The Best Dota 2 Heroes for Beginners

What do you think the greatest Dota 2 heroes are for newcomers? Getting started in Dota 2 might appear to be a challenging undertaking. One hundred twenty-one heroes stare at you from the chosen screen, organized in various categories and grimacing unattractively. Learning the game is difficult enough without limiting your hero options, so we’ve done the legwork for you with recommendations below.

In battle, each of the heroes has a distinct role to play. Some of them may play many roles simultaneously, sometimes even in the same game. It is critical to understand these roles and how they interact in Dota 2 to perform successfully. It’s also crucial to remember that a hero’s role should influence how you play them and the things you buy.

Don’t worry if these fundamentals perplex you; we were the same way when we first started playing. However, now that we’ve learned the techniques that make great teamwork, we can advise you to pick an excellent character and understand their role in the five-player team.

The best Dota 2 heroes are:

Dota 2 heroes
  • Lich
  • Witch Doctor
  • Lion
  • Spirit Breaker
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Undying
  • Bristleback
  • Axe
  • Abaddon

Take some time to understand the fundamentals of Dota 2 with our How to Play Dota 2 guide before jumping into your first game. Before playing, we go over everything you need to know, including the many positions that each team must complete, such as support, mid, and carry.

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Lich is a ranged cleverness hero that utilizes the power of ice to protect his friends and torment his foes. He is a blue skeleton child. He’s a support hero who is generally used as complex support, and once he hits level 6, he’s a lot of fun. If his enemies come too close together, he unleashes Chain Frost, a deadly ultimate that bounces between them, doing a lot of damage and maybe killing them all if they’re squishy enough.

Frost Blast

Cast Frost Blast on an adversary to drop ice on their heads, similar to the charity bucket challenge. This does direct and indirect damage to the target in a limited radius. For 4 seconds, the foe’s attack and movement speed are slowed, and the cooldown is relatively quick. Skilling this early and blasting adversaries while you compete for the bounty runes is the way to go — using it on a squishy hero as frequently as possible, paired with some right clicks, can even secure a kill.

Frost Shield

Cast a shield on your friends, yourself, or your structures to provide resistance to attack damage to the target. The protection lasts 6 seconds and emits an ice magic pulse every second, injuring and slowing any opponents within range. The throw range on this is rather vast, so you should use it to shield your carry or yourself if your adversaries are paying you particularly close attention. Alternatively, plan an assault with your lane partner:

  • They run after the opponent.
  • You throw Frost Shield on them, allowing them to endure more counterattack.
  • The pulses from the protection restrict the opponent down as they pursue.

Sinister Gaze

From across the bar, your gaze collides. You can feel the attraction right away as if some great force is pulling you together. You can’t look out; you’re physically incapable of breaking this spell. Your feet take you ahead as if they had their consciousness. Your mana is being exhausted at a rate of 10/15/20/25 percent every second. You’ve finally come face to face with Ethreain, the ice wizard. On your head, he drops a pail of ice.

Chain Frost

Lich throws the most venomous snowball imaginable: one made entirely of ice. This bullet will bounce up to 10 times between enemy units when it hits them. The impact may be deadly early in the game when your foes are still relatively weak – avoid casting it when there are too many enemy creeps in the area, as it will bounce to them, which is a waste.


It’s a brilliant idea to bring a pocket full of regen to the lane, as you’ll be utilizing it to heal yourself after trading hits with your opponents. Whoever runs out of regen first loses this war of attrition, which means they won’t be able to express their presence fully until they heal or ferry more regen. At the very least, two sets of tangos are recommended, and we recommend stuffing your bags with a pair of juicy Mangos for a quick boost of mana.

Depending on how well your lane is doing, we recommend using your trusted courier to send you stuff once you’ve earned some money. Send your loyal buddy to retrieve your Magic Stick as soon as you can afford it, or pack it with Mangos to keep the hostility going. Your donkey companion is particularly vulnerable at lower levels — before gaining wings at level 4, he can only gradually totter toward you on short, tiny legs, so you may need to babysit him to keep him safe.

Magic Wand

As soon as you have 200 gold, purchase a Magic Stick, and it can provide you with the extra life or mana you need to achieve a kill or prevent death. After you’ve gotten your Brown Boots, upgrade them to a Magic Wand.

Boots of Speed (Brown Boots)

You may appear uninteresting, but Boots of Speed make you speedier. You can purchase them for 500 gold, and the increased movement speed will be pretty helpful, so obtain them as quickly as you can. You can’t fight if Lich doesn’t have any feet.

Aether Lens

Then you’ll want to get an Aether Lens, which provides you extra mana and extends the range of your skills. If you first purchase the Energy Booster from the hidden store, your boots will be upgraded to Arcane Boots, which may be used to provide a mana boost to you and your nearby teammates. Right-click and disassemble your Arcane Boots when you’re ready to build your Aether Lens, then right-click and select Unlock Combining on your Energy Booster.

Glimmer Cape

Glimmer Cape looks excellent, but it also turns you invisible for a brief period and enhances your magic resistance, allowing you to quickly get out of tight situations. In low-skill games, being invisible is advantageous since your opponents are unlikely to have the goods required to locate you, allowing you to chuckle at their surprise while making a rapid exit. You may even use it on your buddies to help them avoid an embarrassing situation.

Force Staff

Have you ever had someone shove you in the back so forcefully that you fly in the opposite direction? You can push yourself in the back if you get a forced staff. That, believe us, is a good thing. By shoving your colleagues, you may also assist them.


Have you enjoyed playing position five but want to try something new? Try Witch Doctor, who has a powerful combination of abilities, including a stun, a heal, percentage-based damage over time spell, and a great damage single target channelled ultimate, allowing you to take down an opponent hero on your own the circumstances are ideal.

Try Lion, who possesses a stun, a hex (which transforms foes into frogs! ), a mana draining spell, and a substantial, powerful finger that damages people when he points at them.


Spirit Breaker is a raging cow, the biggest nightmare of all country ramblers. Consider this scenario: you’re strolling along the riverside when an ominous ‘Mooooo’ pierces the air like a foghorn. A massive blue cow slams into you and conks you in the head. Bam. Spirit Breaker is the name of the game.

He’s a melee-strength hero that performs best in the offline as a position 4 — he’s useful without gear yet struggles to farm, which is paradoxical. Spirit Breaker is a roamer or ganker, and his goal is to catch the vulnerable enemy off Guard and headbutt them into the hereafter. You may play rather aggressively in the lane versus a melee carry—skill bash first, then punch them. Then, once you’ve obtained Charge of Darkness, you may begin to spread your influence throughout the remainder of the map.

Charge of Darkness

Spirit Breaker rushes at an enemy target, passing past all obstacles in his path. Greater Bash affects whatever enemies he encounters on his route to his target. This has a worldwide cast range, so everyone SB sees may be targeted from anywhere on the map. Charge them, get the kill, and moo triumphantly when you spot a weak adversary.


Activate this to get 8 seconds of increased movement speed and status resistance. You’ll want to use this in the middle of your charge to guarantee that nothing can stop you from pursuing the target. Along with Shadow Blade and Phase Boots, this is one of the few spells you can perform while charging.

Greater Bash

You’ll sense the sting of a Greater Bash if your high school rival throws a party on the same day as yours. Sigh. Anyway, because this is a passive talent, you don’t have to activate it; it’s always on. When Spirit Breaker attacks, he has a chance to Greater Bash the opponent, which stuns them, knocks them back, and improves your movement speed. Greater Bash additionally does damage according to how fast you travel.

Nether Strike

The ultimate ability of Spirit Breaker. He enters the nether world, and when he emerges, he headbutts the enemy forcefully – a Greater Bash with increased damage and knockback.


Begin with a pair of tangos, a healing salve, and an Orb of Venom.

Orb of Venom

Orb of Venom adds a horrible sting to your strikes, poisoning and delaying the adversary for 3 seconds while poisoning them for five magical damage every second.


Spirit Breaker benefits significantly from the increased stats provided by a bracer because he is a strength hero. SB can endure a little more with the bracer on, allowing him to become a menace early on.

Boots of Speed -> Power Treads

Get your hands on a pair of brown boots as soon as you can. Spirit Breaker likes wearing shoes since they allow him to move quicker and deal more harm. Upgrade them to Power Treads, then change the color to Red (Strength).

Urn of Shadows – > Spirit Vessel

Urn of Shadows may be used on either your allies or enemies, healing 240 health over time or dealing 200 damage over time, respectively. 200 damage is significant in the early game when foes are vulnerable, so cast it as soon as you get on the scene to add extra damage to your deceptions. Later on, you may upgrade it to a Spirit Vessel, which does the same thing but deals with percentage-based injury, making it ideal for tanky characters.

Blade Mail

Blade Mail makes you very spiky for 4.5 seconds, causing anybody who tries to harm you to take the same amount of damage as you. It also recovers 20+20 per cent of every attack damage you absorb passively. Spirit Breaker is generally the first in team fights on the scene; therefore, he is expected to take the brunt of the enemy’s blows during the first few seconds. Popping your Blade Mail will cause them to attack you, weakening them and turning the battle in your favor.


Have you seen Spirit Breaker? Bounty Hunter, who uses invisibility to run about, steal money, and hunt opposing heroes, destroying their farms, is the suitable alternative if you like to take a more active role and play throughout the map.

Undying, who takes power from his opponents, harasses them with zombies, and changes into a monstrously enormous flesh golem, is a good choice if you prefer being a Big Boi. I’m sure you’ve always felt like you’ve got a flesh golem inside you, just ready to erupt.


Bristleback is the most aggressive hedgehog you’ve ever encountered, and he’ll sneeze on you before turning you into a pincushion. Bristleback is a simple character to control: he fires quills that cause more significant damage the more times they hit an adversary. This means that the longer Bristleback stays in the fight, the more damage he can deal – and because of his powers, he’s adamant about killing. Items for Bristleback are designed to convert him into a fearsome tank that is difficult to kill and escape from.

Bristleback is an excellent offline, because of his tankiness, which makes him more forgiving to play if you get out of position while learning the game, and his quill spray makes farming a breeze.

Viscous Nasal Goo

Cast this on your opponents to lower their armor and movement speed while also disgusting them. Because the effect compounds, if you sneeze hard enough, you can significantly slow down your opponent.

Quill Spray

Cast this on your opponents to lower their armor and movement speed while also disgusting them. Because the effect compounds, if you sneeze hard enough, you can significantly slow down your opponent.


Bristle has returned, and you are not allowed to touch him. Bristleback receives minor damage when struck from the side or behind. The back of his neck is more defended than the sides, and if he takes enough damage to his derrière, he will immediately launch a retaliatory quill spray that costs no mana. This makes chasing down a fleeing Bristleback very difficult and potentially unpleasant, especially if you have low-HP allies nearby, who will be furious if the extra dose of acupuncture triggered by your strike kills them.


Bristleback’s movement speed and attack damage increase as his stacks increase. You’re urged to sneeze and spray as much as possible — advice you should disregard in the real world.


It would be best to begin with several tangos, a Ring of Protection for additional armor, and a Quelling Blade, which enhances your creep damage and makes it much easier to hit last.

Boots of Speed -> Phase Boots

You already know the drill: get shoes for your little hedgehog feet so you can walk quicker. Bristleback’s Phase Boots increase his movement speed, making it easier for him to track down humans.

Ring of Health

Extra life regen makes you tanker right away, and it also leads to Vanguard and Hood of Defiance, two things you’ll desire later on. It’s conveniently available in the hidden shop.

Soul Ring

It gives you extra strength and health regen and can sacrifice part of your health for mana, allowing you to quill spray even more.

Magic Wand

The wand works well on all Dota 2 heroes, but notably on characters like Bristleback, who may benefit significantly from the occasional injection of mana.

Vanguard -> Crimson Guard


Hood of Defiance -> Pipe of Insight

Which one you pick is mainly specified by whether you’re dealing with physical or magical harm (Vanguard) (Hood of Defiance). Because you’re revived to the game, you presumably have no idea which one you’re up against, but most abilities do magic damage, while right-clicks deal physical damage. Do your homework before making a decision. It’s a good idea to fetch into the practice of reading what your opponents’ talents do anyhow. When improved, both of these pieces of equipment defend your team and yourself, so your friends will appreciate it.

Solar Crest

Solar Crest gives Bristleback more stats, mana, and movement speed, and when thrown on an adversary, it slows their movement speed. It removes some of their armor while simultaneously removing armor from Bristleback. This is fantastic to utilize in conjunction with your nasal goo, which weakens their armor and movement speed, making your quill spray’s physical damage even more painful.

Shiva’s Guard

Shiva’s Guard provides more armor and mana and a freezing wave that harms and slows foes when used. This, along with your ooze, will slow them down to a crawl, preventing them from escaping your pointed fury.

Heart of Tarrasque

The Heart makes you extremely tanky; in addition to its numbers, it also boosts your passive life restoration by 50% if you haven’t taken damage in a while. If you’ve taken a lot of damage, retire for a few moments before turning around and charging back in at total health.


If you enjoyed Bristleback, try ax, which can taunt foes in a radius close to him, give opponents a damage-over-time debuff, and retains a possibility to automatically turn his ax when he’s struck, doing damage to all adjacent enemies. Plus, his ultimate kills low-hp adversaries instantly, which is satisfyingly nasty.

Abaddon, for example, has a painful mist, a strong shield, a debuff that applies every fourth hit, and an ultimate that heals him instead of damaging him.


So now that you have a variety of heroes to test out, we’ll offer you a handful of extra suggestions to help you win those early games and maybe kickstart the dopamine reward cycle that will get you addicted to Dota. These Dota 2 hero tips are intended for support, although they should be followed if they aren’t already.


So your know-how in the bush, there are camps of neutral creeps who keep their own thing until someone walks up and interrupts their picnic? We’re going to sabotage their picnic. For safety reasons, we want the lane creeps to fight each other fairly close to our tower, so if the party is taking place too far away from the building and your carry is becoming uneasy, you can gather the jungle creeps, antagonize them into tracking you, and lead them directly into the path of your incoming sociable lane creeps, who then heed the jungle creeps back into the wilderness and begin attacking them.

The enemy creeps will have to move further toward your tower to meet their lane equivalents, allowing your carry to return to a safe area. This is referred to as pulling. If you’re playing against other new players, this may offer you a significant edge, and they’ll probably let you get away with it. Even if your opponent attempts to stop you, you’ve just diverted their attention away from wreaking havoc in the lane; therefore, it’s worth it.

Because one camp of jungle creeps isn’t powerful enough to handle an entire creep wave, you’ll need to pull through or stack the camp to deny the whole lock. Stay with us here; just a few new players will be aware of this, ensuring that you will be the coolest and most astute. You can get through by aggroing the other jungle camp and going towards the warring lane creeps as the first camp’s remaining jungle creeps die. I would recommend stacking the base instead because it requires experience and timing and is simple to goof up.

On the minute mark, creeps spawn in the jungle camps if they are unoccupied. Walk through the center and annoy the creeps about 5 seconds before this occurs. The swine will be outside the center, following you when the minute passes, meaning the empty camp will refill itself even if the prior inhabitants are still alive. The original creeps become bored and return to their house, which is now crowded with outsiders, continuing in a state of double occupancy.

Then, at around 15 seconds beyond the minute, you may bring part of them out to face the next creep wave, and the combined might of a stacked camp will be enough to deny the entire lock.

You’ve done a terrific job if you can get the whole friendly wave to perish to jungle creeps. This is genuinely rather significant! You’ve effectively denied your opponents a full wave’s worth of experience, which is critical early on in the game. Remember that the small advantages you provide your carry are everything since they’ll take them and snowball.


One of the most potent specialties in the game is an eyeball on a stick. It’s powerful in a philosophical zen master kind of way – you can’t injure someone with it; you plant it in the ground like a sandcastle flag, and it tells you what it can see. Knowing where the opposing heroes are – or aren’t – will determine where your team can farm securely, where the adversaries are attempting to sneak up on you, and where a vulnerable adversary is hiding.

Wards are divided into two categories: observation wards and sentry wards. Observer wards are yellow and provide vision; adversaries cannot see them until they place a sentry ward on top of them. Sentry wards are blue and show units in a radius around them unseen. You can reward an enemy observer ward by setting a sentry and assaulting the hostile observer if you believe the adversary has one down. Killing it is incredibly rewarding and rewards you with a little sum of cash and experience.

Ward sites may be found worldwide, generally on cliffs and denoted with an eye painted on the ground. Wards placed here provide unrestricted view due to their elevation, but they’re the opposition team frequently rewards them due to their convenience.

Congratulations, you have stuffed your head with Dota 2 information. Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned (or as many bits as you can remember) into practice by playing an accurate match. To become acquainted with casting spells, buying and utilizing things, and other fundamental concepts, you might wish to practice against bots. However, after gaining confidence, we recommend switching to playing with and against actual people as quickly as feasible.

Dota 2 is a stunningly complicated game, and learning the basics will take a long time – but in exchange, you’ll be amused for years to come since each Dota battle presents a unique challenge.

We fully anticipate seeing you playing on stage at The International next year, taking your initial steps towards Dota 2.


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