Boosts Week Festival

September 5th-11th

150% Earnings | 7 Games | Every day another game

The Boosts Week Festival has begun, check out the schedule!

Almost all the Buff community is in on this party, Buffer! 🥳🙌
In this festival, every day another game will get a 50% Boost! 🎉
Hope you’re ready for the Boosts Week Festival:

September 5th-11th

Don’t miss your game’s day:

🎊 Monday (9/5)—League of Legends 🎊
🎊 Tuesday (9/6)—Rocket League 🎊
🎊 Wednesday (9/7)—Dota 2 🎊
🎊 Thursday (9/8)—Apex Legends 🎊
🎊 Friday (9/9)—Minecraft 🎊
🎊 Saturday (9/10)—Fortnite 🎊
🎊 Sunday (9/11)—Valorant 🎊

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