8 ultimate points Our Tips Having a Sova in your squad can be like having wallhacks for the team. He's the ultimate reconnaissance Agent whose whole kit is built around revealing enemies' locations and providing that information to the team. His shock bolt can bounce off walls and reveal enemy silhouettes, while his owl drone lets him fly a camera to a considerable distance to gain an extra visual advantage. His kit is just as useful for pushing sites as it is for defending them, and with a microphone and the right teammates, Sova can be one of the most useful Agents to add to the squad. Sova is best played when you've got a strong memory of where opponents or their gadgets might be on the map. Combining this with his ultimate, Sova can remove the competition easily with the 3 deadly rounds he can send across the map through any terrain. » Need help with your aim? Tweak your sensitivity settings to match the pros 4. Jett (Duelist) PassiveCQEXGlideCloudburstUpdraftTailwindBlade StormHold jump button to glideThrow a cloud that briefly blocks visionPropel yourself vertically into the airActivate a gust of wind that can be used to propel you in the direction you're movingEquip throwing knives that recharge on kill. Can fire one knife at a time or all knives at onceN/A200 credits150 creditsFree7 ultimate points Our Tips Jett is that knife-wielding assassin you've probably seen in many Valorant clips till now. Her kit is built around mobility and fast-paced killing. Most notably, her ultimate gives her 5 throwing knives to use that one-shot enemies and have no bullet drop, allowing Jett to ace a team on her own if she's bold and skilled enough to take on the challenge. Most Jett players rely on their own high accuracy in combination with wild movements to zip around the map and take out enemies while evading their gunfire. Taking Jett into the firing range and practicing her jump and dash abilities around the parkour course is essential to getting comfortable with her. » Hone your strategies with our tips for Valorant's Fracture and Breeze 5. Sage (Support Sentinel) PassiveCQEXN/ABarrier OrbSlow OrbHeal OrbResurrectionN/AEquip a solid wall that can be rotated and then placedEquip and fire a slowing orb that detonates on impact and creates an AOE zone that slows playersEquip a healing orb that can be fired at damaged allies to heal them or activated to heal yourselfRevive dead allies and return them to full healthN/A400 credits200 creditsFree8 ultimate points Our Tips Sage is the best support to have on any team in Valorant, not only because she's the only Agent in the game who has heals for herself and the team, but also because her ultimate ability can revive a downed teammate from death to rejoin in the fight. Paired with the team carry, Sage can effectively double-up your teamie's power by keeping them healthy and alive, or reviving them after they've gone down to change the tides of the round in your favor. Sage's wall orb is just as useful as the rest of her kit, where she creates a thick wall of ice that cannot be traversed through without shooting it down, making it an amazing form of control to stop pushes or close off an entrance or exit so your team can plant or defuse safely. The wall can also be cast underneath Sage or her teammates to lift them up, providing unique positional advantages that no other Agent can match. Which Agent Should You Play? Based on past trends and tier lists, these 5 Agents have almost consistently been rated as S-tier or A-tier Agents by professionals globally, so there's a really good chance they'll stay up there as the most effective ones to play for a while to come. Depending on your playstyle, pick any of the ones listed here to start practicing, without the threat of them becoming less viable. And don't forget to download Buff for some free Valorant rewards.
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ReviewsZero Tolerance: How to Eliminate Toxicity From Your Valorant MatchesValorant needs no introduction—since its release in 2020, Valorant's focus on solid team communication and coordination makes it one of the most exciting games today. This always opens up the community to threats of toxic opponents and teammates, an unfortunate truth of online gaming in general. Most of the toxicity is seen during matches and in team lobbies, and it's mainly in the form of verbal harassment. Needless to say, creating an unpleasant environment can affect players' performance. This is especially visible in matches where the slightest miscommunication can cost a team the game, but does this make Valorant the most toxic game, and what can you do to fight it? Read on to find out. What Causes Toxicity in Online Gaming? 1. The Source of the Community Valorant is notable for its community not being created from scratch, unlike those of other multiplayer video games. When the game was released in 2020, a lot of the primary player base came from popular games like Overwatch, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Roblox, and more. Unfortunately, team-based FPS games rank pretty high on the toxicity scale in general. 2. The High Diversity of Players Valorant also contains a high diversity of players in terms of religion, race, and ethnicity. This increased diversity implies the clash of cultures seen in every interactive field, gaming included, meaning that all of them contribute to Valorant's higher online harassment numbers. 2. Non-Beginner-Friendly Gamestyle Lastly, another reason why Valorant might experience toxicity is that it's unfriendly to new players. Experienced players may lack the patience to teach their teammates when all they want to do is climb the competitive ladder, which can lead to frustration and outbursts. » Read more about Valorant's Competitive Mode and how it works How Toxic Is Valorant? As far as online gaming goes, Valorant is no more toxic than any of the other FPS games with similar player bases. How Is Valorant Combatting In-Game Toxicity? Fortunately, Riot has taken steps to combat in-game toxicity: In 2022, Riot published an article on its website on how it would address these problems It has also partnered with Ubisoft not to tolerate cheating and verbal harassmentMoreover, Riot is testing a zero-tolerance banning program called Alarmbot What Can Players Do? In addition to those harassment prevention measures, Riot also counts on players to help them improve the game environment. Here are some ways in which players can do that: 1. Provide Feedback Valorant players are encouraged to report bad behavior. This allows Riot to mute players that are harassing people, restrict them from playing ranked matches, and issue permanent ban penalties for zero-tolerance offenses. For instance, in January 2022 alone, Riot blocked over 400,000 text and voice chats for bad behavior and issued over 40,000 game bans. 2. Create Their List of Muted Words Valorant players can also manually filter out words and phrases they don't want to see in the game. By doing so, they can avoid seeing negative comments about their race, sex, gender, and more. 3. Request Voice Chat Evaluation If reported by Valorant players, Riot can monitor game matches to record and analyze players prone to verbal attacks. This will allow them to eventually reduce or eliminate things that lead to such harassment. 4. Remove Yourself Completely Many gamers are unfazed by online toxicity, merely putting it off as part of the game. In fact, some gamers actually enjoy toxicity and believe it's similar to trash-talking in competitive physical sports. However, if you aren't one of those people and would prefer to enjoy the game without the risk of toxicity, then there are a few things you can do to remove it from your experience: Disable voice chat You can either do this indefinitely or simply switch off voice chat when your teammates or opponents start turning toxic. While this may inhibit your team play a little, the difference will be significantly less than trying to navigate through the toxicity.Only queue with friends This may limit the number of time you can spend in-game, but it's totally worth it if you're intent on ranking up or simply can't deal with the toxicity. » Are you interested in Valorant rewards? Learn more about 2 in-game methods for free skins and how to get Valorant Points for free What Can We Expect in the Future? Valorant, despite being one of the most popular multiplayer video games, remains one of the most toxic. That said, if Valorant players and Riot continue to act against toxic players, Valorant can have a more positive gaming environment where everyone is treated with respect. So, will 2023 be the year Valorant becomes less toxic? We will have to wait and see, but at least Riot and its players are trying to change the game for the better. And while you're doing the same, consider running Buff in the background for some extra rewards.
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Tips & tricksSurfing in CS:GO: From Beginner to Pro in 5 Easy StepsWhen players used to ask in-game, "how do I surf?" my favorite way to respond was to type this back into chat: With WASD: D -> /ramp\ <- Adon't touch W or S. But, truthfully, it's a little more complex than that. I'll try to break it down as best as I can so that you'll be more prepared the next time you hit the ramps. 1. Master the Basics of Surf Movement Thanks to the way Valve built the physics of their engine, games like Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, Portal, and even Apex Legends all have a movement mechanic setting called "Air Acceleration." It's a bit difficult to explain, but if you're in mid-air, and you push a directional button while looking in a certain direction, your character model will actually speed up. This would allow you to hop around pillars or 'curve' in mid-air. On the other hand, hitting the backward input can make your character halt their momentum altogether. There are 2 main types of surfing, and 2 main modes: WASD surfing—Here, you're strafing into the ramp with your left or right movement key while looking forward, which is what you should be practicing.3-quarter surfing—It's way more advanced and requires multiple directional keys to be pressed. Pros say that they can finetune their movements better with this, but I would avoid it completely in the beginning. As for the game modes, there's Skill surfing and Combat surfing: Skill surfing implies either going through maps that are broken up into stages or surfing along one long map that will have its own challenges and obstacles to get past. Players tend to compete for the best completion time for a competitive edge over just practicing the mechanic to enjoy it and get good at surfing.Combat surfing is my favorite form of surfing. I've sunk way more hours into it than I'm willing to admit. Here, guns and damage are enabled, and your goal is to take out the enemy team or plant/defuse the bomb, much like the standard Counter-Strike. » Have some extra cosmetics you don't need? Read how to sell and trade skins in CS:GO 2. Learn How to Gain Speed While Surfing If boosts aren't an option, gravity is the answer for gaining speed. If you're heading perfectly straight on a horizontal ramp, when you look down, you'll start gradually picking up speed. Inversely, looking up simulates going up a hill or ramp, so you'll slow down a fair amount. Speed is key in many surfing situations, and knowing how to speed up or slow down is essential to getting good times on skill maps. It also gives you the control you need for an upper hand in combat maps. 3. Practice Strafe and Bunnyhop Bunnyhopping is the act of conserving or even increasing speed by limiting your contact with the ground as much as possible. While hopping, you're spending most of your time in mid-air, touching the ground in split-seconds, so most of your momentum and speed will come from the aforementioned "Air Acceleration." Today, in most bunnyhopping servers, admins have added a bind where if you hold down your jump button, the game will simulate a continuous input. This would allow you to hop up and down without having to time a jump perfectly. If this isn't available to you, I suggest binding your jump to "scroll-wheel down," so you can achieve the same effect. Once you've got the hopping mastered, try using just your A and D keys to move around while looking in the same direction as the input you're pushing. *while hopping or in mid-air* Holding D + panning right = speed in a curve going right Holding A + panning left = speed in a curve going left 4. Be Able to Handle Curves Let's say you're heading down the left side of a ramp, but there's a left turn coming up. You can't just keep holding "D" to stick to the ramp as you make the turn—you'll just yeet yourself off the ramp. In order to make the turn, you have to look to the left and hold A to "pull" yourself in a curve left along the ramp. It'll make more sense in practice, and it'll take a while to get the proper feel of the turn. Eventually, you'll know how to conserve your momentum along the ramp and when to "push" against the ramp or "pull" away from it in order to make turns or jump from one ramp to another. 5. Change Direction Mid-Air After you've got the basics of bunnyhopping and handling curves on ramps, turning becomes much easier, too. If you apply the same rules (hold left input and look left etc.), you can turn in mid-air without the need for ramps at all. Remember that surfing is all about maintaining your momentum, so turning too sharp can slow you down. » Learn how to trade your DOTA skins for the CS:GO ones Where to Find Surf Maps in CS:GO The easiest way to get started is to find a running surf server online by heading to the community section in-game and scrolling through the available server browser. If you're keen on a more private experience, you'll want to start a private match with a surf map you've found on Steam or online. Just head over to Steam's community workshop section, and search for "Surf" in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Once you've found the maps you want, follow the respective authors to download them, which should then automatically end up in the right folders for you to start playing. This next step is *SUPER* important to get started with surfing: Open CS:GO, find and launch your first surf map, and increase the round timeOpen up the console by hitting the ` key (the button under your 'Esc' button) If nothing comes up, "enable console" in "game settings"One by one, enter these lines and hit "enter" sv_cheats 1 sv_airaccelerate 150 sv_accelerate 10 god sv_autobunnyhoping 1You can now start surfing!When you're ready for a new map type this in: changelevel [surf_mapname] If the bug bites you as hard as it bit me, you'll find yourself sinking hundreds of hours into trying to perfect this unique form of mobility—though I do wish I had Buff running in the background for some free gaming gear and gift cards.
Man sitting in front of gaming laptop loading Counter Strike: Global Offensive
RewardsTop 5 Easiest Ways to Earn New CS:GO SkinsCounter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) remains one of the most popular competitive multiplayer video games in the world, with 1.13 million active players as of November 2022. The addicting gameplay that's highly adaptable to both short and long game sessions keeps gamers engaged. Moreover, all the numerous collectible weapon skins allow players to define and establish their presence. The cost of these skins ranges from the inexpensive Desert Eagle Oxide Blaze that can be found for under $1.00: To the much costlier and highly desirable Karambit Case Hardened (Blue Gem), going for up to $1.5 million or more: But can it be done without spending millions or even hundreds? Thankfully, yes! We've explored the top 5 easiest ways to earn new CS:GO skins, so here's what you should know: » Have Dota skins but want the CS:GO ones instead? Learn how you can trade your Dota skins for the CS:GO ones 1. The Game Itself Let's start with getting skins purely through gameplay. This can be done by playing CS:GO regularly and leveling up your character. It can also be done by playing competitively on either official servers or community servers that have Valve Anti-Cheat software enabled. While you won't be earning the most expensive skins this way, you can definitely land yourself a few $1 options every week. They can then be traded up for the more expensive options. To clarify further, CS:GO has a trade-up contract, which is an option where, if you collect 10 skins of the same tier (level), you get a one-tier-higher gun skin. This one skin can be of any durability or from any collection of skins. Furthermore, certain combinations of skins you put up for a trade can land you an almost guaranteed good skin. » Want to make money from your gaming skills? Learn about monetizing your CS:GO skills 2. Operation Pass In addition to playing many CS:GO matches, you can accelerate your skin collection by signing up for the optional Operation pass. The way it works is that it gives you weekly missions, and by completing them, you get XP and "stars." You can exchange those stars in the Operation store for new agents, stickers, or weapon cases that contain skins. The prices of the passes range from around $8 to around $480, but they all come with prizes that will often be worth much more than the initial investment. » Learn all there is to know about trading and selling CS:GO skins 3. Gambling Websites The 3rd way to expand your CS:GO skin collection is by utilizing the benefits offered by the top CS:GO gambling websites, like CSGO Empire and Farmskins. What's great about them is that you don't actually have to invest anything to get skins. You usually get free bonuses just by joining, and you can use those bonuses to gable or bet for free. Most of them also offer referral bonuses, so you can get rewards by inviting your friends too. Once you get a satisfactory amount of coins, you can withdraw them and use them to get yourself some CS:GO skins. Additionally, most gambling websites organize giveaways on their social media, so it's also a good idea to follow them and keep an eye out for the announcements. 4. Paid Surveys One of the simplest ways to get CS:GO skins involves filling out short paid surveys and completing easy tasks to get skins as rewards. Some great websites for this are Idle Empire, GrabPoints, and BigCash. What you need to do is sign up via your Steam account, and you can start earning points. As mentioned, you can do so by completing surveys, but you can also choose to watch short videos instead, or you can download mini-games to test them out and provide feedback. If you do such tasks weekly, you'll have a constant flow of currency for purchasing new skins without spending any real money. » Master your movement by learning about surfing in CS:GO 5. Rewards Programs The final way to get CS:GO skins is through rewards programs. Applications like Buff offer CS:GO players rewards through a loyalty program, and all you need to do is play the game regularly. Once you download Buff and install it, you can let it work in the background as you play. It rewards you for your performance; it tracks your KDA ratio, kills, headshots, wins, and similar. Then, it lets you exchange the Buff points you got as a reward for CS:GO skins and more. In other words, it doesn't affect your game performance, and it can benefit you in more ways than one. » Get started with Buff Can Getting Skins for CS:GO Be Easy? Getting skins in CS:GO is easy if you follow these tips, and though some of them might require a small initial investment, the prize would still be worth more. It's a great way to supplement what you already love about playing CS:GO and be rewarded for your effort.
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Tips & tricks5 Pro Valorant Tips to Play Better and Outsmart Your OpponentsValorant is a high-intensity first-person shooter game that requires quick reflexes, sharp aim, and strategic thinking. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, there are always ways to improve your gameplay and outsmart your opponents. » Learn more about Valorant's competitive mode and how it works 1. Don’t Run and Shoot In Valorant, one of the key elements of gameplay is aiming and shooting accurately. However, one common mistake that many players make is moving while shooting. This mistake can have a significant impact on your accuracy, movement speed, and control—all of which can ultimately cost you the round or even the entire match. To explain more precisely, moving around makes your crosshair less stable while drastically increasing recoil, making it far more difficult to predict your bullet patterns. Moreover, staying still while shooting allows you to take advantage of other elements of gameplay, such as using your abilities or staying behind cover and reducing the size of your hitbox. All in all, by standing still, you can increase your chances of hitting your target, avoid giving away your position (movement creates noise that your opponents can hear), and ultimately come out on top. » Having trouble landing those headshots? Improve your aim by adjusting your sensitivity settings 2. Master Your Movements Like other highly competitive FPS games, Valorant is a game that requires players to master a variety of movement techniques on top of incredible aim in order to gain an edge over their opponents. While basic movements like walking, running, and jumping are important, there are also advanced techniques that can be used to surprise and outmaneuver your opponents. 1. Wiggle Peeking Quickly peeking in and out of cover while rapidly strafing back and forth can be useful for catching your opponents off guard and getting in a shot or two before retreating to safety. 2. Wide Swinging Move backward and then slowly strafe out wide, keeping the cover in your line of sight. This can give you a much wider field of view, helping you clear corners or take control of map regions while still being able to duck behind cover if needed. The downside to this is being vulnerable to enemies peeking from the side. 3. Jump Peeking Jumping while peeking around corners, then changing direction at the climax of your jump and landing back behind the same cover can give you a quick look while minimizing your exposure to enemy fire. Practice this, and mix it up with other techniques to keep your movements unpredictable. » Discover how to use this and other tactics to climb the Valorant competitive ladder 3. Recognize the Sounds of a Defuser The sound of the defuser is a distinctive beeping noise that gets louder and faster as the defuser gets closer to completing the task. By learning to recognize this sound, you can determine whether the defuser is being activated. It can also help you estimate how much time you have left to either defuse the spike, eliminate the enemy team who may be defusing, or run to save the Vandal/Operator. Spike rush is a great way to practice learning the audio cues for the spike and the defuser. » Master Valorant's Fracture map and Breeze map today 4. Make Use of Your Abilities Sure, some of the Agents' abilities out there are pricey, but they are definitely worth it. Most agents have abilities that are distinctly useful for specific situations—like using a Molotov to stop a push or prevent a defuse. However, some Agents, like Viper and Omen, can use long-range abilities in a completely different manner to fool enemy players into thinking you're doing something different. Learning to use your abilities to your advantage and not just for what they were initially intended can confuse enemies and throw them off their game. For instance, smoking and sending breach attacks at the site you're not pushing can make the enemy team rotate over to the wrong site. 5. Know Which Weapon to Use In Valorant, choosing the right gun for a particular situation can be crucial to winning a round. Here are some general tips on when to use what gun: Pistols (Classic, Shorty, Frenzy, Ghost): Pistols are the default weapon in Valorant and are useful in close-range combat situations. They are also a good choice for saving money in eco rounds.SMGs (Stinger, Spectre): SMGs are effective at close to medium range and are a good choice when you need to move quickly and engage in fast-paced combat.Shotguns (Bucky, Judge): Shotguns are best used in close-range situations, such as defending a narrow corridor or taking a site with limited entry points.Rifles (Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, Vandal): Rifles are versatile and can be used in a wide range of situations. They are most effective at medium to long range and are a good choice for holding angles and peeking corners.Snipers (Marshal, Operator): Snipers are the most effective at long range and are a good choice for holding angles and taking down enemies from a distance. When choosing a gun, it's important to consider your team's economy (if you're all broke, don't spend money), the map and how to control its sites, and the situation you're currently in, whether you're close, medium, or long range. Additionally, it's important to practice with different guns in the game's practice range or in custom games. This would allow you to get a feel for their recoil and accuracy. » Make your Valorant kills more fun by customizing your crosshair Climb the Valorant Ranks With Our Tips Remember, practice makes perfect. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different strategies and techniques until you find what works best for you. With these tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to becoming a pro player in no time! While you're working on your techniques, try running Buff in the background to get a step closer to your next skin or battle pass for free.
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RewardsValorant's Best Kept Secrets: How to Get Free RewardsAre you tired of drooling over expensive skins and cosmetics in Valorant's store, only to be deterred by their hefty price tags? Well, you'll be happy to know we have found some hidden gems that can help you attain some of those coveted cosmetics for absolutely free. It's time to level up your swag game without breaking the bank, and here's how. 1. Gun Skins There are 2 easy ways to add some bling to your loadout for free: 1. Agent Contracts Every agent in Valorant has a contract with 10 levels to get through. Upon finishing the last level, you'll get a gun skin themed around your chosen agent. It'll always be a pistol skin, but some of them look even better than the ones you would purchase from the store. Plus, you'll see them more often in-game, especially if you aim to unlock a skin for the classic pistol. Each contract is broken up into 2 chapters: At the end of the first chapter, you'll unlock the agent to whom the contract belongs. At the end of the second chapter, you'll get the skin for that agent's secondary weapon. Here are a few more examples: AGENT CONTRACT WEAPON Astra Eclipse GhostSova Protektor SherrifNeon Live Wire Frenzy Fade Karabasan Shorty Raze Pistolinha Classic 2. Twitch Prime If you've never claimed the free trial to the service, you can take the full benefit of waiting till a cool Valorant skin becomes available to Twitch Prime users. Then, you can sign up for free, claim the skin (hopefully something really awesome like Wayfinder Shorty) and then end your subscription before the trial is over. You only get 1 shot at this for free—you'll probably be looking at a $15 per month price tag afterward. However, if you're a gamer who plays many different games that Twitch prime supports, signing up may not be such a bad idea. After all, you'll be getting way more than just free Valorant skins. 2. Knife Skins There is a way to get your hands on pretty much any knife skin for free. However, the catch is that you have to put some effort into earning gift cards. Sites like Swagbucks allow anyone to do surveys or small tasks for gift cards and cash payouts into your PayPal or bank account. You'll get some good deals and some that are quite laborious, but if you've got some spare time, you'll be swiftly on your way to your next knife or gun skin! 3. Titles Much like the weapon skins you can receive by completing some Agent Contracts, players have a variety of ways to earn free titles. Here are 2 methods that may be the easiest: 1. Agent Contracts One of the main ways to earn titles in Valorant is through the same Agent Contracts. As mentioned before, each agent in the game has their own contract, which players can progress through by playing games and completing various challenges. As players progress through the 10 levels of each contract, they earn rewards such as titles, sprays, gun buddies, pistol skins, and, of course, the agent to whom the contract belongs. » Not sure which agent to play? Check out the best Valorant agents for ranked games 2. In-Game Events Another way to earn titles in Valorant is through in-game events. Valorant is known for hosting exciting events that require players to complete unique challenges and offer exclusive rewards. These events often have themes and limited-time game modes, which make them even more exciting. By completing event challenges, players can earn a variety of rewards, including titles that are specific to the event. An example of a past event that has offered titles and other rewards include the Year One event, which celebrated Valorant's one-year anniversary and featured exclusive challenges and rewards. 4. Sprays The above-listed methods for titles can often reward you with sprays as well. Aside from Agent Contracts and events, you can also get sprays via live broadcasts. Watching live gameplay of Valorant events and tournaments on Twitch is not only a great way to stay up to date on the latest competitive gameplay, but it can also be a way to earn free cosmetics for your account. To earn these free cosmetics, you'll need to link your Twitch account to your Valorant account. Once your accounts are linked, you can then tune into selected Twitch streams that have drops enabled. Drops are basically in-game rewards that are given to players who watch specific streams for a certain amount of time. You can find out which streams and broadcasts are drop-enabled on Valorant's official website, or you can look for the announcements on Valorant's Twitch page. The specific cosmetics available will vary depending on the event or tournament, so be sure to check the announcement for details. » Interested in tournaments? Read more about the most exciting Valorant tournaments in 2023 5. In-Game Currency In-game currency, naturally, allows you to buy various in-game items and cosmetics. However, getting that currency can sometimes be tricky. So, here are 2 methods that may help you get some extra Valorant points: 1. Use Buff Buff makes getting your next free Riot Games VP gift card really easy. All you have to do to earn points is play your games! There are weekly and daily challenges that can earn you extra points, too. Still, keep in mind that it may take a little while before you can trade your points and claim your first reward for free. » Learn more about how Buff works and how to redeem your Buff points 2. Submit Artwork If you've got any skill in making a creative piece—even if it's an ugly 'Sanic' drawing of a Valorant character—you can submit it as fan art. They'll reward you with a gift card of up to 50 VP, which you can save to get your next skin. Keep in mind that you can generally only get rewarded once per account, though some players claim to have been rewarded more than once. So, it's worth a shot, but it's best used when you need just a bit more VPs to reach your goal. 3. Battle Pass Radianite If you've got the time to grind through the Valorant Battle Pass, you'll be getting small amounts of Radianite Points for free from each pass over time. Purchasing the Battle Pass will give you more Radianite Points, but it won't earn you a single Valorant Point, sadly. » Learn the difference between Radianite Points and Valorant Points Spice up Your Games With These Extra Rewards So there you have it—with a little extra effort, you can get your hands on some of the coolest skins without breaking the bank. Whether you're grinding away, using your Twitch Prime subscription, or participating in events and promotions, there are plenty of ways to collect skins for free. Start leveling up with Buff running in the background, start earning, and your next prized possession could be just a few clicks away!

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