Apex Global Series – How To Join, Watch, WIn

The Apex Legends Global Series, the game’s competitive system, will begin its second season at 4 p.m. ET on October 16th, which is also when the normal season begins.

Competitive Apex is the first esport in which players from both PCs and consoles participate in the same events, providing an extra level of complexity to these contests.

What is the Apex Legends Global Series?

The Apex Legends Global Series is a professional circuit for top and aspiring professional gamers. It’s an ecosystem for Apex Legends players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with a $5 million overall prize pool (that’s for the whole regular season and tournament events).

During the entire season, you control one of five heroes in Apex Legends. You may pick your favorite hero for each round, then fight other players on the map to destroy their base and win.

The ALGS championship, which is comparable to other large esports events such as VALORANT Champs, occurs following the conclusion of the regular season.

What are the Mechanics of the Apex Legends Global Series?

The ALGS has two separate divisions: those that have already qualified for the ALGS Pro League and those who are attempting to do so.

The Challenger Circuit is where participants in the Pro League Qualifiers compete for a chance to advance.

Each season, the top 40 teams from each region participate in the Pro League. They will compete in a 12-round robin to determine which team advances to Split 1.

Who’s Playing?

The ALG is made up of North America, South America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific north and south. The top teams compete in the playoffs while the bottom ones compete in Pro League Qualifiers for a chance to join the Professional League.

The eight teams that finish first in the ALGS will advance to the Pro League for split two of ALGS.

At the end of the season, the top Split 1 teams will compete for a $1 million prize pool and playoff points toward advancing to the ultimate.

The top four clubs from the Split 2 Playoffs will be admitted to the 2022 ALGS Championship without having to compete. Twenty-six additional teams will qualify for the championship based on their total point totals from both playoff stages.

The final ten places in the event, one per region, will be determined in a series of last-chance qualifiers between the top teams from the Challenger Circuit. The winner of these games will earn a spot in the region’s final Championship lineup. You can learn to get more apex coins.

How to watch the Apex Legends Global Series

Apex Legends Global Series events will be streamed on Twitch, YouTube, and Steam by Apex fans. The first season of the AL Pro League will begin on October 16 and finish on December 5 in all areas.

The Challenger Circuit Split 1 begins on October 23 and concludes on November 6 in Europe , North America, Latin America, and Australia/New Zealand.

You can also try google searches and videos to watch more of the global series and see some footages based on your personalized content and ads preferences. If you don’t want to be bothered you can report spam fraud and abuse.


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