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Game controls are simple, and so is the way they work. We’ve recently started offering Fornite PCs, because this game isn’t enough for you! You need a tool that helps you to quickly access everything you need to create and keep fighting when playing games like Fortnite.

This is the place to play the keyboard. They might not be as simple as game controllers, but they do a lot of things you can do. Macros is one of the keys that links to render shortcuts.

One of the best ways to find them is to adapt the game to the experts. When it comes to keystrokes. There are many internationally established players who have changed their main ties, which are part of their fame.

Here are some of the best keyboards for some of the biggest players in the world. Only to give you an idea.

Building Edit – V
Wall – C
Floor – E
Harvesting tool – 1
Weapons Slots 2-6 – Corresponding numerical keys (2-6)


Cloak is commonly regarded as the buddy and sidekick of Tfue. The pair achieved a lot of success together. Most of their keystrokes are the same but there are a few different ones that you might find fascinating.

Weapons slot 4&5 – Mouse wheel up and down respectively
Roof – V
Building Edit – G
Wall – Mouse 4
Floor – F


This is another fantastic gamer to configure the Keybinds. Ninja is incredibly popular, and some of his keystrokes have not only made him famous, but thousands of other players as well. Any of his keyrings are identical to those of Tfue and Cloak. The harvesting instrument and some weapons used. However he’s got some unique ones as well:

Building Edit – F
Roof – Left Shift
Floor – Q
Wall – Mouse Button 4
Weapon Slot 5 – X
Weapon Slot 4 – Z
Jump – Space Bar
Use – E

There are tens of other Ninja keystrokes covering most facets of the game, including design and combat. However these are some of the most widely used.


One of the most thrilling aspects after leading gamers to build the keybinds is that they’ll all be diverse. You should determine which style of play to use has the same keybinding style as yours.

MrSavageM is one of the top players currently competing for NRG ESports. As many others, he relies heavily on making basic, rapid game changes and decisions, easy to recall. Four of Fortnite’s strongest ties include:

Roof – F4
Wall – F
Use – E
Building Edit – Y
Weapon Slots – 2-6 (corresponding with the weapon)
Floor – G


Mongraal is one of the EU’s most competent players. He is also considered one of the best fortnite builders and hence his keybinds are an outstanding resource for any player who wants to develop his construction skills.

Some of the best keybinds you can borrow from Mongraal include:

Harvesting Tool – F
Weapon Slot 1 – 2
Weapon Slot 2 – 3
Weapon Slot – 4
Weapons Slot 4 & 5 – Q & X respectively
Wall – Thumb Mouse Button 2
Roof – T
Floor – N
Stairs – Thumb Mouse Button
Building Edit – G


Just when the buzz of keybinds really is being picked up by fortnite fans, Jaomock shows that you don’t need to really tailor your keybinds for the game. Jaomock is a popular constructor with super fast construction skills. Yet he uses his building with the regular Fortnite keybinds.

Wall – F1
Floor – F2
Stairs – F3
Roof – F4
Building Edit – G
Harvesting tool – 1
Weapon Slot 1 to 5 – 2 to 6 in numerical order


His keybinds have been modified by Sypherpk. He made the effort to create a video on Youtube to explain why he wanted to change the keybinds. This video would be a perfect start if you were a novice gamer, who is still struggling to grasp the nature of the logic behind keybinds.

Some of the keybinds he recently changed include:

Wall – Q
Floor – Mouse 4
Stairs – Mouse 5
Roof – O
Building Edit – G
Harvesting tool – Tab

Final Thoughts

Keybinds are one thing: they are not single-size. Every player has different tastes, so the keybinds are very different.

Reflect on your play style and comfort when picking your favorite Keybind sets: which keys can be quickly hit without messing with your local keys. This helps you to develop easily without leaving your comfort zone.


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