Jinx plays a marksman role in League of Legends. She’s a long-range champion with two kinds of basic attacks, trap ability and rocket target projectile ultimate dealing heavy damage.

Jinx, a manic and unpredictable criminal from Zaun, lives to wreak havoc everywhere she goes. She despises boredom and gleefully brings a unique chaotic brand of pandemonium wherever she wanders off.

Using an arsenal of quirky and powerful weapons, Jinx unleashes her loudest blasts and brightest explosions—leaving a trail of mayhem and panic.


Who is Jinx?

Jinx is a psychotic and impulsive criminal from Zaun, wreaking havoc no matter where she goes.

Jinx is widely considered the master of chaos, causing terror in Piltover while running from the law. Piltover is a progressive town than most of Valoran.

It’s where Sheriff Caitlyn and Enforcer Vi work hard to maintain their astute reputation for law enforcement and action against criminals.

Jinx is Vi’s biological sister. After escaping Vi’s clutches, she has become one of the Caitlyn and Vio duo’s many rivals and is looking to continue terrorizing Piltover.

With her arsenal of deadly weapons, Jinx unleashes the most potent blasts and explosions to defeat her foes, causing mayhem in her wake.

Jinx carries her chaotic brand of pandemonium no matter where she goes, making the world crazier—one blast at a time.

Jinx's Skills and abilities

Marvel at the chaos and start a crime spree as the famous Jinx, also known as the Loose Cannon in LOL.

Using a pair of powerful guns known as Fishbones and Pow-Pow, Jinx can light up any battlefield by chaining her skills and abilities—keeping enemies on-tilt and off-guard, guessing which gun you’ll unleash next.

Revel as the world burns using Jinx by mastering her skills and abilities below:

Get Excited! This passive skill lets Jinx gain a 175% bonus movement speed that decays over 6 seconds whenever an enemy champion, epic monster, or enemy turret gets destroyed within 3 seconds of being damaged by her.

Additionally, Get Excited gives Jinx a 15% total attack speed, allowing her to exceed the attack speed cap for the same period.

Switcheroo! This ability is where Jinx switches between her minigun, “Pow-Pow,” and her rocket launcher, “Fishbones.”

Pow-Pow: Basic attacks using Pow-Pow grant Jinx a stack of Rev’d up for 2.5 seconds, which you can stack up to three times. Its duration refreshes on its subsequent attacks.

Rev’d up grants Jinx bonus attack speed, with the initial stack being twice as powerful as the others. The “stacks” you’ve gathered decay one at a time as they time out.

Fishbones: Basic attacks done using Fishbones cost plenty of mana on-attack to inflict 110% AD modified physical damage to a target unit and nearby enemy units.

The damage made by Fishones can be affected by modifiers for a critical strike—while Fishbones is in place, Jinx’ll gain bonus range. However, she’ll lose her bonus attack speed.

Zap! When activated, Zap lets Jinx fire a shock blast in a target direction, inflicting physical damage to the first foe it hits. When you successfully hit enemy units, it will reveal and slow them down for 2 seconds.

Flame Chompers! When firing Flame Chompers, Jinx will toss out three Chompers at her target direction that’ll land after 0.4 seconds in a straight line. It arms after 0.5 seconds and explodes after 5 seconds, inflicting magic damage to all nearby enemy units. 

Jinx’s Chompers can explode earlier when hitting an enemy champion, rooting them for a little over 1 second. Remember, enemy champions can only be set off and damaged by one Chomper.

Super Mega Death Rocket! When activated, Jinx will fire a rocket in a selected direction. It grants her a bright sight of the location as her rocket flies through the area. 

The rocket explodes when colliding with enemy champions, inflicting physical damage to surrounding enemies. Plus, the attack can grant Jinx sight of the area for 2 seconds. 

The Super Mega Death Rocket can deal around 10% to 100% damage, depending on the travel distance. Meanwhile, the bonus damage based on a target’s missing health is retained. 

Enemies near the primary target will take around 80% damage, bonus damage based on missing unit health.


Jinx is an ADC and long-range champion, mainly using basic attacks to deal damage. Although she’s an excellent long-range fighter, she’s generally fragile, making her weak against 1v1 battles.

Because of Jinx’s long-range and impressive attack speed, she’ll focus on critical strike objects and attack speed.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master Jinx’s crazy playstyle.

  • Whenever enemy units get close to Jinx, switch to her miniguns for better results. 
  • Jinx’s rockets can inflict heavy damage against all enemy units caught in the explosion. Use it on minions in your lane to hit enemy champions without drawing more. 
  • When the fight starts, stay on the edge of the fray and poke with Jinx’s rockets and Zap. Never run in, and only unload using her minigun until you think it’s safe. 
  • Remember, Jinx is weak against crowd control, so avoid engaging in 1v1 scenarios as much as possible. 
  • Due to Jinx’s passive, she can destroy turrets and escape fast. 
  • You can use Flame Chompers to block opponents’ way. 
  • The bonus projectiles given by Runaan’s Hurricane can deal zone damage when using Jinx’s rocket launcher. 
  • There will be a short delay when switching from Jinx’s minigun to rocket launcher using Switcheroo, so make sure you do it far from enemy units. 
  • It’s wise to use Jinx’s miniguns when cleaning up minions off a lane and during close confrontations with enemy champions. 
  • Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a long-ranged attack, Fishbones is an excellent choice as it inflicts a lot of AoE damage. However, it’s slow and uses lots of mana. 
  • Zap is the perfect skill to detect hidden champions in the brush while slowing down those trying to flee or engage you. 
  • Remember that Zap has a visible trajectory and short delay before it can launch, so enemies can easily dodge it. 
  • Early or during mid-gameplay, Jinx’s Zap is powerful when using it at the right moment. 
  • Make sure to place Flame Chompers at a close distance to catch opponents when being attacked quicker. Plus, you can counter-attack using Pow-Pow or Fishbones. 
  • Use Grenade Trap or Flame Chompers to root opponents and prevent them from moving. It’s great for team fights and self-defense. 
  • Jinx’s Switcheroo works well with Runaan’s Hurricane. It lets Pow-Pow gain a stack of the attack speed biff and increase Fishbones’ splash damage

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