Your Guide To Deadpool Skin and Challenges In Fortnite

It might be the season of Aquaman in the realm of Fortnite but Deadpool is very much present! The collaboration between Disney and Epic Games has brought reasons to be delighted for the fans of both franchises. Marvel’s anti-hero Deadpool is not new to Fortnite but now you can get your hands on an exclusive Deadpool skin. The twist is you can’t get it by paying v bucks at the item shop. To get this special skin, you will have to fulfill a number of Deadpool weekly challenges. Now, the new challenges are made available every Friday. You will also need to buy season 2 battle pass for accessing such missions every week.

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Finding Hideout Of Deadpool

The Deadpool challenges can only be found in a secret hideout. It can be accessed by using the Battle Pass tab. In the secret agent room, you need to select the vent at right side. The secret hideout is actually a secluded bathroom.

The Weekly Challenges Demystified

  • Week 1 challenges – In this weekly challenge, you have 2 tasks. You have to find Deadpool’s letter written to Epic Games. In 2nd part, jump in a match and leap out without saying thanks to the bus driver. You get Deadpool banner as reward.
  • Week 2 challenges – In it you have to locate Deadpool’s milk carton and the find his three chimichangas around spy HQ. The milk carton is located at the bathroom hideout at the side of urinal.
  • Week 3 challenges – In it, you have to locate Deadpool’s toilet plunger and then find three toilets only to destroy them.
  • Week 4 challenges – In this week, you have to locate Deadpool’s two katanas and then cause 10,000 damage to the enemy structures. The latter can be bit tough and using Team Rumble mode will be helpful.
  • Week 5 Challenges – In this week, you have to locate Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn. Then you have to embrace rainbow by exploring the red, yellow, purple, green, blue bridges. Remember that exploring all the bridges will require quite some time.
  • Week 6 Challenges – This week involves 2 missions. These are locating the big black marker of Deadpool and defacing the Shadow or ghost recruitment posters. The latter can be a little tough and time intensive.
  • Week 7 challenges – In this week, you have to locate the lost pistol of Deadpool. Then you need to get in a phone booth and camouflage as a superhero. Here you play Deadpool. That is when you get the Fortnite Deadpool Skin.
  • Week 8 challenges – In this week, you need to locate Deadpool’s pool floaty. Then you have to dance at the yacht party of Deadpool. You get the unmasked Deadpool skin which looks sleeker than the earlier one.
  • Week 9 challenges – This weekly challenge requires you to find Deadpool’s shorts in 1st They are in the battle pass headquarters. The 2nd mission is saluting Deadpool’s pants. The first does not require you to enter any battle royale match but the 2nd does. In this week, you get another kind of Deadpool outfit, the stylish X-Force variant.

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