The Top Apex Legends Legend Tiers List

Apex Legends features a number of odd methods to insult and overpower your opponents, such as teleportation, airstrikes, gas traps, and jump pads. With the addition of Ash to Apex Legends’ roster of legends, the current total is now 19 individuals, all with distinct personalities.

Apex Legends is available to download for free on PC from the Origin store.

The majority of gamers stick with their favorites because they’re great at getting kills and winning matches with them in a battle royale. But, as we enter Season 11: Escape, which not only introduces Ash but also a brand-new map, Storm Point, which legends are the greatest?

There are many skills in the game that may assist some players to feel less nervous and successful, however, there are only a few that are extremely challenging to overcome in most cases. This tier list was made according to our opinions of which legends are the greatest, as well as some statistics regarding pick rates and kills.

The ranking below is dependent on the state of the game, the popularity of the characters, and their effectiveness in battle situations. The less effective a legend is, the lower the rank. The character may also not be very effective, but he’s popular because he has his uses, the rank reflects on this and he can go higher. The ranking is subjective and can move legends up or down, even without an update. It’s how gamers use the characters that matter.

The Arenas mode in Apex Legends differs significantly from other battle royale games, and we’ve created a separate tier list for it below. Climb up the Apex Legends ranks and the Apex Legend Arenas ranks by using the links below to locate your preferred tier list, then climb as high as you can to reach new heights.

Apex Legends Season Tier List

Let’s get started by looking at how we’ve rated each legendary.

Top Tier

These are our top Apex Legends Season 11 recommendations. These characters are must-haves for any squad heading to Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus, or Storm Point.


In Apex Legends Season 11, a fan-favorite Titanfall 2 antagonist will ultimately leave the Apex Legends Arenas in search of glory for herself. Ash is a versatile legend who may help her teammates by telling them information, capturing single targets, and transporting her companions from perilous situations.

Ash will make a huge splash during Apex Legends Season 11 and beyond. For the time being, she’s in the top category along with the best legends. When players master to utilize her, we’ll return and raise her status as required, as well as assess how essential she is.


In Season 10, the new legend Seer will attempt to overcome Bloodhound as the greatest recon legend in the game, but for now, they’ve remained in the top category.

The greatest recon kings, their ultimate ability presents them with a boost to movement speed while looking for an opposing squad.

The Apex legendary dog, like the Wraith, is a well-known Apex legend. It’s still one of the most popular myths in any Apex legends season, and it has a high pick rate despite recent modifications.

Bloodhound’s Abilities

  • Passive ability: The Tracker allows you to keep track of where your rivals have gone.
  • Tactical: The eye of the Allfather reveals hidden foes, traps, and clues in buildings in front of you for a brief time.
  • Ultimate: Enhance your senses, allowing you to move faster and spot your prey more easily.

A-TIER with the Best Passive Ability and Ultimate Ability


If you’re caught in a sticky situation and need to hurry off to do some healing, or if things go wrong during a gunfight, the Wraith is the legend for you. Do you wish to know when an opponent is aiming his weapon at you? Then Wraith is the solution.

If you push too far, Wraith isn’t a fighter by nature, but she excels at keeping you alive if you go too far, allowing you to play aggressively without ever missing out on a safety net.

The Wraith has always been one of the most frequently played legends throughout each season, and even apex legends season 11, for good reason.

Wraith’s Abilities

  • Passive: A voice warns you when danger is approaching. So far, it appears to be on your side.
  • Tactical: Bloodbath allows you to quickly travel through the void region to avoid getting harmed.
  • Ultimate: For 60 seconds, the dimensional rift links two locations with portals, allowing anybody to use them.


Lifeline is a popular hero in Apex Legends tier lists. Among all the legends, she’s the game’s only healer, to begin with. She is one of the most popular legends because she can perform anything that more apex legends cannot.

She may heal you and dress your wounds in the open after a gunfight, thanks to her D.O.C. Heal Drone, as well as provide you with some delicious extra goods from blue supply containers with her Care Package ultimate ability.

However, Lifeline’s D.O.C. has changed in Season 9: her shield no longer deploys while reviving allies, significantly lowering Lifeline’s usefulness; nevertheless, the healing speed has been increased from 5hp to 8hp per second. Her drone can also heal both teammates at the same time.

The usefulness of the rest of her equipment was also enhanced, and when the care package arrives, it will provide you with an upgrade to your weapons based on what your team is currently equipped with.

Lifeline’s Abilities

  • Passive: The Combat Medic can deploy D.O.C. to save teammates, allowing you to move and defend while they are revived
  • Tactical: The Call D.O.C. can use the Heal Drone to quickly heal allies in a radius around you over time.
  • Ultimate: Call in a drop pod with high-quality defensive items.


In Apex Legends season 11, Gibraltar has been a favorite among players since the game’s inception. However, his play rate has decreased somewhat in recent years. He is, nevertheless, a popular selection for teams in Apex Legends esports.

Gibraltar is an extremely durable hero. His Gun Shield and Dome of Protection can deflect bullets from himself as well as his teammates, while his concealed ability Fortified reduces damage dealt with him by 15%.

Furthermore, his Defensive Bombardment can help you gain time by discouraging any teams that might want to push you if you’re still recovering or waiting for a care package to arrive.

Gibraltar’s Abilities

  • Passive: A gun shield is deployed when aiming down sights. It absorbs incoming fire.
  • Tactical: Throw a dome shield to defend against enemy attacks
  • Ultimate: Call in a concentrated mortar attack on a designated position with Defensive Bombardment.


Caustic’s abilities have improved somewhat ahead of Apex Season 10, with his notorious Nox Gas now being as hazardous a deterrent as it was previously.

His Nox Gas Trap’s cooldown has been cut by five seconds, and the harm it does to each second a player remains inside the gas increases. The thing has a maximum of 20 hit points at this time. The HP number starts at 5 and climbs by one every second until it reaches 20.

Caustic moved up one position in this tier list, thanks to an increase of his Nox Gas Grenade’s cooldown. He is still a popular pick for teams competing at the highest levels of Apex Legends esports at present.

Caustic’s Abilities

  • Passive: Vision allows you to see foes through your gas.
  • Tactical: Nox gas canisters, dropped by defeated players, that release deadly Nox gas when fired or activated by enemies.
  • Ultimate: Nox gas is released over a wide area.


The latest Season 10 champion was top-tier on release owing to his over-tune statistics. Seer is a rival to Bloodhound and specializes in detecting opponents. His three abilities are all designed to help him achieve this goal.

Because he can hear his foes’ heartbeats when aiming down the sights of a firearm, Seer is a powerful passive for any healer.

With his ultimate, Seer levitates a huge dome of his micro drones and illuminates any foes within it while they’re moving or utilizing weapons.

The seer was quite powerful on release, but Respawn has subsequently nerfed him. His pick rate may have diminished later, but Seer is still a highly useful pick.

Seer’s Abilities

  • Passive: The Heart Seeker ability allows you to listen and see the heartbeats of your foes when aiming down sights.
  • Tactical: Spamming in close quarters is hazardous, so the enemy may interrupt it by focusing his attention on different approaches. Microdrones can be utilized to launch a delayed blast that penetrates walls and disables opponents.
  • Ultimate: The Shimmer ability create a globe of microdrones that reveals the location of moving or gunning opponents.


A handful of skilled legends are included, but they’re still B-tier because they might be quite dependent on the situation.


Octane can play as a solo player, but Octane’s Launch Pad and Revenant’s Death Totem are great tools for teamwork. Octane has the potential to be a very aggressive leader in battle royale mode. His Stim transforms him into an agile attacker.

In Season 9, Octane has a significantly improved tactical ability. He can now use stims almost four times faster. However, it also costs twice as much HP. From 12 to 20, this increases Octane’s cost of stims. Octane’s tactical abilities are now high-risk and high-reward.

The bullet spread has been increased when you shoot in the air using the Launch Pad’s low trajectory. Octane’s recharge time for the jump pad was increased by half. However, he is still a good choice for players who enjoy running headfirst into danger.

Octane’s Abilities

  • Passive Swift Mend – Regeneration of health that happens over time.
  • Stim (tactical) – Move 30% faster for six seconds. Use at your own risk.
  • Launchpad (ultimate). – Set up a jump pad to launch teammates through the air.


It’s not possible to say “Who would like to zipline?” If that doesn’t bring joy to your little gamers hearts, I don’t know how it will. Pathfinder, aside from being a charmingly polite android and very amiable, is an excellent pick for Apex players who are looking to move.

Respawn entertainment appears to have placed Pathfinder in a stable position. Your team will find the Zipline Gun ultimate useful to cover large distances quickly or to get up high.

Pathfinder is one of the best legends because he can be both a solo aggressor and a team player, making him a great choice for Apex teams. His usage rate is around 10%.

Pathfinder Abilities

Passive: Insider Knowledge – Use a survey beacon or scan it to find the next location of the ring.

Grappling Hook (tactical). – Grapple for quickly getting to hard-to-reach areas

Zipline Gun (ultimate). – Make a zippy line for all!


Horizon received a slight buff in Season 10 but it was not enough to elevate her from B-tier for Apex Legends Season 11.

Respawn Entertainment attempted to reverse the Season 9 tactical nerf by speeding up the Gravity Lift’s lifting. It isn’t as powerful as before the initial nerf.

The battle royale mode legendary roster includes a unique ability called Her Black Hole Ultimate. It is still very useful in the later game. Horizon is an excellent, but not necessarily strategic pick.

Horizon’s Abilities

Horizon’s customized spacesuit allows for more air control and less fall impact.

Gravity Lift (tactical). – This reverses gravity and lifts players up, boosting them when they leave.

Black Hole: Use NEWT to make a micro-black hole, which pulls the players towards it and then hits them with a graviton blast.


Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy: Valkyrie was the first to enter the arena. Valkyrie was the youngest player on Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy. As one of the best legends. she saw lots of action early. She’s now settled in a middle-tier position, her ultimate ability being great at making quick rotations or helping out with sticky situations.

Although her Missile Swarm may not be the most exciting, it stuns enemies if hit. If you enjoy quick movements, useful abilities, and lines about snacks, Valkyrie can be a wonderful character.

Valkyrie Abilities

Passive VTOL Jets – Hold and toggle modes – While in the air, press [space] to activate your jetpack. In the options menu, you can toggle between hold or toggle mode.

Missile Swarm (tactical), – Use a small number of missiles to disorient and damage the enemy locations.

Skyward Dive (ultimate), – Just press once to launch. To join Valkyrie’s launch, teammates may interact with her. To skydive, press again.


Wattson is one of the best legends that you would choose to have as a member of your late-game team. Wattson is a huge factor when the ring is close and you are unable to move, but it can help secure a win.

Wattson was a legend in situations, with a low picking rate and one of the highest winning rates. Respawn Entertainment will address the issue with many changes to Season 11, which should make Wattson’s strengths visible to average players.

These changes are quite powerful and moves the Static Defender one tier up. Wattson’s position in the rankings should improve as more gamers use Wattson.

Wattson Abilities

The Ultimate Accelerants are passive and activates the Spark of Genius.

Perimeter Security (tactical). Connect nodes to make electrified fencing that slows down enemies and damages them.

The Interception Pylon (ultimate abilities), places an electrified pole that damages shields and destroys any incoming ammunition


Rampart, the Season 6 addition to Apex Legends, looked terrifying upon her first appearance. A mounted minigun attached to a barricade sounded insanely powerful. She failed to impress the Apex Legends meta for long, despite several buffs.

A Season 10 change to Rampart’s minigun, “Sheila”, made it possible for Rampart to now carry her turret as well. It takes a while to charge up, but Sheila can be used immediately and it will destroy anyone who is in its way.

Rampart’s TTK by Sheila is insane, and Rampart has seen her play speed soar. Rampart is now a solid pick, having finally managed to escape the clutches of D-Tier.

Rampart Abilities

Passive Modded Loader – More magazine space and quicker reloads with LMGs or Sheila

Tactical Amped Cover – Create a Crouch-cover Wall that creates an amped, full-cover wall to block incoming shots. It amplifies outgoing shots.

The Mobile Minigun Sheila (ultimate), a portable minigun that can hold a single, high-capacity magazine. It can be placed down so that anyone can use it as a stationary or reloadable gun turret.


Loba often ranks low in Apex Legends’ tier list. We don’t understand why. She is an excellent choice for protecting your favorite weapon or loot from the high-tier early game.

Her previously frustrating Burglar’s Best Friend bracelet became much easier to use after teleportation.

Loba continues to be a fun and useful legend despite the fact that her ultimate received a cooldown time nerf.

Loba was also a surprise to see some unexpected picks at the Apex Legends global Series. Fire Beavers, and Third Impact were two of her talents, the former taking her second in the EMEA tournament. She is definitely competitively viable.

Loba Abilities

Passive: Eye for Quality – You can see walls and view epic loot nearby.

Burglar’s best friend (tactical). Teleport to difficult-to-reach areas or escape from trouble by using your Jump Drive bracelet

Black Market Boutique (ultimate). – Use a device to teleport loot from nearby areas into your inventory. Maximum two items per player

Apex Legends Tier List C-TIER

These C-tier picks will not help you win in Apex Legends. These picks are only useful in certain situations or they have been nerfed.


Apex’s darkest legend, however, is about as evil as a little girl dressed in Halloween costumes when it comes down to the ability on the battlefield. The intriguing Revenant’s Death Totem gives you confidence to make an aggressive move and is compatible with Octane’s jump pad. However, it is easy to sabotage, if your enemy knows exactly where it was placed.

The classic Octane and Revenant combo is deadly if used correctly, as Alliance’s John Hakansson explained in The Loadout.

Revenant has received some significant buffs during the Genesis collection event. However, despite the fact that his Death Protection was reduced by a few seconds, Revenant has had his hitbox slimmed down, and his Stalker abilities improved. It’s really, truly improved.

He also has an amazing heirloom. Revenant is still a great off-meta choice.

Revenant Abilities

Passive: Stalker – Crouch faster than others and can climb higher than legends.

Silence (tactical). – Toss a device that causes damage or disables enemies abilities.

The Ultimate Death Totem – You can drop a Death Totem which protects users from certain death conditions for a specified time. Users will not be able to take the totem with them.


Bangalore’s smoking abilities are great for staying out of trouble spots and distracting your enemies. But, this OG legend has had it all. 

Rolling Thunder got a minor buff in Season 7. Its insanely long waiting time was reduced from 8 seconds to 6 seconds. This is still plenty time for the opposition to respond, but Gibraltar’s mortar strike ability appears far more efficient.

Rolling Thunder is useful when used with Horizon’s ultimate which can trap players in one place. To be fair, this is a play that a few Arc Stars or Thermites might replicate.

Bangalore Abilities

Double Time (passive). Taking on fire and sprinting can make you faster in a short amount of time.

Tactical Smoke Launcher – Light a high-velocity canister of smoke that explodes on impact into a smoke wall,

Rolling Thunder (ultimate). – Send in artillery to slowly creep across the landscape.


It has been a common consensus that Crypto is a frustrating and rather useless legend in Apex. To be fair, we still hate these stupid drones.

Crypto is a very slow player in public matches, and his rank in ranked has been low. However, he’s made his way into several teams in the esports world. Crypto was seen in about 25% of Apex Legends Global Series teams, where it would have been hard-pressed to find him.

His Drone EMP is a powerful countermeasure to Gibraltar’s dome shields.

Crypto is a great pick for mere mortals, but Crypto has been pushed out of the top tier by his circumstantial utility.

Crypto Abilities

Neurolink (passive). Enemies within 30 meters of Surveillance Drone are marked so you can see them and your team.

Surveillance drone (tactical). Using an aerial drone, you can view your surroundings.

Drone EMP (ultimate). – The drone sends out an EMP blast to damage shields and traps as well as slow down enemies.


Fuse, the legend of Season 8, is now in C-tier. Fuse’s kit can be a blast to use, especially his passive ability of throwing grenades just like an NFL quarterback. However Fuse only works in specific situations and not across the board as the other legends on this list.

The ultimate of his Ultimate, which catches rotating teams off guard, herds enemies in a fire ring to make them easy prey. It will now also reveal the identities of enemies from Season 10.

Fuse is not more feasible if he has a buff for his Knuckle Cluster (Season 9), and another for Season 10. There are better options than having Fuse on your team, but there are also worse ones.

Fuse Abilities

Passive Grenadier – Add one extra grenade to each inventory slot. You can fire grenades faster and with greater accuracy.

Knuckle Cluster (tactical), – A cluster bomb which continuously releases airburst explosives upon impact.

The Motherlode (ultimate), – A bombardment which surrounds a target in flames.

Apex Legends Tier List D-TIER

These tier legends don’t really add anything to the Apex Legends experience.


Mirage can be described as a “one-trick pony”. Mirage is only here to bamboozle and nothing else.

He is still a popular pick in Apex Legends. Mirage’s decoy holograms, which scramble the minds of the opponents, can sometimes win in clutch situations. He averages 1.8 kills per match.

In Season 7, his decoys received an improvement. All of them now have 45 base health, which means it’s going to take more time for you to get rid of the Mirage.

Mirage Abilities

Respawn Beacons (passive): Automatically create a cloak for teammates when they revive them or use Respawn Beacons.

Psyche out (tactical). – Use a holographic device to mislead the enemy.

The ultimate Life of the Party – Create a decoy team to distract your enemy

This is our Apex Legends tier 9 list. It’s part opinion, part science. As players make their way to Kings Canyon or Olympus, Apex Legends ranks will be updated throughout the season.


If you are more into round-based Apex Legends action we offer Arenas. We have an exclusive tier list for Arenas.

Every ability comes with a price. It is important to choose legends that have the greatest value.

We considered not just which legend had the best ultimates but who could also impact an opponent’s economy and who will be able to win these fast-paced, intense rounds. The top-tier selections are from our Apex Legends tiers, however, there are some notable picks from lower tiers we think might prove to be particularly devastating in Arena.

As we wait to compare him to the rest of Season 10, we haven’t yet placed Seer, our new Legend for Season 10. However, we will update this Tier List once we see what he’s capable of.

We think these legends will look good in Apex Legends Arenas mode.



Although the arenas are more restricted than traditional battle royale maps the tactical Eye of the Allfather from Bloodhound is still a vital recon tool for keeping track of enemy movements during firefights.

Although Beast of the Hunt is the ultimate ability of the Beast, it may be expensive to buy. However, the added mobility and significantly reduced cooldown that this attribute to your tactical means your team always has the latest information about the position of the enemy team. Scary.


Gibraltar has the ability to create space that allows your team members to recuperate. A quick Dome Shield will provide cover for your teammates while you help them to their feet if a Bocek arrow is thrown.

The dome, especially when used in conjunction with an Ash and Wraith, can allow for safe passage when trying to reduce a distance disparity. Maybe your entire team has chosen the R-99, the most powerful SMG in our Apex Legends weapon list. Only to find that it is also laced with Charge Rifle fire. You’ll find yourself in an even more favorable situation if you drop a bubble and crack open a portal.

You need a little extra security? Two words: Defensive. Bombardment.


Ash was once the Apex Legends Arenas’ overseer. It is only natural that he would be able to make ends meet in 3v3 mode.

We don’t think she will get too much out of her passive. However, her ability to lock down an opponent with an Arc Snare or sweep your fellow skirmishers away with a Phase Breach is a testament to her incredible versatility.


Wraith’s inclusion at the top of this Tier List should not be a surprise. Apex Tracker reports that Wraith is the second most-picked legend, after Bloodhound.

Wraith can make safe and secure pushes with her kit thanks to her tactical ability, “Into the Void”. Wraith’s ability to change engagements and purchase extra rounds will help draw enemy attention away.

Wraith’s Dimensional Rift, as Gibraltar mentions in Gibraltar’s entry can be used to reposition around the Arena. It can be dangerous if it is used during a losing battle. It’s a good idea to keep a couple of extra grenades on hand to attack the portal opening.



Revenant is having a rough time of it lately. He is terrifying and would not be recommended for anyone walking down dark alleyways. However, meeting him in Olympus, or King’s Canyon is far more comfortable.

Arena, however, is an economic game. What better way to ruin your opponent’s economy then by throwing out a tactical Silence? This will render their costly ultimate abilities ineffective. You can also buy extra tactical charges so if you have some spare gold you can keep it up for the entire fight.


The utility of crypto has always been limited. It is a recipe for disaster to attempt drone combat in battle royale maps. A giant EMP is a great way to attract moth-like legends and enchant your team.

The Arena is once more a place for Surveillance Experts to shine. This is not because they have fewer enemies to catch them out while searching out their opponents. Drone EMP is a great counter to Gibraltar, which will be a prominent feature in the game mode.

Additional meds are also scarce as there is only one mini shield battery available by default in Arena. A well-placed Crypto ultimate, just like a Revenant silence could damage an opponent’s economy can be devastating for those who don’t have extra shield juice.


We believe Pathfinder will be another success story in this new mode. The ability to swiftly get your team out from a dangerous position is something that even the original Arena ring can pack a punch. You will need to pay for this privilege.

Similar to Loba the Legend, Pathfinder has the tactical abilities that allow him to take the offensive solo and also provides an escape in the event of heated exchanges. Creative Pathfinders have the ability to find new ways of attacking an enemy if they get into a stalemate.


Loba is more at home in an Arena setting than she would in a traditional one. Burglar’s Best Friend is her tactical and is an effective tool to set up a flank. However, due to the long animation between landing on land and getting ready for her weapon, you have to be careful about where you are and when.

She doesn’t offer the same mobility value as a Pathfinder, but her translocation ensures she will not be taking any damage mid-rotation, like our favorite MRVN.

Black Market Boutique is her final ability. However, this simply means that you can spend more money on consumables or upgrades.


Horizon was the one who built the Arena. Her flashy abilities could often bring trouble to other players if she was using them in battle royale. In the Arena, however, none of this matters. Your team can always achieve vertical advantage by adding a few Gravity Lift charges to the purchase phase.

Black Hole is the ultimate of Horizon. It can be used to either destroy an entire team or create chaos for them.


Mirage is more of an one-trick, bamboozling pony than a real threat. However, we believe he has some great clutch potential. Teams may feel more comfortable in the Arena where they don’t have to kill third parties, and are therefore less likely to seek out a complete squad wipe. The invisibility Mirage provides a passive revive to him and an ally from far away.

Mirage’s tactical, Psyche out, and final, Life of the Party provide a natural counterpoint to the chaos of scans – even if it is only Mirage.



Rampart has seen a tremendous increase in arena viability thanks to the Season 10 buff that turned Sheila, a mounted minigun Sheila, into Sheila, a mobile minigun Sheila. Rampart is no longer restricted to a fixed position. He can now take down Sheila’s teams while on the go. You don’t need mobility when you can fire a minigun that is fast and has a quick TTK.

The buff can also impact Rampart’s economy on specific rounds. Sheila has the option to buy an ultcharge over a weapon. You’ll have to count those bullets, however, as Sheila has only one full magazine of ammunition in her mobile mode.

Rampart’s passive allows her to fit more rounds in an LMG magazine. This is a huge boon for the M600 Spitfire, which has a very broken weapon.


In Season 9, Octane received a little love tap from his Stim, with the High-Speed Daredevil taking more damage for the zoom zoom. We still believe he will be strong in Arena, even though his Launch Pad may not be very viable.

Octane, like Loba or Pathfinder can also flank due to his incredible speed. He lacks verticality and cannot be used for his ultimate. Octane can however, spray down upon approach.


We would like to rank Bangalore higher, especially considering how effective a Smoke Launcher charge is for covering and maneuvering tricky situations. But the Bloodhound factor again plays a major role.

Double Time is her passive that provides movement stim similar to Octane, but it does not offer as much flexibility. You must be firing for it to work. What about Bangalore’s final, Rolling Thunder? It’s not a good idea to just pop a bubble if enemy Gibraltar is there. Many legends will be able to quickly make it out of the blast zone, mobility being an important factor in these high-ranking list options.


Fuse can be a good situational choice. Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster Grenade can be used to chip away at teams caught up in Horizon finals, but a good frag-grenade will do the trick. The Motherlode can help you keep your opponent’s down, since the Arena maps are becoming more open.


Our take on Valk is still in its early stages. Therefore, we have chosen a conservative position. Although her VTOL jets provide verticality, she can still move very slowly through the air. This leaves her with a large target in front of her.

Her tactical Missile Swarm, on the other hand, seems underwhelming. Her passive, which highlights enemies within her line-of-sight, can be easily countered by either sprinting into buildings or hiding behind cover. Skyward Dive can be a valuable repositioning tool, however the time and cost involved in getting ready before the dive is possible are far too high to justify its use during a round.



Lifeline’s effectiveness in Arena depends entirely on her passive resurrection shield fate. It is likely to be taken down, so that thirsting mid-res will not become a problem for the enemy. If the shield is not removed, we’ll adjust her position accordingly.

While this can be offset by the fact that she provides cover fire during res, teams will still look to attack Lifeline every round to stop resurrections. Due to the intensity of fights, Lifeline’s Heal Drone won’t have enough time to provide sufficient healing. It’s not worth spending extra on additional stacks.


Wattson again has the same problems as other legends of this tier. While her passive, Spark Of Genius, has been rendered ineffective, Perimeter Security is just making things worse. Wattson’s tactical could be used to bait an empty building, allowing her to get the eye of the enemy and expecting her and her crew inside. This is again wildly dependent on the situation.

Interception Pylon is a useful economic tool that repairs damaged alligator shields. Like Lifeline, it is not guaranteed that the pylon will produce enough healing to be viable. The pylon may also be considered an end-all ability that could lead to a cost.


The Nox Gas Grenade of Caustic is the most valuable weapon in his arsenal in Arena environments. The Gas Trap allows you to turtle inside a building while in res. However, it gives enough time for your enemy team to surround you and start fire right away. It is impossible to imagine a situation where the Gas Trap would be used over Gibraltar’s legend.


It’s there. Here’s our take on the legends that we think will be winning in this new mode. We will update this guide as we see players play and form meta. For now, here’s how it looks.

Gamers vote with their feet. If a legend does not live up to expectations, or is ineffective in tight situations, necessarily, there would be less uses for these legends during play. The legend rankings can also go up if gamers can find a way to take advantage of the legend’s skills and abilities. The developers try to balance the game, but it is up to the users to make the most of the legend that they play with. Tips and reviews can only comment on the results based on how the majority of players use the legends. Whoever finds a gameplay that is unique and effective, can turn the game on its head. 

Apex Legends keeps evolving with new updates to fix perceived unfair advantages. Players adjust their gameplay accordingly, and they usually come up with new ways of playing a legend.

Updates try to level the playing field, but in effect, the game is changed with how the players use legends and skills. Updates also change the way players react to their opponents. A formerly strong legend may no longer act or react in the same way as it did before. Frankly, what’s the effect of a two-second slowdown, or slower reloads, or even improved legend ability? These changes will continue as long as the game is popular, and players request these changes. With every update and gameplay change, the rankings will also change.


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