BUFF Bounty Program

We are excited to offer our community members the opportunity to partner with BUFF, contribute to our efforts and earn rewards. We have decided to distribute 2.5% of our total supply to the community for participating in 1 (or more) of our 5 bounty campaigns!

So what are you waiting for? Explore our bounty campaigns, choose what fits for you and earn BUFF coins! Just make sure to read our terms & conditions first; you don’t want to jeopardize your rewards do you?  

Do you have a question regarding our bounty program? Not really sure what to do? Feel free to join our bounty Telegram group where our dedicated team will be happy to help you.

Only to BUFF community members!
Participate in tasks and win cool prizes.
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Important information

Time: April 22nd – September 5th.

  • If you have any questions regarding our bounty program, join our bounty Telegram group:
  • You must be over 18 to join the bounty program.
  • Please note that this program is not intended for and does not allow any participation by U.S. nationals and/or U.S. residents.
  • Bounty distribution will take place 45 days after the qualified token distribution event. The BUFF coins will be sent to participants’ wallets.
  • Bounty payouts will be calculated based on the number of entries you have earned during the bounty period. To better understand the entries system, please read the following article.


Q:What’s the bounty allocation?

A: 2.5% of the total supply.

Q: How does the bounty distribution work?

A: Every participant will get BUFF coins based on the number of entries he gained. In other words – you are all winners!

Q: What is an “entry?” how many BUFF coins equal 1 entry?

A: 1 entry does not equal 1 BUFF coin. Since we don’t know how many people will participate in our bounty program, we use entries to reward you for your efforts. Those entries will eventually be translated into BUFF coins. Please read this article for a better understanding.

Q: When will I get my coins?

A: The bounty rewards will be distributed 45 days after the qualified token distribution event.  

Q: How do I get my coins?

A: The coins will be automatically distributed to the wallet address you provided upon registration. Don’t worry, we will publish a spreadsheet before we distribute the coins and you will be able to make sure your details are correct.  

Q: Do I need to join all 5 campaigns?

A: No, you don’t. Only join the campaigns that are suitable for you.

Q: I accidentally entered wrong details when I registered to one of your campaigns – what can I do?

A: No worries! Just PM @natalie_emissary on Telegram or send us an email to [email protected]; we will make sure to fix this for you.

Q: What is the “surprise” campaign?

A: Well, it’s a surprise. When the time comes to reveal this campaign, we will notify the community.

Q: I’ve joined your content creators bounty campaign. How can I know if you accepted my content?

A: Every week we will update our spreadsheets and publish them for your review. The entries will be added to your bounty account once your submission is approved.  The links can be found in our Telegram group