Guide To WoW BfA Leveling

Guide To WoW BfA Leveling

Hey everybody! Hi everybody! Today, it’s my big detailed combat for azeroth level guide 1-120 – it will show you very useful tips for World of Warcraft.

If you’re in your allies or only curious how to score effectively, it’s here – the quickest options to grade in modern WoW. Get a cup of tea for yourself – you will receive a lot of details!

Since the previous method was much too long and boring, the speed of leveling was improved by developers with Patch 7.3.5. Before this, development was slowed down enough that people spent more time developing their characters, given that even certain experience values have significantly modified.

The construction pace is now up to 40% in certain fields and 22% in the total range of 20 to 120 heights. This makes it much faster to level, especially if you wanted to do so now! Here you find anything that can be fascinating or beneficial to your leveling – the ideal leveling tool you have just discovered!

Valorant Tournament is a challenging and enjoyable game for friends. It requires strategy and luck to win the opponents in the tournament. Players can either play against opponents online or by inviting opponents into their home to enjoy playing.

General Scaling Details

There are a few things to remember before beginning your long distance race: your passion, your time, your motives. Zeal – you would try to hit this stage with your character, to do something easily without getting emotionally burnt. You will find it very difficult to lift one more character with 50 characters. Don’t start if you don’t have the right attitude or inner energy. Seriously, it saves your nerves and time to either get a quality of service or something raise.

Time – whether you play World of Warcraft two, one or even less hours a day you can also consider improving your idea or dumping it. It takes a month or more of your life – and the outcome is definitely not satisfied at the end (if you want FAST leveling, of course). Reasons – you must say, “Why do I want this \ other character” You do not actually want this character, if you can’t give a straight reply (and you must consider getting a Blizzard boost or the leveling service token again).

If you’re dedicated, optimistic and able to fit your character, then welcome to the future you’ve ever seen at the fastest pace (with no RAF bonuses, of course). I’ll tell you some helpful stuff that will save you time updating.

Further experience references

Most strong bonus source. Heirlooms. All sorts of heirlooms except rings should be readily visible. It would be ridiculously long if you have not played since the Warlords of Draenor, or if you do not have the last stage shipyard at your garrison. More than 50% more experience arrives with a complete heirloom package. Essential Strike heirloom things are the finest – you want everybody to be dead for any swings or throws.

Enchantments: Get some enchantments possible or accessible – enchantment bonus effects help you to destroy monsters much quicker.

Recruit a mate, you can gain 50 per cent more experience if you recruit a friend and invite your friend to a party. You have a friend who can or needs to play World Warcraft, this is a ULTIMATE way to step up your leveling. It’s the best bet you have. It’s superior, I highly recommend it!

Quiet area: leave a protégé in the inn or hostel-like place to earn the bonus ‘well rested,’ (try to quickly read this sentence, it sounds funny). Check your hero portrait and find a ZZZ dot in place of the layer imaging to define whether you’re resting. You’re not in the silent zone if you still can see the present level.

Adventure potions: Quick Mind Elixir and Old Wisdom Elixir are two unusual things of special experience. You can use them whenever you like them to be found (and above all, can afford them). But I’m not serious – it’s fucking precious.

The MUST be used while in Draenor. Rapid learning excess. Remember to order it from your quartersmaster garrison. It can be used in the 91-99 range and can be used by Warlords of Draenor in a single day.

Ten Countries Draft is an item from the Battle of Azeroth with a 10%, one-hour experience bonus. A good thing. A good thing.

War Mode: Allow War Mode as soon as possible in your talent menu. This offers you a 10% to 30% experience boost, depending on your party. For Alliance, it’s nearly a must! Nonetheless, hordes or the Coalition will strike and destroy you. Yeah, there is an anti-winch system which gives players the ability to compete with higher players, but it doesn’t seem useful to me. If a faction deficit exists (the Coalition, which is our case), you will receive a temporary war buffer call.

Darkmoon Faire: It is shown every month and has two witnessing buff options. To get the WHEE, you can use the carousel! Buff for 10% more insight over an hour. The Darkmoon Top Hat can also be won by playing a couple of games to provide you with a 10 percent incentive for one week. If these buffs can be acquired is however unclear – it can take longer than any quests are fully complete.

Insightful rubellite: You should use a natural rubellite for an extra 5 percent experience for your products with sockets.

Bonuses Guild

It is helpful particularly if you are not new to World of Warcraft, to search for alts or toons. Try to find any random people who can take up to 120 or finish in 30 seconds – leveling in the group is Still easy In comparison, it does not matter.

Guild Perks: Some good guild benefits can be beneficial as you level up – quicker riding time, fast cooldown of the Hearthstone, and so on.

Practical advice

Big packs: I buy my figures still giant bags, even though my scaling doesn’t change. At least you’re not going to sell too much grey waste!

Mount Speed: Use your mount always – as soon as possible mastering the art of cycling.

Food: Buy something to eat and drink in order to minimize the time between challenges and searches.

Hearth stone: When you change your area of hunt, still tie your stone to the next inn.

Goblin Glider Kit: It might be helpful to have a few places if you can’t fly, but without it you can quickly get around.


Professions won’t benefit you much but ultimately they will give you a lot of practice. Think of herbology and mining – it’s the right mix for your level of occupations. You can then sell your ore and herbs and gain gold, and you’ll get some free experience in exchange.

Do not choose something on your way look for ores or herbs when you stage. It is worthwhile to have such a technique especially in certain stages. If you collect something when leveling, don’t forget these:

Sky Golem: The Mount of Famousness. You can gather items without getting off and communicate with objects.

Monel Stirrups Hardened: Same impact as the Golem, but 2 hours long.

Barding Coarse Leather: avoids astonishment by hitting on the mount.

Enchanted Gloves – Kul Tiran Herbalism / Enchanted Gloves – Kul Tiran Mining: making it so much easier to collect herb or ore.

Let’s include

Autopilot of Azeroth (my personal number one)

This is the BEST leveling addon I ever saw. No, literally! Literally! All the Allies used the Azeroth autopilot to complete this guide. ie It’s very simple and quick, and the top-level compromise between the scaling mods!

The Azeroth autopilot shows your optimised search route and shows which searches should be accepted, which will greatly speed up your scaling. For those looking to produce the fastest results in the shortest time, the Azeroth autopilot is almost mandatory. Incidentally, the autopilot Azeroth provides certain other very useful features such as automatic maintenance, automatic waste sale and so on. Value is 100% assured, superleveling!

Addon for Legion Attack

Only the next demons invasion of the Broken Isles is mentioned in this addition. Invasions provide you with plenty of experience in the 100-110 levels – a single invasion will give you sufficient experience for the 1-2 category.

Convenient advice

Well-known addon-style collector. You can see all the treasures on your map. For all extensions, don’t forget to add all mobile notes extensions (Modules?)!

Leveling Dungeon (15+)

The dungeons will begin now. Naturally, you only need to fill each dungeon once to save your leveling time. Every time you go through the dungeon you do a lot of looking – take all of them, they are really simple and helpful. Random dungeons still do – the experience acquired after the dungeon is immense. Notice that this “random dungeon queue” bonus also equals a full level for certain level ranges (e.g. 1-60). Whenever possible, use the tail dungeon.

The best choice for the dungeon farm is to visit a random dungeon just once and then proceed with the searches until the next instances take place. The group finder typically takes you to a spot you haven’t been yet. With an installed fully equipped heirloom kit (only if you finish your quest while queuing for the dungeons, of course) you hit 60 long before you go to all Vanilla dungeons!

You must also realize that there are various instances, especially at the start. These are much stronger than others because you have long dungeons, while others are nearly one-shot. There are also dungeons that have few searches, although others have plenty. The ideal dungeon has many quests in principle and is reasonably simple, without several floors or locations.

A good point to save your time – quit when you’re in a tiered or big case especially if you’re finished already. It saves your time and nerves – you get a debuff called Leaver, which prevents you from queuing right now, but after the debuff you profit more of the quests. Believe me it works. Believe me that it works. On the reverse hand, though some instances (Stormwind Stockade, Razorfen Kraul, Sunken Temple, and so on are extremely brief and fast, so it can still be a nice run if you go here many times.

PvP & war grounds

This is also an alternative if PvP is usually preferable to PvE. Your first random battlefield would be an adventure. But if you win, it works just, yeah.

Nevertheless, such a leveling MUST dilute by regular leveling and herbal and ore farm when you have to wait for the next battlefield for long (sometimes – very long minutes. If you want to play PvP, imagine being a defending champion—a popular PvP object at the Gurubashi Arena. This raises your Battlefield XP by 50%, which gives your PvP areas a major pace advantage.

Vanilla Vanilla

So let’s find the start of your trip. You won’t lose vanilla. Today, all fields are scale up to level 60 and so far as vanilla is concerned.

WoW Niveau 1 – 20

You can get 15-20 moves in your secure starting zone because you are not an allied race. These locations have a lot of easy and small quests you can finish in a short snap. It’s going to take a few hours from 1 to 20 if you’re a complete Warcraft novice. Do not forget to learn first skill at level 20. at level 20.

Level 21-60 WoW

All of Kalimdor is now available to you and the Eastern Kingdoms. Almost every area is well accessible and convenient, but bear in mind the following for a smooth ride.

Eastern Reign 21-60 Stages

  • Case of the West
  • Mountains Redridge
  • Oak crevices
  • Thorns of strangling

Level 21-60 of Kalimdor

  • Barrens South South
  • Marsh Dustwallow
  • A Th000 Nails
  • Tanaris The
  • A crater ‘goro’
  • The silhouette

Northern and foreign countries

If the Hellfire peninsula in Burning Cruzade is not tired of the red red … red everywhere!), go on. You should leave the Blazing Crusade later, as to me and all of the new players. In terms of quest positions and quest chains, the expansion itself is very poor – it doesn’t value it. You just need to slow down the scaling if you prefer TBC rather than WotLK. And do not forget to learn to fly (it is essential!) because it will greatly increase your search speed!

You also have to pick whether to level – Outland or Northrend. Nevertheless, I highly suggest Northrend – trust my expertise. Its areas certainly take less time than in Outland, but I find it is my favorite. The dungeon queue can also be used to get more encounters here.

You will remain here up to 80 – you can go straight to the next expansions after this stage.

Road 60 – 80 Alternative

You may have trouble with the range 60 to 80 and are searching for other alternatives. Collections and battlegrounds are actually our only other alternatives for the 60 to 80 range.

Battlefield victory offers 60% of the experience needed at level 58-79. This choice could be useful for your success if you assume that you will succeed much of the time. The battlefield loss, something that is normal and it just lifts 15-20 per cent of the standard for me, I will tell you plainly, it happens every time.

In this link, in PvP queues, you can wait – continue your quests or anyway collect grass/ear.

Collecting herbs or ores will be a fun experience for you. It’s the same in each biome, but you should possibly concentrate on the basin of Sholazar (Northrend) or Zangarmarsch (Outland) due to the pleasant disposition of most of the creatures – there are lots of plants and ore you can easily take in. Growing ores and herbs would get you approximately one level each time you spend such an exercise.

Pandaria’s Cataclysms and Mists

After hitting level 80, pick either Cataclysm or Pandarius necks. In comparison to previous extensions, pick what you want – because both choices are perfectly fine. Some players favor Cataclysm, some players prefer Pandaria’s Necklaces and some prefer all extensions! You should possibly watch Hyjal and Vashj’ir in Cataclysm, and Jade Forest and Kun-Lai Summit could be in Mists of Pandaria. There are the easiest places to play up to 90.

Using the previously built Notes – Pandaria Module – just pick up a few treasures and you’re free to go. (You have not missed my tips. Did not you?) Be vigilant, by the way, of this continent and its spirit. Take the current of wisdom and relax your mind, travelers, in these spiritualized areas! You should offer Pandaria more than you believe. Tell me that I know

With respect to Cataclysm, don’t ignore that in your capital, Stormwind and Orgrimmar, all of the regions have their portals.

The Draenor Warlords

Skulls… It’s fine if you have an alt level and full Draenor Pathfinder. You really must invest more time in this expansion if you can’t fly in Warlords of Draenor. It’ll slow you down for a bit but nothing drastic. It will only take few hours until flight is unlocked in Warlords of Draenor! In a day – I tried them for myself and could do so without hindrance. You can finish them. I did it myself many times lately (yes, any Allies) and I’m very happy I finished my Draenor flights back at the time. If you fly this expansion – if you know (or at least have a fair chance) the other characters level you will truly get the stuff of Draenor Boy Scout. Your potential level will be incredibly quicker. It’s worth it altogether. When you travel to find treasure, combining hunts and major local quests can minimize your time here by ten times.

Don’t forget to load the Warlords of Draenor cell phone memo module even though you can’t ride in Warlords of Draenor! In the event of a disconnected trip, ride round and gather all the treasures you can see from your map. But it is also worth remembering that those treasures are in a deep gorge, hanging in a distant place, surrounded by monster packages or have an inner mini-event that takes your time. Your time is important! So it doesn’t help you leveling when you’re spending more than a minute or two in a treasure. Only miss them and go ahead and discover other gems – in all the Warlords of Draenor’s place there are plenty.

You don’t have to gather all the treasure in a given place – simply choose the simplest and the most convenient. For my experience in personal life, on your 90-100 rank, you can reach just three areas, your Warlords of Draenor starting zone (different for each faction), Gorgrond and in certain very rare cases, Arak’s Spiers.

The same is true of incentive goals – some are rather fast, others are very long or requirement-specific. You obviously don’t have all the bonus targets to achieve there but I did them all in my situation.

Yeah, and IMPORTANT one else! Make sure that your garrison is having a fast learning excess medicine! A 20% additional seasoned bottle free (yes, for certain garrison capital but you get it) that will last excellent well after your death!

It just took 10-15 minutes for Area 100 to 101 – I gathered some treasures and did initial quests. In less than 8 hours, the whole range of 90-100 levels was achieved – though I played absolutely comfortable. Bonus objectives, along with some hunts and treasures, gave me the most insightful experience with “casually fast” leveling that I have ever seen.

Legion: Legion

Even if it does not seem like it at first the leveling in this segment is also incredibly fast. Upgrading your heirlooms to 110 would make it easier. As for me for updated heirlooms I am still too bad, but without them I did this.

Legion invasions is a Huge improvement, and with only one invasion you will still get at least one or nearly two stages! Invasion Tracker can be used here to know precisely the time for the next Broken Islands invasion.

The same local goals can also be found in Legion in the field you play. Finish this too, so it would be a lot of practice for you as well. And if you finish all of the searches for the place, you can find a dungeon search which also gives you a great deal of experience.

As for the Broken Islands in general, the region you like the most can be picked and rotated – both at same pace in any area are well-balanced. In general, if you have complete heirlooms, a level takes 45-60 minutes and all legion levels have to be very fast.

The response will be Azsuna if you ask the author of this guide where to start. Why then? I like the elves’ spirits, the premise of an upcoming storm and a threat… And the Shameless Runas. This guy is a favorite in Warcraft world, and his Zarkenar phrases are pure gold. And I’m in his last moments every time I end his search sheet. Epic, kids. This is epic. We all deserve the character! (* F). (*). I go to high mountains when I end the Azsuna, and after 110 years I do some activities in Val Sharah.

Azeroth Fight

Finally, you’re in Kul-Tiras! Your power rise is nearly over, hero! The struggle to level Azeroth, I find, is one of the most exciting in Azeroth – even after having done it many times, I have always enjoyed every site and its history.

If you want an additional experience boost, take advantage of the war game incentives to get your Natant Rubelite.

Continue to use the Azeroth autopilot – it can get much quicker. I recommend that you only go the search in the ‘Fight for Azeroth’ expansion, since the dungeons here would not save time. Using Smartphone Notes Here too, Treasures. This marks all the treasures of BfA on your map – you can only save most of them throughout your quest.

Also, you need to get all the key stories done for each zone and the foot offsets for the 7th Legion (Alliance) or Honor Bound if this character is the first one (Horde). You should have the first part Boy Scout like that. And, naturally, you are now primed for Step Two, the Boy Scout! Personally, I was not prepared for that – at the beginning, Nazjatar and Mechagon just murdered my brain.

You can go to whatever place you choose, but there is an order that can be a little more powerful than other areas:

  • Drustwar> Tiragarde Tone – No distinction Kul-Tiras:
  • Zandalar: Zuldazar> no gap Zandalar

For both groups, all the search for Azeroth is solvable. If you find a challenging goal (when you’ve first attempted, you can’t kill the elite target), wait for other champions, or enter this search by community finder (green eye). Don’t wait for anything too long, in any event. We want the highest degree as fast as possible, right?

Finish the war for the Azeroth Dungeons only if you are obtained at the end of your present story with the required Dungeon Quest. Similarly, the dungeons in BfA are an immense waste of time for fast and effective scaling.

Mention Honorable

Land timepiece

Now, attend – it’s a good way to develop if you have an actively walking event. You should achieve your target 120 standard with around 20 runs (if you are currently 110 years old).

Expedition farm on the island

Try those islands to see how much practice you can get for yourself. Sadly, some time ago, they were anxious (or should I put “fixed”), and you cannot use your party’s character as a “locked experience” There is an activity “Set Sail” that can be carried out once a week – 100k + experience is given.

110-120 occupations

The selection of herbs and ores is no better than the conventional hunt. But this is a perfect way to distract yourself and win yourself some gold – you can gather new minerals and crops 100 percent of which are sold to your AH. A leisure bonus requires about two hours – so in the event you are desperately needed, you will receive 10-25K gold per hour.


I ought to list them here too, but I do not bother to do so directly. It cannot be likened in any way to the conquest of the Legion. Oh, it’s always a free experience if there’s an incident nearby.

Feel free to hit level 120! You did it! You did it! I sincerely hope that the hidden joys and mysteries of the fight for Azeroth will be uncovered – it’s still a fantastic growth while there are some inconveniences. Try to be relaxed and play.

You now have all the skills required for leveling. Enjoy Warcraft World – and watch you in Azeroth!


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