Community Guidelines

Thank you for joining us, and welcome to the Buff Players' POV community.

This is a forum for beginner to expert gamers looking to participate in discussions about new games, developments in the gaming world, gaming strategies and tips, and gaming points and rewards.

We encourage each member to participate freely and contribute to the conversation. However, to keep this a safe and enjoyable space for everyone, we've compiled these guidelines, which members must follow.

We Encourage Our Members To:

  • Respect and show courtesy to everyone, regardless of their background, demographics, or culture
  • Respect that members might have different experiences and opinions from their own
  • Support and help other gamers
  • Share insights, resources, and tips relevant to the topic
  • Carefully consider members' questions before answering
  • Be as concise as possible

We Don't Allow:

  • Offensive, profane, or indecent posts
  • Any form of discrimination or racism
  • Personal attacks, threats, bullying, or intimidation
  • Intentionally provoking others
  • Knowingly providing incorrect or misleading information
  • Impersonation or using a false name
  • Posting anyone's personally identifiable information
  • Unsolicited advertising, self-promotion, or spam
  • Any unlawful activity or promotion thereof


Consequences of Misconduct

We set and implement these guidelines to ensure the community is a safe space that can benefit everyone. Therefore, we follow up on all misconduct cases and handle them accordingly.

At our discretion, we may:

  • Issue a warning or suspend or revoke member privileges
  • Delete any posts, links, or resources that contravene these rules and guidelines
  • Delete the offender's Buff account for serious infringements
  • Contact the relevant authorities for illegal actions or content

Reporting Misconduct

We take every measure to monitor forum activity to ensure that users follow these guidelines. However, we may not be aware of all instances of misconduct.

As a result, we ask our members to report any behavior, comments, or content contravening our community guidelines. Kindly contact us directly, and do not address the offender or offense in the forum.

Terms of Use

  • Forum insights and advice are not substitutes for professional services and information from trained and experienced gamers, game developers, or other industry experts.
  • The information, resources, and other content shared on the forum are not associated with Buff, nor do they represent our opinions or stances.
  • We ask members to research the credibility and accuracy of information and advice shared here before making decisions or transactions.
  • Buff is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or incidental damage, harm, injury, or loss consequent to participating in the forum or using its contents.
  • We are under no obligation to respond to posts or maintain the confidentiality of the content posted on the forum, as it is an open public platform.
  • Buff reserves the right to use, reproduce, or display user submissions without compensation. However, this will only be done as per our Privacy Policy.


By providing your details and joining the Players' POV forum, you indicate that you understand and agree to the community guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Contact Us

We welcome user feedback. Please contact us should you have any questions or comments regarding the forum, our guidelines, or our Terms of Use.

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