All Fortnite game modes, explained

There are various ways to play Fortnite, each enjoyable in its own right. While the most competitive players may concentrate on the Arena mode and tournaments, Epic Games often launches new limited-time game modes (LTMs) with each major patch.

These game types provide a fun way to unwind, but they also offer a variety of challenges that award XP to players. Even if players dislike a particular game mode, they will be able to fulfil their tasks by playing it just a few times.

Epic occasionally releases entirely new game modes, but there are a lot of them, and they cycle in and out of the game with each season. LTMs, live events, and competitive game modes are the three different types of game modes available.

Because the LTMs rotate out of the game after a specific duration, players will only have a limited time to participate. These game modes frequently include countdowns next to their titles, so you can see when it’s time to go.

Examples of competitive gaming formats are limited-time cups and tournaments that generally reward cash to the best players. If you want to join in on one of these game styles, read the regulations carefully. Though the rules may appear comparable at first glance, some may contain tiny print, and failing to read them thoroughly might result in disqualification.

Fortnite’s crown gem is its live events, which tend to bring out Epic Games’ finest. Some live events will include real-life celebrities, while others will wow gamers with breathtaking cinematics that will reveal all of the season’s mysteries.

Here is a checklist of all of the Fortnite game modes that have been released so far. While the list will increase with time, some of these older game types may make a reappearance. Additionally, core game modes such as Solos, Duos, Squads, Trios, Battle Lab, Party Royale, and Team Rumble are included, and additional unique ones are only accessible for a limited time.

#FreeFortnite Cup 

Epic arranged the #FreeFortnite Cup shortly after Apple and Epic began a legal battle. It’s similar to other tournament game modes in that players gain points for their positions and the number of foes they defeat.


Two teams of 50 players each participate in the 50v50 game format. This game mode’s storm is more deadly, and there’s more treasure to compensate for the smaller teams.

Air Royale 

The Air Royale game mode lifts players’ feet off the ground and sets them in an aircraft with their group. Everyone will exist as part of a soldier jet in the Air Royale game mode. While one person is assigned to pilot the plane, others will be stationed on the wings, attempting to shoot down other planes.


The Fortnite rating ladder is known as the Arena. A few other elements differ from standard Fortnite battles and are intended to make the matchups more competitive.


Fortnite’s version of Call of Duty’s Hardcore mode is known as Barebones. Several aspects of the user interface will be removed in this game mode, forcing players to depend only on their senses.

Battle Labs 

Battle Labs is one of Fortnite’s most popular game modes, allowing users to compete against one another in a style comparable to classic matches. Battle Labs are an excellent place to try new skills because players regenerate after death.

Beach Assault

Beach Assault is a game mode that divides players into attackers and defenders. This game style is set on a beach, and attackers will try to penetrate the defenders’ zone.


Blitz is a reimagining of the famous Fortnite game that may or may not have consumed too many energy drinks. In Blitz, you’ll be able to glide and sprint quicker with your pickaxe, resulting in shorter bouts.


Bounty is a chaotic game mode in which you are charged with tracking down particular individuals while being pursued by another player.


Catch! is one of the rare game types without guns, and consumables and explosives will be your sole options.


Classic is the ideal option for old-school Fortnite gamers, as it includes just the weaponry that was accessible in the game’s early days and none of the newer additions.

Close Encounters

Close Encounters pits players against one another in a close-quarters fight using jetpacks.


Players may make their games and maps in Creative, giving it a great location to practice for both pleasure and competition.

Diplo @ Party Royale

With Diplo on the stage, this was a one-time Party Royale event. The Fortnite concert by Diplo was available to those that participated in this game mode.

Disco Domination

Players will only have their dancing movements as weapons in Disco Domination. Dance-offs will appear across the island, and players will be able to compete in them.


One of the most critical aspects of Fortnite is the Duos game mode, which lets two players compete against one another.

Final Fight

Rather than a diminishing circle, Final Fight has a timer at the conclusion. The team with multiple active players wins at the end of the match.

Fly Explosives

Players may go around in Jet Packs and toss bombs in Fly Explosives.

Food Fight

Durr Burger and Pizza Pit are two of Fortnite’s eateries in Food Fight. Players must protect the mascots of these eateries.

Food Fight: Deep Fries

Rising lava is included in the Deep Fried edition of the Food Fight.

Ground Game

Ground Game restricts players to a smaller number of building materials.

High Explosives

Only explosive weaponry and crash pads appear in High Explosives.

Horde Rush 

Players have a minute to prepare for each wave of cube creatures in Horde Rush.

Hype Nite

Hype Nite is a tournament mode where players are awarded Hype points based on their finishes.

Hype Nite+ 

Hype Nite Plus gives gamers additional Hype.

Kenshi Yonezu @ Party Royale 

Kenshi Yonezu, a Japanese singer, was the guest of honour at this video debut.


One-Shot is a sniper-only game mode with limited health and gravity.

Party Royale 

One of Fortnite’s main game types is Party Royale, and this is where the majority of live Fortnite events happen.


The playground was a classic game mode that was no longer available. On a secluded island, up to 16 players could practice.


In Fortnite, Slide is one of the slickest game types. The game begins with each player wearing ice blocks and a grappler on their feet. In this game mode, the ammunition is likewise infinite.

Sniper Shootout

This is a game mode that only allows snipers to play. Even if you’re playing with a squad, revives are disabled in Sniper Shootout, and you’ll be returned to the lobby.

Soaring 50s

Soaring 50s is a 50v50 game style with several mobility options.

Soaring Solos/Duos/Squads 

Regular game modes at a higher altitude. When the players descend, they will be capable of launching gliders.

Solid Gold 

In Solid Gold, all Legendary weapon drops will be Legendary.


Players compete against other solitary players in one of the game’s basic modes, Solo.


In Squads, you may form groups of up to four people.

Steady Storm

In the Steady Storm game mode, the zone continually decreases.

Team Rumble

In the Team Rumble game mode, two teams of 16 players compete in a Deathmatch manner.

Team Terror 

With each new circle, monsters will spawn, pitting two teams of 32 players against one other.

Teams of 20 

In a traditional arrangement, Teams of 20 consist of five teams of twenty players.

Teams of 33 

In a traditional arrangement, Teams of 33 consist of three teams of 33 players.

The Floor Is Lava! 

The Floor is Lava is frequently included as part of a more prominent game mode. Expect hot lava to emerge from the ground when you see this tag, which will harm you if you encounter it.

Getaway Teams must locate a Jewel on the map and transport it to the Getaway car.

Trailer Premiere At Party Royale

The Party Royale game mode is hosting a movie premiere.


Players can play as a trio in this famous game variation.


In the game mode Unvaulted, players will only be able to use vaulted weapons.

We The People @ Party Royale 

We The People was a Party Royale affair that included guest speakers who led a series of discussions to further the topic of race in the United States.

Wick’s Bounty

This was a Bounty-style event that became live.

Like the primary game mode, players may only utilize Hunting Rifles, Shotguns, and Dynamites in Wild West.

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