Not only Gaming-5 ways to get Buff points easily

BUFF is the most trusted loyalty program for gamers all over the world. Many gamers are playing daily using the app to win BUFF Points. These BUFF Points are easy to redeem through gift cards, gaming hardware, and in-gaming skins. But gaming is not the only option to earn BUFF Points through the BUFF application. There are more ways like spinning the wheel, watching ads, raffles, inviting friends, and completing challenges. In this article, you will get to know about the five ways other than gaming, by which you can easily earn BUFF Points. 


Complete Challenges 

BUFF offers several challenges in various games like Fortnite, CSGO, PUBG, Minecraft, Valorant, and many more. These challenges have extra points, which can be earned as BUFF Points. You must play these challenges one by one and must win them with the highest possible score, to gain more BUFF points. You can also join the premium plan to earn double for any challenge. Challenges are available while playing and part of the games- like make last hits in DOTA2 or winning games in Duels mode on Minecraft.


Go Premium

You just must access the premium account of the BUFF application, and you will be gaining more points than normal Pc gamers. Premium BUFF gamers earn 50% extra Points by playing for the same time range as normal gamers. They access 50 free BUFF Points every month without playing any games or tournaments. Premium players can also save their BUFF Points by redeeming their exclusive discounts, on different marketplace items. It also allows you to join the monthly and annual raffles for free, which is another way of earning more BUFF points. 


Spin the Wheel

This is the easiest way to earn BUFF points without making any extra effort. It is a golden chance to try your luck and get lots of extra BUFF points and other rewards. You can spin this wheel every day and can also add extra spins. The winning points are instantly added to your BUFF account and can be redeemed whenever you want. 



BUFF organizes different raffles, weekly, monthly, and annually for the gamers, who believe in trying their luck. It can be considered a contest, where you must buy tickets for participating. The player, who wins the contest, is gifted huge rewards like 1000 BUFF points, Riot points, cash prizes, a premium account, and many more. The power-up challenge was one of these grand raffles. 


Invite Friends

You can earn extra BUFF points by inviting your friends to this platform. There is a referral program offered by BUFF, in which your friends need to install this program through your referred code. The number of Points earned by you depends upon the number of people signing up in this program, using your referral code.


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