How To Make Potions In Minecraft

Potions can come in handy when playing Minecraft in Survival Mode. Drinking a brew that enhances your melee attacks, speed, or ability to breathe underwater is an option. Making potions in Minecraft, even ones you can hurl at your foes, is easy with this guide.

In Creative Mode, potions are unnecessary. Even so, they’re fun to make, despite the time required to gather all the ingredients by hand. It includes fishing, hunting rabbits, and a trip into the Nether.

Gather your materials

minecraft materials

Five of the materials you need are located in the Nether, which is a lengthy list. As a result, you’ll have to construct a portal, descend into the Underworld, face off against monsters, and locate a Nether Fortress without becoming disoriented.

Remember that every block in the Nether equals eight blocks in the Overworld. Consider leaving torches or other markers to help you find your way back. At the very least, you might want to switch to “Peaceful” mode while you’re away.

Stage 1: Construct a Netherworld portal.

Stage 2: Explore the Netherworld in search of a Nether Fortress.

Stage 3: Collect the Nether-related components:

  • Blaze Rods — Items dropped by Blazes in Nether Fortresses and used to craft Blaze Powder.
  • Ghast Tear – Dropped by Ghasts hovering above the lava.
  • Magma Cream – Dropped by Magma Cubes or made from 1 Blaze Powder and 1 Slimeball, Magma Cream is a valuable item.
  • Nether Wart – Grows in Soul Sand in Nether Fortresses.
  • Soul Sand – can be used to add more Nether Warts to the Overworld (but it’s not required).

Stage 4: Return to the Overworld to continue gathering ingredients:

  • Dragon’s Breath: An Ender Dragon drops it.
  • Glistening Melon: You need one (1) Melon and eight (8) Gold Nuggets to make this item.
  • Golden Carrot: Made with one (1) Carrot and eight (8) Gold Nuggets.
  • Phantom Membranes: These are things that ghosts drop.
  • Pufferfish: Use a water bucket or a fishing rod to catch.
  • Rabbit’s Foot: Left behind by dead rabbits.
  • Spider Eye: This item is left behind by deadly spiders and witches.
  • Sugar: One (1) Sugar Cane is used to make it.
  • Turtle Shell: This item can be made with five (5) Scutes that Baby Turtles drop.

Stage 5: Gather Overworld potion modifiers:

  • Fermented Spider Eye: One (1) Spider Eye, one (1) Brown Mushroom, and one (1) Sugar are needed to make this.
  • Glowstone Dust — Glowstones are used to mine it.
  • Gunpowder can be found in chests or dropped by Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches.
  • Redstone — Obtained from Redstone Ore.

Craft a Brewing Stand

You can’t make a splash potion, awkward potion, lingering potion and a poison potion if you don’t have this thing.

Stage 1: Open up your Crafting Table.

Stage 2: Put a cobblestone in the bottom three crafting grid squares.

Stage 3: Put a Blaze Rod in the square in the middle.

Stage 4: Put the Brewing Stand in your Hotbar by dragging it down.

Stage 5: Choose the Brewing Stand and do what comes next:

PC: Right-click on the place you want to go.

Console: Aim at the place you want to go and press the Left Trigger button.

Mobile: Tap on the place you want to go.

Craft a Cauldron (optional)

You’ll need water, so why not put a small pool next to your Brewing Stand?

Stage 1: Open up your Crafting Table.

Stage 2: Put seven (7) Iron Ingots on the crafting grid in a “U” shape: three in the left column, one in the middle column’s bottom square, and three in the right column.

Stage 3: Move the Cauldron to your Hotbar by dragging it down.

Stage 4: Choose the Cauldron and do what comes next:

PC: Right-click on the place you want to go.

Console: Aim at the place you want to go and press the Left Trigger button.

Mobile: Tap on the place you want to go.

Make glass bottles and fill them.

You need something to hold the liquids you make.

Stage 1: Open up your Crafting Table.

Stage 2: Put one (1) Glass Block in the first and third squares on the middle row of the crafting grid.

Stage 3: Put one (1) Glass Block in the second square on the bottom row of the crafting grid.

Stage 4: Drag the three (3) Glass Bottles you now have down to your Hotbar.

Stage 5: Get a glass bottle and do the following next to a body of water:

Right-click on the water on your PC.

Console: Point the controller at the water and hit the Left Trigger button.

Tap the water on your phone.

Craft Blaze Powder

Fuel is needed for your Brewing Stand.

Stage 1: Open up your Crafting Table.

Stage 2: Put a Blaze Rod into any square on the crafting grid.

Stage 3: Drag the two pieces of Blaze Powder down to your inventory.

Brew an Awkward Potion

First, you need to make an Awkward Potion, which is the “base” of the spell. It’s like the carbonated water in your favorite cola: Without it, you’d have a glass of syrup.

First, open the Brew Stand.

Stage 2: Put one (1) full Glass Bottle in each of the three squares with a “bottle” icon at the bottom.

Stage 3: Put one (1) Nether Wart in the square at the top.

Stage 4: Put one (1) Blaze Powder in the square with a fire icon in the top left corner.

All three Water Bottles are turned into Awkward Potions by this process. Now you have to add other things to these Awkward Potions to make them work. You can add modifiers to make the effects last longer and more robust.

Potion types

Now that you have the Awkward Potions, you have to figure out how to make potions that can be used.

However, the list is long, so we put them into three groups: positive, negative, and mixed. Remember that the Awkward Potion you just made is the base for all other potions. We list the main ingredients and effects of each type of potion next to it. We also list the things you need to add to it to make it stronger or last longer.

For example, you can make a Potion of Fire Resistance in the Brewing Stand by mixing an Awkward Potion with Magma Creme. Then, you can put the Potion of Fire Resistance back into the Brewing Stand and add Redstone Dust to make it last eight minutes instead of three.

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