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Welcome to the Buff Affiliate Program, where streamers, influencers, networks, Discord server owners, and professional marketers can monetize their reach and passion for gaming. Whether you’re a content creator or an expert marketer, join us on this exciting journey and unlock unlimited earning potential


Joining our affiliate program is simple and rewarding. Once you sign up through our user-friendly system, Everflow, you’ll gain access to your unique referral link. Promote on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and social media, and start earning based on user engagement from different regions.


We value your efforts, and that’s why we offer competitive CPA rates tailored to each region. Check out our current rates below:

Additionally, we provide extra incentives, including $6 per premium listing from the US and $5 per premium listing from anywhere else.


Our numbers

We believe in trust and security. Here are some stats for transparency.

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How does it work?



Sign up for Buff Affiliate Program.


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We will provide everything you need to spread the word—your unique referral link for download, banners, and videos.



Share your link wherever it will gain traffic.



Get paid for every referee who has installed and registered using your link.

Unlimited Referrals

The sky’s the limit. Drive as much
traffic as you can, and get paid for
each unique registration you refer.

Intuitive Dashboard

Track and analyze your data כrom your personal dashboard. Plan your future campaigns, track your payments, and more.


  • $2.5 per unique registration from the US
  • $1.4 per unique registration from Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Canada, United Kingdom
  • $1.0 per unique registration from Australia, Spain, Sweden
  • $0.5 per unique registration from Ireland, Austria, France, Norway, Italy, Finland, Belgium
  • $0.1 per unique registration from anywhere else.

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Frequently asked questions

Questions? we’ve got answers

Like all the best things in life, Buff is free. The only thing you share with us is your gaming activity, such as when and for how long you have played Valorant, and even *that* is anonymous.

Not P2P, nor F2P.
Buff is P2E—Play to Earn.

TLDR—if you can run your game, you can run Buff.


Like any program, Buff uses your computer to run. It doesn’t require much—for sure less than games that should run with it.

Overall, you won’t need to change your game’s settings because of Buff and will feel no change with it running in the background.

TLDR—an AI-based algorithm based on your game stats. 


We have a little robot. 

Or do we?
Our AI-based algorithm collects data, calculates statistical probabilities, and generates the reward accordingly. 

You’ll want to know, though, that the reward depends on your in-game stats. For example, the better your KDA ratio in LoL, the more Buffs you will earn from each match. 

On top of that, victories or defeats will influence your Earnings.

TLDR—we get our revenue from premium subscriptions, ads, sponsored events, and in-app purchases. 

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.  


Our platform is first and foremost for you. 

With our revenue, we’re adding more games and features, making your experience better.

We’re leveling up together.

TLDR—we are humans and we answer on: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Contact Form, or our Discord channel.

To share some feedback or ideas, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are the best options for you. 

To get assistance, tech help, or report bugs you encounter, head over to Facebook, Twitter, Contact Form, or our Discord channel.

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