How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft

Since 2018, foxes have been able to appear in Minecraft as “mobs,” which is the game’s term for its various non-player characters.

It is possible to train foxes and the majority of other animal groups to follow and obey their masters. On the other hand, your endearing qualities will not be enough to sway the fox in the same way they do other animals. Instead, you will have to engage in the practice of inbreeding to produce an entirely new fox.

Here is how to tame foxes in “Minecraft,” whether you’re playing in Survival mode or Creative mode.

How to tame a fox in Minecraft? Here’s How We Do It

tame a fox in Minecraft

To have any chance of taming a fox, you will need the assistance of two wild foxes for it to conceive. To put it another way, this is the procedure that should be followed.

Find and capture two adult foxes.

In the beginning, you’ll have to track down some wild foxes.

Aside from the slight possibility that they may wander to neighboring lands, foxes can be found only in the taiga biome. Its most distinctive feature is the tall, green spruce trees of the taiga biome. Several taiga biomes exist, including snowy taigas where white foxes roam the landscape.

Untrained breed foxes are elusive and unpredictable. You’ll want to find them during the day when most of them will be sleeping.

As soon as you spot an exhausted fox curled up and asleep, begin crouching immediately. If you’re playing on a computer or console, you’ll crouch by holding down the shift key or pressing the crouch button on your controller.

Build a trap around the Minecraft fox while you remain crouching. At least three blocks should be used to build the walls of your pen, which can be made from any obstruction. This will prevent it from escaping. You can’t leave your crouch until the fox is safely inside its enclosure. As soon as you rise from your crouch, the foxes’ fight-or-flight response kicks in, and they’ll flee.

It’s even better to catch two foxes near each other so you can put them in the same pen.

It’s not common, so you’ll have to go out of your way to track down and capture the foxes separately. After this, you’ll need to build a wall of blocks to connect the two traps.

Boats are a good option if the foxes are far apart and you don’t want to take on a large construction project. If you put a boat in front of a fox, it will get stuck inside if it walks into it. It’s then possible to row across the land to the other fox and enclose them both in the same enclosure.

The two foxes need to be contained in a space that is neither too large nor too small.

A quick tip: If you are playing in Creative mode or can change your game mode to Creative, you can spawn an unlimited number of foxes at any time. Look for the “Fox Spawn Egg” item in your infinite inventory and use it in any free space. Despite this, you’ll still need to capture two of them. 

Feed the wild foxes sweet berries

When it comes to keeping the two adult foxes under control, it doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many Fox Spawn Eggs you throw at them. If you capture a young fox, it is best to allow it to mature independently.

Bring one of the sweet berries with you, and then approach the two adult foxes in the area. These results from walking through the green and red bushes, which cause you to lose speed and hurt yourself. If you do not already possess any, it should not be too difficult for you to track some foxes down in the taiga.

To nourish both foxes, rubbed berries on their fur will suffice. Getting close enough to the foxes to feed them will be easier if you get on all fours and crouch down.

It is necessary to equip your Hotbar with berries to feed the fox. Once you have done so, approach the fox and use one of the berries to provide it. Try squatting down if you have trouble getting close enough to the foxes to feed them because this will allow you to get much more intimate.

When two foxes are given sweet berries to eat, it doesn’t take long for them to get together and have a litter of fox pups.

The golden egg you’ve been looking for is a young fox. On the other hand, their parents will go completely insane as soon as you let go of the crouch key on your keyboard. The fox that you’ve been training is currently standing before you.

Regardless of this, there is still more work to be done. Although it is submissive, you cannot exert any control over it.

Get the baby foxes to stop following its parents.

If you leave the new baby fox alone, even if it has a temperament different from that of its parents, it will always stick close to its mother and father. Consequently, it will respond in the same manner if they attempt to run away from you.

This issue can be remedied by fastening a lead to the infant and leading it away from its parents. You can either make one using a string and a slime ball, or you can find one in a chest somewhere in the world.

Disciplining a baby fox

Put the lead on the young fox and start using it to affix it to the animal. You will then be able to guide him away to begin a new life with you after he is gone. As soon as you get some distance between you, it will stop following after its parents.

After that, it is as easy as rinsing and repeating the process, and before you know it, you will have a pack of devoted fox companions.

Getting to Know Foxes in Minecraft

Foxes are one of the newest mobs to enter Minecraft, and their fluffy tails and cute daytime naps have already drawn the attention of many gamers. It’s time to discuss what foxes do and how you may become best friends with them because they have been a part of the Java Edition of Minecraft for a long time and have now moved to the Bedrock Edition with the most recent beta.

Foxes compete alongside wolves, ocelots, and cats for the title of cutest Minecraft animal by joining the elite group of tamable mobs. They may even be successful. Foxes are a passive mob with a few distinctive characteristics that make them an interesting addition to the game’s mind-bogglingly vast assortment of fauna.

Finding foxes in the game could be a little difficult depending on your luck. They are not as prevalent as other mobs like pigs or cows and can only be found in taiga biomes (cold woodlands with spruce trees). However, Foxes frequently spawn in groups of three to four, which balances out their rarity.

In the game, there are two different varieties of foxes. The foxes that spawn in taiga biomes free of snow and ice will ared red foxes and white fox in Minecraft. Nevertheless, foxes who spawn in taiga biomes where there is a lot of snow will have white and grey fur, similar to arctic fox. Arctic foxes are the finest things in Minecraft.

If you want to increase your chances of spotting a fox in-game, remember that they also like to hang around near towns and cities. The foxes in Minecraft are equally as naughty as the ones in real life, which makes for some entertaining fuzzy antics at night.

Foxes are generally relatively small (larger than cats but smaller than wolves), and they use a lot of energy when they’re active. Their bulky tails and large skulls complete their appearance. There are also young foxes, although they are less common in the wild.

How Do Minecraft Foxes Behave?

Untamed foxes in Minecraft will try to stay away from you if they see you coming.

For this reason, it is essential in the breeding process to sneak up on those foxes by crouching or creeping up on them.

However, once they have been tamed, a tamed fox behave as devoted companions in the same way a tame wolf would, in that they will assist you in fighting off enemy gangs and protect you until their last breath.

It is also possible to equip foxes with swords that they may hold in their mouths, which would considerably boost the strength of their assaults.

To equip your red fox with a sword, you need only interact with it when wielding the weapon in question.

Foxes are night cretures

The foxes’ sleeping patterns will be the most apparent behavior. Foxes aggressively seek shaded places to snuggle up until dusk, avoiding being awake throughout the day. A sleeping fox will look for another area to rest if you disturb it or the lighting above it changes.

Foxes tend to hang around in packs.

Although it’s not impossible, foxes frequently congregate with other foxes and even occasionally sleep close to one another.

Foxes like their meats.

Chickens, bunnies, the majority of the fish in the game, and even young turtles, if they’re on shore, are all favorites of foxes to eat. Arctic foxes swim briefly after meals, whereas red foxes prefer to hunt mostly terrestrial animals.

Foxes prey on settlements.

Foxes become much busier when night falls, and foxes will target towns, rob residents of their belongings and take their hens.

Foxes will transport objects.

It’s interesting that foxes pick up and carry different objects in their jaws and can take up whatever the player can. When a fox is killed while holding anything, the player can quickly pick up the item that it dropped. But why would you ever murder one, anyway?

Foxes can use the objects they are carrying.

What’s more intriguing is that foxes can use everything they find! Foxes can take up weapons and utilize them while fighting, although they prefer to carry food, which they eventually consume.

Foxes are exceptional jumpers.

In Minecraft, foxes leap rather than jump, and they also leap far. A fox that is going to leap will crouch down, get ready, and then take off into the air. They can jump up to four or five blocks high and scale walls and fences effortlessly. Rebuilding your poultry coops is now necessary. Fun fact: An arctic fox will become briefly trapped if it jumps and lands on a mound of high snow. There is some animation as well as other things.

Foxes are swift animals.

These little animals are difficult to keep up with since their running pace resembles an ocelot’s.

Foxes enjoy delicious berry bushes.

The more irritating animals you could unintentionally run into in Minecraft include sweet berry bushes, although foxes are an exception. Foxes not only enjoy eating them, but they also move through delicious berry pushes with no damage or speed loss. What a nice benefit.

Polar bears and wolves both despise foxes.

When a wolf or polar bear approaches a fox, they will attack right away. Although wolves are slightly nimble than polar bears, they will still attack.

Foxes are wary of athletes.

Foxes will often stay away from any players. However, there is a workaround because foxes will allow you to approach them if you go towards them covertly.


You now know everything there is to know about the new foxes in Minecraft! If you use the Java Edition, you’ve undoubtedly had these men for a while, but if you use the Bedrock Edition, there’s still more for you to hunt down.

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