How To Make A Map In Minecraft

It’s easy to get lost in “Minecraft Game” worlds because they are so large. Setting up beacons, torches, or a map can help you stay on course.

All over your “Minecraft” world, you’ll be able to craft, trade, or find maps. Use these maps to determine your current location and your previous and future destinations. The best part is that once you have a map, you can even add your custom markers to highlight the most exciting features of your land.

The following instructions will show you how to obtain and use a map in “Minecraft.”

In Minecraft, how do you create or locate a map?

create or locate a map minecraft

Making a map, trading for one, or finding one in a chest are viable options in Minecraft.

Minecraft Maps on a Crafting Table

You’ll need one compass and eight sheets of paper to make a map in Minecraft. You can make paper and a compass out of scavenged materials found throughout your world.

For “Minecraft Bedrock Edition,” you can also combine nine pieces of paper to create a basic map that will still draw the land around you but will not track your location.

Starting a new game with the “Bedrock Edition” will allow you to do so with a pre-equipped map. “Starting Map” can be toggled on before creating a new world.

One of the most widely available resources is sugar cane, used to make paper. Swamp and desert biomes both have sugar cane plants that grow near water. You’ll get three sheets of paper if you line up three sugar cane sticks on your work surface. At least nine pieces of sugar cane will be required for your map.

A compass is the second item you’ll need. Four iron ingots and one piece of Redstone dust are all you need to make one of these. Iron ore and Redstone dust are plentiful in the lower regions of the world when mining. To mine Redstone, you’ll need a pickaxe made of iron or better.

Remember to exercise caution when mining Redstone ore because it frequently appears near lava.


Smelt the ore into four iron ingots once you have four iron ore blocks and one piece of Redstone dust. You’ll then place the four nuggets next to the center block, where you’ll be putting the Redstone dust on a crafting table.

Making a map is now possible thanks to the materials you’ve gathered. Insert a piece of paper into each of the nine other slots in the 3×3 crafting table area.

You now have a blank map to work with.

Finding an Empty Locator Map

The fact that everything you need to play the game can be crafted is why the game has “Craft” in its name.

In addition, there are treasure chests in your world where you can discover an unfilled map. Eight percent of treasure chests are found in sunken shipwrecks, 11 percent are located in stronghold libraries, and almost half of those found in village cartographers’ treasure chests contain maps.

If you are successful in locating a cartographer, you may be able to purchase their services for seven or eight Emeralds.

How to use an empty map in ‘Minecraft.’

The “empty map” that you currently have is not very helpful. In any event, rectifying the issue is not difficult.

Putting the map on top of what’s in front of you and “using” it to create a picture of what’s there is as easy as it sounds. As a direct result of this change, the game’s map will no longer be “empty.”

As you move around, more and more of the world around you will become apparent. You can monitor your development thanks to the teeny-tiny white marker.

The world you create in “Minecraft” is bound to be significantly bigger than what is depicted on the map. Make sure you don’t lose track of yourself by drawing a new map or expanding the view on the one you already have.

You can enlarge your map by adding eight new pieces of paper if you are working at a crafting table, but if you are working at a cartography table, you only need to add one new piece of paper. The current range of the map can be increased by doubling it by zooming in and out four times.

Marking a location on your map using a banner

Once you’ve added custom location markers to your map, its value will soar. To keep track of specific locations, markers appear as colored dots on your map.

Make a banner before you can put up a marker. You can make banners by placing six pieces of wool (they must be of the same color) in the top two rows of your crafting table and one stick in the bottom-middle slot. In addition, you’ll need to spend an experience point to give the banner a name using an anvil.

Make your way to where you plan to place your banner and set it down. Then, with the map in hand, use it to decorate the banner.

If you did it correctly, a dot would appear on your map with the same color and location as the banner you placed.

There aren’t a lot of other icons on the map beside the ones you’ve added yourself. As previously mentioned, a white dot identifies you. This white dot will be used to recognize other players.

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