As the summer sun is beating down on us, Buff has decided to reward gamers for staying cool and honing their skills with a 12 day League of Legends and/or Valorant contest!

Join the tournament, climb the leaderboards and heat up the competition for a chance to win up to $100 Riot Access Card and 200 Buffs!

Tournament dates: Aug 17th – Aug 28th

1. Install the BUFF app

The BUFF app will automatically track in-game events, including your progress as you complete the challenges

2. Compete in League of Legends and/or Valorant

Play League of Legends and/or Valorant to earn points towards your ranking on Buff’s Summer Tournament leaderboard.

3. Become the Grand Champion!

Gamers who complete the challenge will receive up to $100 Riot Access Card and 200 Buffs.

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany. Aug 17 – Aug 28


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