Minecraft dungeons

Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, and Double Eleven collaborated on the action-adventure role-playing game Minecraft Dungeons. Microsoft Store/Xbox app and minecraftdungeons.net for Windows users, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 owners can play it starting May 26, 2020; the Xbox Series X|S and PC users can play it starting November 10, 2020; and the PC version can be downloaded from Steam beginning September 22, 2021. With backward compatibility, you can play the PlayStation 4 version of the game on the PlayStation 5. Playing the Steam version on the Stream Deck is possible. Using Xbox Cloud Gaming, the game can also be played on Android, iOS, and iPadOS, and it features touch controls.

Inspired by classic dungeon crawlers, Minecraft Dungeons is an epic quest game designed for the Nintendo 3DS. Peter Hunt, Johan Johnson, Samuelberg, Eugnosis, Rostislav Trifonov, and Grant Kirkhope contributed their talents to the album’s sound design which is a signature of the minecraft universe.

Minecraft dungeons

Availability and Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing the Standard Edition of the game, it costs $19.99 (CAD $24.99) (€19.99, £16.74, AU $29.55, NZ$39.95, SG $29.59)

In 2021, the Ultimate DLC Bundle came out. You can purchase the Hero Pass for S$29.95 in Singapore ($39.95 in Canada), including all six of the game’s downloadable content packs (DLCs) and Hero Pass.

The Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition was released on July 28, 2021. You can get the base game and all of the Ultimate DLC Bundle’s content for US$39.99 (CA$51.99, €39.99, £33.49, AU$59.95, NZ$63.95, SG$57.75). On October 26, 2021, the physical version was released (released for the Nintendo Switch in Australia and New Zealand later).

Each DLC pack can be purchased separately for US$5.99 (CA$7.69, €5.99, £4.99; AU$9.05; NZ$8.70; SG $8.70).

Minecraft Dungeons Supports the Following Platforms:


  •  minecraftdungeons.net
  •  Xbox/Microsoft Store
  •  Steam
  •  Google’s mobile operating system for smartphones and (via Xbox Cloud Gaming)
  •  Apple’s iOS and iPad OS (via Xbox Cloud Gaming)
  •  Microsoft Xbox One X/Serial S
  •  Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch,
  •  Nintendo Switch
  •  This is the PlayStation 5. (via backward compatibility)
  •  Steam Deck

 The game is available in two variations:

  •  Minecraft Dungeons Standard
  •  Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition

 Editions that have been withdrawn from circulation:

  •  Hero Edition


 Several new weapons, items, and monsters can be encountered in this exciting action adventure game, which can accommodate up to four players. There are also new environments and wildly varied levels to discover and an overarching quest in which the players’ heroes must battle an evil force known as the evil Arch-Illager. This is a blocky and beautiful world game inspired by classic dungeon crawlers.

Procedurally generated elements coexist with in-game quests and locations. Because the player isn’t tied to a single class, they are free to equip additional armor and weapons at any time. Because the game focuses on action/adventure, players cannot build or mine. Both above and below-ground action is featured in this title.

Players can go back and redo previously completed levels. As part of the tutorial mission, you’ll visit the Squid Coast, a camp “hub” where saving merchants can unlock shops. Mojang was considering using level generation seeds for the generation of missions, which are generated at random.

All of the game’s heroes are available, and additional heroes can be purchased through DLC. Minecraft Dungeons does not allow using character creator skins or skins purchased in the regular version of Minecraft Dungeons.


The player’s character, the hero, is the game’s protagonist. It is possible to select a hero that can be used throughout the action packed game when you begin the game. Each hero is only cosmetic and does not have any unique advantages during online play.

Loot, levels, and other progress made while playing as one hero in Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition are not transferred to the player’s other heroes. Duplicating an existing hero allows players to play as a different hero with different loot if the original hero isn’t what they wanted.


The player’s chosen hero begins the game on the Squid Coast when they first start the game. It continues through the Creeper Woods and other locations, culminating in the Obsidian Pinnacle, the final mission of the base game. Rooms like the Creepy Crypt or Lower Temple, the Soggy Cave or Arch Haven, or even the Underhalls can sometimes be generated by a specific location. Other missions, such as Pumpkin Pastures, Redstone Mines, the Desert Temple, and Highblock Halls, can be accessed by simply completing the current task in the usual manner.

The bulk of the Arch-story Illager’s takes place on the mainland. DLC packs are the only way to access additional locations. After defeating the Arch-Illager, heroes must collect all nine runes to reach the elusive site and end the complete story.


It is possible to use weapons for both melee swings and ranged attacks. They can be made more potent by casting spells on them.

The use of armor bolsters a hero’s health and vitality. While it doesn’t necessarily increase protection, enchantments like “burning” and “chilling,” which both slow new and nasty mobs and give the hero other uses, can be applied to the cloak to make it more effective and valuable.

Items the hero can use to gain significant power-ups, harm enemies, or heal allies are known as artifacts. As if they were spells, these abilities have a cooldown timer and can only be used once. Certain armor enchantments can increase the power of relics.

A non-equippable item that drops during gameplay to replenish health, ammo, and Status effects and deal massive splash damage to enemies is called a “consumable.”

In addition to capes and pets, cosmetics include items that have no practical use and are only for aesthetic purposes. Each Cape has a unique way to be obtained and can be purchased with the Hero Pass or earned through Seasonal Trials. Three ways to get pet cosmetics are free: completing several Seasonal Trials or purchasing DLC.

The gift wrapper can be used to give weapons, armor, and artifacts made by other players to other heroes.


The enchantments that appear on the weapons and armor you find throughout the game can be activated by spending enchantment points you earn by leveling up your character. This allows you to enhance and customize your gear to your liking. As many as three enchantment slots can be found on each piece of equipment, each with a maximum of three enchantments that can be activated. Ranged weapon enchantments, for example, will never appear on armor because of the nature of the enchantment.

There are numerous ways to use enchantments to your advantage, including boosting your attack power, increasing defense, applying Status Effects, regenerating health and speed, and more.

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The world of Minecraft Dungeons is the same as that of the original game. Story-driven gameplay and cinematics are absent from Minecraft, which features an open world. Archie, an outcast Illager, is the subject of the opening cinematic, which tells the story of how he was rejected by everyone he encountered. His decision-making began to be influenced by a powerful artifact known as the “Orb of Domination” that he discovered one day. It was only a matter of time before the “Arch-Illager” sought revenge on all those who had wronged him, and with his new army, he quickly subjugated the world. The hero must break the Arch-tyranny Illager for the world to be saved. 

To stop the Arch-Illager and his army, the hero must travel to various locations and complete quests to move on to the next stage of their journey. When they confront the Arch-Illager in his castle and defeat him, they shatter the Orb of Domination, freeing Archie from its influence. To Archie’s delight, they do something nice for him, and they all celebrate the victory over evil and the return of peace to the world.


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