K/da, Riot Games’ Pop Girl Group, Explained

K/da, Riot Games’ Pop Girl Group, Explained

I think it’s safe to say that K/DA made its mark in 2018. As one of Riot Games’ most unique creations, their impact on people after only a short three months is astounding. But if you haven’t heard of them yet, you may be wondering who these four mysterious ladies are. K/DA was unveiled in the 2018 League of Legends World Championship Opening Ceremony in Incheon on November 3, 2018, with the release of their debut single.

Is K da a real group in league of legends?

K/da Is the First Fictional, Playable Pop Group in The History of League of Legends music. It Consists of Four Girls: Ahri (pop Diva), Akali (rapper), Evelynn (vocalist), and Kai’sa (dancer).

Who is the leader of K DA -?



AHRIA AS the leader, founder, and main vocalist of K/DA, Ahri graces the stage with confidence, charm and an incredible voice. The leader of the group, she values authentic self-expression and encourages her team to do the same. She also strives to maintain the energy level in the room by encouraging everyone to participate fully, which includes taking turns and saying what needs to be said. She’s a talent scout that discovers new talents and helps them shape their full potential.


One of the leaders, founder, and main vocalists of K/DA, Ahri is a charismatic vocalist and performer who captivates audiences with her commanding voice and compelling stage presence. The calming influence in the group, she believes in authentic self-expression and encourages her teammates to do the same. Ahri is proud of discovering new talents and giving them the opportunity to become their full potential. Her real-life counterpart is Madison Beer, an American singer who has 11 million Instagram followers. 


Akali is the main rapper in the group. They have a rough, punk-like style with a brash, dangerous streak. This woman is constantly keeping her team on their toes, but she is most proud of her independent spirit. It’s always so much fun to watch Akali in action. She never compromises for her art, so she’s always busy and never bored.


She is usually a purple demon lady who runs amok in a shadow form. If Evelynn is K/DA’s lead singer, you know she is special. She has this hypnotic stage presence that will have you mesmerized by her voice. The woman in the photo doesn’t let the crowd get in the way of her image. She’s all about the craftsmanship behind her perfect looks. One of the co-founders of K/DA along with her partner Ahri, Evelynn makes the team take the biggest creative risks they’ve ever taken.


The main dancer and team choreographer, Kai’Sa is driven to perfection. Her intense focus on her art pushes the team forward with mind-blowing concepts and meticulous attention to detail. Kai’Sa embraces a cosmopolitan approach to life, finding inspiration in every corner of the world. She’s represented by Jaira Burns, another American singer who released her debut EP, Burn Slow

So Who Is K/da, and What Makes Them so Unique?

Ahri is a nine-tailed fox who was formerly an assassin for Ionia. Akali is a Noxian assassin, and Evelynn is a Marai demon hunter. And lastly, Kai’Sa is the only character in this group whose background isn’t in League of Legends lore: she was created for the group. Her real-life counterpart is Madison Beer, a person is a singer in life. 

Ahri is an interesting case because her lore does not match how she is portrayed in-game or as part of K/DA. While her appearance and dance moves are great, Riot Games went out of their way to make Ahri yellow rather than leaving it up to players. This, according to Riot Games, was done so that fans would be able to tell the difference between Ahri and Sona.

Akali is the rapper of the group, while Evelynn is the vocalist. Ahri’s role is dance-oriented, and Kai’Sa represents all of the genres in K/DA by dancing for everyone.

K/DA Akali’s lore is based on the Noxian occupation of Ionia and not much else, while Ahri’s lore is mostly about how she has to adapt to modern-day Tokyo to “fit in.”

Evelynn’s role is similar to her original lore, and however, the backstory of K/DA Evelynn is actually about an ex-girlfriend consumed by lust and evil. In contrast, the old Riot Games lore for Evelynn was that she never had a significant other.

The voiceover for K/DA Evelynn is based on Riot Games’ story about her instead of how she is portrayed in-game. For example, there are no mentions of human flesh or bloodlust in her voiceover.

Kai’Sa is the newest addition to the group, and she was created to bring all of the genres together. KAI’SA // As the main dancer and team choreographer.

If you think about it objectively, POP/STARS is a pretty solid song. It’s catchy; the girls look good; the choreography is fun to watch – all of the makings of a successful pop song. And considering how popular it is worldwide, it’s safe to say that K/DA has succeeded in what they set out to do: create a trendy team that people would enjoy listening to and watching.

But POP/STARS isn’t just another dance track – there are deeper themes that go beyond the catchy beat. The lyrics evoke self-acceptance and empowerment, even though fictional characters sing them with no real identities or human problems.

POP/STARS is a music video, but it’s also a metaphor for the fandom and its relationship with Riot Games. The girls of K/DA are on stage, performing for their fans as they dance around freely without a care in the world. POP/STARS is about inviting your fans onto the stage so everyone can enjoy this together, and it is about inclusion and having fun together.

Why is KDA so popular?

In League of Legends, K/DA is a fictional band from an alternate universe where they became famous for their POP/STARS music video and, later, their song Goodbye. Fans of K/DA are represented by the crowd watching the girls put on a show for everyone. You can see that there’s no hatred or prejudice towards anyone in this video because nobody is booing – only cheering.

Riot Games’ primary purpose in creating the song is to promote the skin line for these champions, and it is safe to assume that the lyrics were written as part of this.

So It’s Just One Song to Promote Skins?

A: Riot Games also launched a skin line with riot music team, but this isn’t the first time they’ve done so. They’ve done this for the metal band skins, Pentakill, and released songs for the special DJ Sona skin. If you’ve ever wondered why we’re getting so many new games these days, it’s because developers are finally realizing what the fans have been telling them for years — if you want more people to play your game, make it a full-length album!

K/DA Official Music Video

Akali’s new official music video for “I Am,” the first single from her upcoming album, has caught the attention of League fans and non-League fans alike. The visuals from the music video, the catchy tunes and Akali’s amazing rap have caught the attention of League fans and non-League fans alike. The League of Legends video is the most popular video in the history of YouTube, with more than 731 million views and over 17.3 million likes as of this writing. Many people watch this video thinking it will convince them to play League of Legends or get hooked, but many people have never played League of Legends before. (This is understandable for people who have no interest in League of Legends or other games in general.

Riot Music Team Vocals performed by: TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, and Annika Wells Vocal. This promotional song was designed to sell new skins for the game. 

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