CS:GO Jackpot Sites List

CS:GO Jackpot Sites List

This is how the jackpot works: At least two players pay their skins into a so-called “pot”. Each player earns one ticket for every $ 0.01 amount deposited. Example: Player 1 places 10 skins worth $ 11.67, and Player 2 places 5 skins worth $ 7.35. Player 1 receives exactly 1167 tickets and player 2 receives exactly 735 tickets. The jackpot website will now pick a ticket and the owner of the winning ticket wins the pot. The more you gamble, the better the probability of winning it all. Winning the pot ensures that the winner can earn all the skins that are invested into the pot minus the 0 percent -10 percent fee paid by the jackpot website. You will increase the chances by applying more value to the pot – this would earn you more tickets that will theoretically be pulled by the jackpot website. However if you bet carefully, you might lose all of your money. Be cautious and play on money you can afford to lose.


Of course, you will have a little influence over the pots you choose to go into. Unless you want tall pots with prices ​​above $ 500-1000, I wouldn’t suggest going to those websites. Snipers: A decent way to win skins is to wait until 15s – 30s to get in until the pot stops. Be alert, often you have to manually check your bid on the website or Steam may be delayed because it will take some time for your skins to be deposited into the pot. It has costly skins with respect to the pot’s worth, which is a positive process. It can be very successful and you should assume the pot’s worth and no one should be able to respond to your deposit directly. Timing is very important – one challenge might be that you aren’t quick enough to get into the desired pot and the first one to use to snip you with more costly things. Timing is incredibly important – That’s considered a ‘fail snipe.’ Baiting: Baiting is an ideal way to lure out the edges of the gunman. This is a high-risk way of doing something for two players. The first player sets a few skins of lesser importance at the start of the round. Now there are more teams, and the second player fires the pot at the top. This is something you can do to slip the cup, since many players don’t first want to deposit.


One of the first mechanisms to make gaming possible in CS GO was jackpots. People enjoyed the game’s dynamism and the “winner gets it all” theme. There were already some 1000 euros in the first big pans. The best days were €100,000 (!) in pots on csgoshuffle.com.

Scandal of Ghost Movement

Most of the time, anonymous owners host casino and jackpot pages. Details on csgoshuffle.com’s owners was leaked in 2016. A part of it appeared to be the popular streamer Phantoml0rd. A talk was also leaked between him and his admin and Phantoml0rd asked for his winning tickets, a sign of tricking his own play area to win immense pots. As a result, Twitch prohibited Phantoml0rd. This is the original scandal video:

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