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RewardsApex Legends Coins: Get Them and Elevate Your GameplayReady to have a steady stream of Apex Coins to purchase the things you want in Apex Legends? Whether you're gunning for the latest Battle Pass, a slick new skin, or just want to deck out your favorite legend, we've got the lowdown on all the awesome ways to stack up those shiny coins. From mastering the game's challenges to unlocking sweet rewards, let's gear up and explore how you can snag those Apex Coins like a pro. The Cost of Purchasing Apex Coins When it comes to securing Apex Coins, the simplest path lies in purchasing them directly. With a variety of bundle sizes available, you can effortlessly stock up on the in-game currency you need to unlock the latest skins, grab Battle Passes, and more. The best part? Regional pricing adjustments ensure that players from all corners of the globe can snag their desired coin bundles at pretty much the same price. It's a straightforward way to level up your Apex Legends experience without any hassle. Here is a table showing the current costs of each of the Apex Coins bundles in both Dollars and Euros. Bundle sizePrice in DollarsPrice in Euros1000 Coins $9.99 €9.99 2000 (+150 bonus) Coins $19.99 €19.994000 (+350 bonus) Coins $39.99 €39.99 6,000 (+700 bonus) coins $59.99 €59.9910,000 (+1500 bonus) coins $99.99 €99.99 » Find out if it's possible to refund your Apex Coins Complete Seasonal Battle Passes Here's a well-known little tip about Apex Legends Battle Passes – they're not just about the thrill of the game and the rewards. They're also a clever way to gather up some precious Apex Coins. As you navigate the tiers and tackle challenges, you'll earn enough coins to cover the cost of the next Battle Pass, ensuring your adventures never stop. And that's not all – you've got the chance to grab an extra 300 coins along the way, giving you the freedom to splurge on other in-game goodies. It's all about leveling up your Apex experience, one Battle Pass at a time! We're in season 18 right now, and if you were one of the OG players who's completed every Battlepass since season 1, you'd have earned around 5400 extra coins to spend on goodies... That's like 50 bucks worth of Apex coins for free! » Here's how to get the Battle Pass without spending $$$ Get Prime Gaming Thanks to the visionary Jeff Bezos, the mastermind behind Amazon, players now have the incredible opportunity to snag fantastic loot across various games, including Apex Legends. Prime drops serve as your ultimate gateway to an aesthetically elevated Apex Legends experience, delivering an assortment of exclusive rewards that catapult your gameplay to greater heights. At the core of these capsules lies the coveted Apex Coins, providing you with the in-game currency necessary to unlock your desired skins and bundles swiftly. But Prime drops aren't solely about Apex Coins; they're an all-inclusive package that empowers you to personalize your legends, accelerate your leveling, and gain access to exclusive content – all at a significantly lower cost than purchasing individual items using Apex Coins. We sadly haven't seen a drop for Apex in a while, so let's hope the next one is a big one! » Heard of Heilroom Shards? Find out what they are and how to get them Complete Surveys To get a stream of Apex Coins in Apex Legends, we must look for opportunities that await us outside of the Apex world. Just as in other gaming communities, platforms like SurveyMonkey provide a chance for players like you and me to engage in online surveys and reap rewards like gift cards and vouchers. Whether you're diving into the Frontier solo or forming squads, taking a moment to answer some quick online questions can earn you gift cards. These cards can then be redeemed in-game for Apex Coins, offering a seamless boost to your in-game currency collection. » Here's how to get Legend Tokens without spending $$$ Download Buff for Free Ever heard of Buff? It's like your gamer buddy who hooks you up with some awesome perks! This loyalty app is all about treating you to gift cards for your favorite games or platforms. Teaming up with Overwolf, Buff grabs your in-game stats while you're in the gaming groove. These cool stats then get bundled up and shared with big names like EA, Riot, Epic Games, and Steam. And here's the icing on the cake – you collect points just by having Buff chill in the background while you're gaming. When you've racked up enough points, you can swap them for sweet Apex Legends gift cards! Free Coins are Possible And there you have it, fellow Legends – a treasure trove of ways to stack up those precious Apex Coins in Apex Legends. Whether you're diving into Prime Gaming goodies, conquering Battle Pass milestones, or sharing your opinions through surveys, the path to boosting your in-game currency is wide open. It's all about finding the methods that suit your style and preferences. So, go ahead, flex those strategies, embrace those opportunities, and watch your stash of Apex Coins grow. Your journey on the Frontier is about to get even more rewarding, one coin at a time. Good luck out there! » Wondering about the Daily Shop in Apex? This is how it works
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RewardsThe Best Ways to Get RP in League of LegendsIf you're itching to deck out your champions in jaw-dropping skins, wield unique emotes, and stand out on the rift like a true legend of the league, then you're in for a treat. In this guide, we'll go over some of the easiest and most popular ways to get your hands on the currency that gives you quick and easy access to the most desired things in LoL. RP isn't just about currency; it's your ticket to elevating your League of Legends journey to new heights. The Cost of Purchasing RP The most straightforward way to acquire RP is by purchasing it directly through the in-game store using real-world currency. Depending on where you are from, prices will vary for the cost of RP, with Britain having the most expensive options with the Pound. Don't let that put you off purchasing RP though, as there are some sweet workarounds to let you purchase RP cheaper! In some cases, you can get double the RP this way for spending the same amount. Here's how to do it: 1. Turn on your VPN2. Create a new account where conversion rate is cheaper (Turkey is a favorite option)3. Purchase RP4. Merge the new account with your main EU/US account OR send over skins and RP to your main account If you're wondering how much RP costs in every region, the League of Legends Wiki has a page detailing all of the conversion rates. » These are the top 6 rarest skins in LoL of all time Hextech Crafting and Loot League of Legends features a crafting system that allows players to earn loot through gameplay. This loot can include Hextech Chests and Keys, which can be used to unlock various rewards, including champion shards, skin shards, and even permanent skins. Sometimes Chests contain Orange Essence too, which is Riot's answer to "free" RP. By gathering the free currency from opening chests and salvaging spare skin shards and eternal shards, players can also use orange essence to upgrade skin shards into permanent skins. As all free things go, there are some downsides to the whole Orange Essence crafting mechanic - you can't just pick any skin to unlock Good skin shards don't come too often, and when they do it's always a tricky decision to either save up for that new skin shard or to salvage it for orange essence for the other skin shard you were saving for. Luckily for all of us, Riot has made events and missions that often provide players with opportunities to earn chests, keys, and other valuable loot. Participating in Surveys and Promotions Riot Games occasionally partners with survey platforms and promotional campaigns. These campaigns sometimes provide players with opportunities to earn small amounts of RP by participating in surveys or engaging with certain promotions. Keep an eye on official announcements and social media channels like X (Twitter) for these types of opportunities. There are also third-party platforms like SurveyMonkey that offer the opportunity for almost anyone to participate in online surveys in exchange for rewards such as gift cards and vouchers. Gamers in the League community, including both you and me, can easily visit these platforms during our free time. By answering a handful of brief questions online, we can secure a Riot Gift card. This card can then be used in-game to obtain RP, adding a touch of convenience to our RP collection. » Here's how to earn rewards through LoL eSports Stream drops Open Prime Capsules (note: I know it's not the original title, spoke to Joel and he agreed we should switch it to prime gaming...) Prime Capsules are your true gateway to an enhanced League of Legends experience, offering an array of exclusive rewards that take your gameplay to the next level. At the heart of these capsules is the coveted Riot Points (RP), providing you with the in-game currency needed to unlock your favorite skins or unlock champions faster. Prime Capsules aren't just about getting RP; they're a comprehensive package that empowers you to personalize your champions, level up faster, and get exclusive content- all for a much cheaper price than paying RP for everything the capsule contains. In every month's Prime capsule you'll receive: 200 Orange EssenceGuaranteed Epic Mystery Skin PermanentMystery Ward SkinChampion PermanentSeries 1 Eternals Shards (x2)30-Day XP Boost:Champion Shards (x4) » Find out what Mythic skins are and how to buy them Download Buff for Free Buff is a gamer loyalty app that players can install to earn gift cards for their favorite games or sites. The trusted program works with Overwolf to gather your in-game stats while you're playing. Then they compile and sell those useful statistics to companies like Riot, Epic Games, or Steam, in exchange for gift cards that users can claim when they've earned enough points. Luckily, earning points is the easiest: All players have to do is have Buff open in the background while you're playing any of your games and you'll passively get points to spend on your next Riot gift card! Free RP - Your Way By diving into the multiple different ways to snag RP – like getting in on cool promos, snagging those awesome Prime Capsules, and just making savvy choices – you're basically leveling up your League of Legends game with a whole bunch of new stuff to play with. Your journey in the game is about to get a whole lot more exciting! » Learn how to get and open Masterwork Chests for free
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Tips & tricksDominating From a Distance—6 Pro Tips for Sniping in Apex LegendsSniping is one of the more challenging roles in any first-person shooter, and sometimes you just need a push in the right direction to start sniping like a pro. That being said, here are our top 6 tips for sniping to help you dominate in Apex Legends. 1. Learn the Differences Between the 5 Snipers in Apex Legends In Apex Legends there are only a few options when it comes to weapons to snipe with, but in the right hands, any of these snipers are deadly at all ranges, though some are certainly better suited for certain situations than others. 1. Charge Rifle Best for: Beginners and poking enemies from a distance ProsMost user-friendlyNo bullet dropDecent damageGood for short- and long-range fightsConsConsumes 2 ammo per shotDamage drop over 150mSlow damage outputReduced ability to peak and use cover effectively The charge rifle's laser does 45 damage, as does the round at the end, so poking is as good as hitting the rounds if your tracking is good enough. Since the beam travels in a straight line, the charge rifle is also good for short-range engagements since its hip-fire is pretty good up to 10m. However, you'll need a bigger backpack to carry the extra ammo, just so long as you're comfortable with tracking enemy movement from a distance to control their movement rather than go for kills. Don't distance yourself too much though, in order to avoid the damage drop. 2. Longbow Best for: Versatility at all ranges ProsGreat at all rangesBiggest mag sizeFastest sniper fire-rateFast ADS speedSkullpiercer hop-up buffs headshot damageConsHarder to useLeast body-shot damage The Longbow is my personal favorite sniper rifle due to its great balance of damage, rate of fire, and ADS speed. The large magazine and fire rate make it the best all-around sniper rifle for dealing damage and getting knockdowns, but it takes some practice and patience to remain calm and pause between each shot. The skullpiercer hop-up makes it extra lethal if you can land headshots against your opponents. 3. Sentinel Best for: High single-shot damage ProsHuge base-damageGreat for medium to long-range engagementsCan be amped with shield cellsFast ADS speedBuilt-in Tempo ConsSlow rechambering speedSmall magazine sizeBullets are loud and visible The Sentinel has the highest single-shot damage of any weapon you can find on the floor and an incredible ADS speed, but lacks in firing speed. However, the Tempo hop-up (now built-in) allows you to fire shots in quick succession if you time them correctly. You can also charge the weapon with shield cells, massively increasing the damage of each shot for 120 seconds at the cost of louder sound and more visible bullet tracers. 4. Kraber Best for: Situational damage dealing ProsMost damage per shot in the game1-hit headshot in most casesInstills fear in your opponentsAmazing at long-rangeConsVery slow rechambering speedSlow reload timeRed weapon onlyVery few bulletsHighly situational The Kraber has been the only weapon to stay as a red weapon since the game's launch and can only be found in neutral care packages—and for good reason. The gun is a 1-shot demon where landing a headshot will almost guarantee you a knockdown. Though the weapon has the highest damage per shot in the game, the Kraber isn't a gun you'll want your hands on at all times. Its 12-round max (4/mag), slow reload time, and huge scope makes it ineffective and unreliable at close range. Its situational properties make many people ignore the weapon entirely or make an effort to throw it off a cliff so it doesn't get used against them. 5. Vantage's Custom Sniper Best for: Recon and buffing your team's overall damage output ProsHuge damage potentialActs as a 3rd weapon slotGives team info and a damage boostFree bulletsConsBullets recharge slowlyOnly 5 rounds max at a timeNeeds consecutive hits to be effective Vantage can pull out an old version of the Sentinel with unique damage mechanics as her ultimate ability. The first shot Vantage lands against an enemy with this gun will deal 50 damage to the body and mark the target for you and your team. Consecutive hits with the sniper will double that damage, as well as increase the damage dealt to the marked target with any weapon you or your teamies use against them. The rifle charges up bullets over time, gaining 1 bullet every 40 seconds to a cap of 5. » Struggling to understand the shop in Apex Legends? Learn how to utilize the daily shop better 2. Understand Long-Range vs. Close-Range Sniping Long-Range Sniping This is where players use distance to their advantage and practice hitting precise shots over a range that other guns can't compete in. You'll do better with the Kraber and Sentinal in these engagements, but chances are you'll be chunking off large portions of damage from players more than actually getting kills. You end up trading the safety and damage of range for the disadvantage of trying to finish enemies from a distance. If the squad you're fighting has enough cover, they can revive their downed teammate, heal up, and find a way to escape before you can reposition fast enough to finish the kill. The best ways to take advantage of long-range sniping are to count on third-partying other fights as it's a lot harder to pay attention to snipers in the distance when you're in the middle of a fight, and securing kills on knocked-down enemies over doing more damage, making it harder for them to re-group and escape. Close-Range (Combat) Sniping Combat sniping is a different ball game that uses quick peaks and fast movements to dodge and weave while doing damage. Breaking off an opponent's shield early with a well-placed shot can dramatically swing the fight in your favor, so using a sniper or marksman rifle at close range can act as a major damage initiator or a 1-hit finisher at the end of your other gun's magazine. The best way to start stepping into this role is to play with the 30-30 Repeater, Longbow, or Sentinel, and get used to playing with open sights, and 'quick-scoping' your opponents so you can track them more effectively. » Need more Legend Tokens? Discover the best ways to get them with gameplay only 3. Choose the Right Attachments There's some confusion around how effective some attachments are for certain weapons over others. There are attachments that suit different situations, and different attachments for each weapon should be prioritized for the playstyle that you're choosing to run. Optics Optics are the most important factor in aiding the playstyle you plan on choosing. It's important to remember that the longer the scope range you put on your sniper, the longer it takes to aim down sights. This is fine for long-range, but less so for short-range engagements where you'll have a problem acquiring targets quickly if you have to spend that extra heartbeat aiming through a scope. Stocks The stock not only lets you reload faster, which is essential for close-range combat or a heated fight, but it also gives your weapon better handling (faster weapon switching and ADS speed). The stock is definitely one of the attachments you'll want to prioritize if you're going for close-range engagements, but don't discount it for long-range fights either due to the added benefit of reduced weapon sway. Magazine Getting a magazine for your sniper or marksman weapon is self-explanatory: you get more bullets per mag. Essential in all ranges, but more so for short-range. Barrel Stabilizer Like the magazine, the barrel stabilizer is self-explanatory and will reduce your weapon's recoil, helping you aim between shots. Hop-ups Hop-ups are very weapon specific and are probably the attachment you should prioritize least unless you're hunting for a specific one that changes the way you use a weapon, like shatter-caps on the 30-30 Repeater. They certainly do add a big advantage to your weapon, but you shouldn't rely on hop-ups to make your weapon efficient. » Accidentally bought some Apex Coins? Learn how to refund them 4. Tweak Your Sensitivity Settings This may take some time based on what sensitivities you're used to already. Lower sensitivities tend to yield higher accuracy from fine-tuned movements, while higher sensitivities are suited to flicking to enemies and require a lot of muscle memory to pull off effectively. Pros recommend using a sensitivity that, when dragging your mouse from the left-hand side of your mouse-pad to the right without aiming down sights, your character turns around one-and-a-bit times so that you can do a 360-degree turn comfortably. 5. Practice the Right Way How to Optimize Your Firing Range Practice Spending some time in the firing range doing a routine or practicing before each play session is a great way to get warmed up, get your aim in, and hype yourself up for some Battle Royale or some Arenas. My favorite routine is to take Mirage into the range, send out a clone, and do a 180 before activating the ability's mimic function to make the decoy mirror your movements so you can practice strafing and shooting at a moving target. Don't spend too much time here, professional players spend 10-15 minutes doing warm-ups, and max 20 minutes at a time when practicing a new mechanic, like wall-jumping or tap-strafing. Best Game Modes for Sniper Practice The best game modes to practice sniping are the limited-time modes like Control and Gun Run as there are fast respawns and you can really get some good practice in against other players, but when these aren't on rotation it's not a bad idea to take up a sniper rifle in the Arenas. Armed and Dangerous is another great limited-time game mode that's been around a few times that only allows shotguns and sniper rifles to spawn on the map, making it a great time to pick up Sniping as a skill. Best Legends for Sniper Practice Defensive characters like Gibraltar, Newcastle, and Rampart are much better suited for the long-range sniping game. Putting cover up to hide behind and peek from with these characters' abilities means that your sustainability from a distance is difficult for enemies to deal with, even if they have range as well. Legends that have high mobility and can travel vertically well are definitely worth looking at if you're looking for all-around sniping potential. Pathfinder, Valkyrie, Vantage, Revenant, Horizon, and Octane are amazing at getting to great sniping locations and can get out of a spot quickly in a pinch. » Want free in-game items for Apex Legends? Download Buff and earn 6. Develop Your Sniper Positioning Where to Snipe From There are spots all over the map that are great places to snipe from, the most obvious spots being on top of roofs, high ledges, and cliff edges. While they do provide superior vision, it's also where players expect you to be standing if you're sniping. It's not unwise to use the positions for yourself, but don't stick around for too long, lest you find yourself the victim of another sniper. The biggest threat to a sniper (aside from being pushed or ganked) is another sniper, so knowing where other snipers might peek or camp could give you a real advantage in a ranged fight. Repositioning After Firing Moving after taking a shot means that you're far less predictable when enemies prepare for your next assault and can prevent enemies from effectively pushing to your position or potentially controlling the fight if it turns out they have snipers of their own. Moving also means that any 3rd-party squad looking for an easy engagement to jump in on can't attack you effectively, hopefully triggering them to attack the other squad instead and leaving the new 3rd-party opportunity to your squad. » Discover how to get the Apex Legends Battle Pass without spending money Dominate From a Distance Hopefully, after reading this article, you can see that everyone can become competitive as a sniper in Apex Legends. All you need to do is put in the practice and apply our top tips and you'll be picking off your opponents from a distance in no time. And don't forget to download Buff to earn some free rewards along the way.
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Tips & tricks5 Best Minecraft Modpacks in 2023 for an Unforgettable AdventureWelcome to the captivating world of Minecraft Modpacks, where the boundaries of imagination are shattered and the possibilities are limitless. Here, you can experience a journey that goes far beyond what the developers envisioned. With an array of incredible mods, you'll explore new and breathtaking landscapes, master powerful magic and skills, and delve into the secrets of technology from distant realms. Setting up a modded Minecraft experience does take some time (and patience), so we recommend heading over to CurseForge's Minecraft Support page and watching a few tutorials online on how to set up a modded Minecraft server, then coming back here to pick the best ones for you. » Can't get your house to look good? See our tips for Minecraft house building 1. Minecraft Meets Pokémon—The Pixelmon Modpack Immerse yourself in an extraordinary adventure as you step into a universe that generates its own vibrant world, complete with charming NPCs, fully functioning Pokécenters (PC and all), and bustling trading towns, all teeming with over 900 unique and delightful Pokémon spread across every biome. One can get lost in the enchanting world of Pixelmon, where the classic Pokémon experience meets the limitless realms of Minecraft. Choose your starter Pokémon and embark on an awe-inspiring adventure, fill your Pokédex and train and battle your Pokémon against wild creatures, fellow players, and challenging NPCs, honing your skills and forging unbreakable bonds with your beloved companions. Earn gym badges as a testament to your prowess, and aim for victory in the exhilarating Pokémon League tournaments. But that's not all, Pixelmon is brimming with exciting quests and hours of captivating content, designed to provide endless fun for both solo players and cooperative adventurers alike. » Download Pixelmon 2. Improve the Vanilla Experience—Better Minecraft Dive into a world that preserves and expands the essence of vanilla Minecraft while offering exciting tweaks and optimizations to keep you hooked. With over 100 meticulously selected mods, Better Minecraft brings a wealth of immersive content, improved performance, and thrilling adventures to your gameplay. Encounter a multitude of new bosses, mobs, and ores, and explore exciting new dimensions, each teeming with unique resources waiting to be discovered. But that's not all! Better Minecraft also enhances other quality-of-life mechanics like improved cooking with dedicated cookware. » Download Better Minecraft 3. Satisfactory Automation—Tekkit Classic Reloaded Tekkit is one of the oldest and most classic mod packs out there, and now it's been revamped. In Tekkit Classic Reloaded, the bounds of Minecraft's possibilities are amplified and a new era of magic and alchemy takes center stage! This redesigned modpack now weaves the arcane into the world of technology with unique machinery, power systems, and automation that lets you craft complex factories with breathtaking precision. With an artful selection of 65 mods, Tekkit ensures a smooth and exhilarating experience that runs effortlessly on most machines. With the features from Industrial Craft, you can set up powerful mining machines that tirelessly excavate the depths, unearthing valuable ores and minerals with efficiency, while Forestry introduces clever mechanisms like automated tree farms. This pack contains so much more and admittedly requires a Wiki to understand properly, yet thousands of players utilize it to this day. » Download Tekkit Classic Reloaded 4. An RPG Adventure—Dawncraft Dawncraft beckons you into a captivating RPG adventure within Minecraft. Upon awakening in this realm, a Korok from the Legend of Zelda series guides you, revealing that you've been summoned to a world plagued by fabled beasts and an ailing ender dragon. To bring peace, you must embark on a courageous journey, obtain mystic eyes, learn fighting skills from native inhabitants, and upgrade your health and stamina with spirit orbs. As you explore the vast realm, mastering map reading becomes crucial in navigating through the awaiting adventures. To face the ender dragon, you must collect all the revamped eyes of enders from dungeons around the world held by powerful Eye Holders, and uncover the necessary information through quests from the wise Guild Master. But fear not, as terrifying as the world of Dawncraft is, it includes the best part of every RPG adventure: upgrades for your skills, armor, and weapons. » Download Dawncraft 5. Minecraft Dark Souls—Shattered Ring Looking for an Elden Ring experience inside of Minecraft? Shattered Ring might be the answer; it is a collection of mods and resources that turn Minecraft into a delicate and impressive HRPG that you can completely immerse yourself into. It's easy to forget you're even playing Minecraft with this pack, as it does an amazing job of curating the Dark Souls experience. A caveat to this mod pack is that it uses quite an old version of Java Minecraft to play, so there are some base game improvements missing. However, you don't even notice that with all this modpack's extras. From healing near campfires to mobs that can 1-shot your character back to spawn and more bosses than you can count, this pack truly brings a challenging and unique experience to Minecraft that includes new weapons, armor, fighting styles, and progression systems, all wrapped up in a well-made 3rd person experience. » Download Shattered Ring Minecraft Modpacks Create an Endlessly Replayable Experience These top five Minecraft modpacks offer a gateway to unforgettable adventures that transcend the boundaries of vanilla gameplay. So if you're ready for a new (and free) experience to add to your game, head over to CurseForge and get started now! The best part is that this is just our top five of the hundreds of Minecraft mods available, meaning you can continue to tweak your experience for endless adventures within a single game. And don't forget to download Buff for some free rewards while you play. » Play lots of Minecraft? Here's how you can earn some money
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CosmeticsMythic Skins in League of Legends: What They Are & How to Buy ThemHey there, summoner! Did you know that Mythic Skins are like the rock stars of cosmetics, some of the rarest skins in League of Legends. They're the ultra-rare, jaw-dropping skins that make your champion look like they just stepped out of a mythical realm. We're talking mind-blowing visual effects, animations, and sounds that'll give you and your enemies goosebumps. » New to League of Legends? Be sure to check out the best Legends for first-time players How Rare Are Mythic Skins? Some Mythic Skins Can Take Years to Grind For While the list of mythic skins is already pretty extensive and growing, getting your hands on one can be extremely time-consuming (and expensive in most cases), making them a far more impressive feat than owning Legendary or even Ultimate Skins you can snag from the shop. Mythic Skins aren't only really difficult to obtain because of the grind to save up for one but are also on rotations that only change every few months (except when they add new un-vaulted Prestige Skins), so if you've got a specific skin in mind that you're saving up and grinding for, you may have to wait months (or years if your grind is slow). Types of Mythic Skins There are some exceptions to obtaining a Mythic Skin, such as those obtained from limited-time events or grinding to the end of a battle pass with a featured skin—or when Riot is feeling generous and gives us all a free skin (looking at you 10-year anniversary). As awesome as these otherwise unobtainable Mythic Skins are, it's the Hextech Skins and Prestige Skins that really stand out as the most impressive and rarest skins to own: Hextech Skins are carried over from the old Hextech crafting system that allowed players to obtain rare skins for free. They were some of the OGs in the "rare skin" categories, but could only be obtained the same way as Prestige Skins, making them rare and highly sought after.Prestige Skins are upgraded and reworked versions of popular skins that usually belong to champions with a high pick rate. While a re-work may seem less impressive than a whole new skin dedicated to the champion, the quality of the changes to the visuals, effects, and sounds are so good that they make an already world-favorite skin even better. How to Unlock Mythic Skins for Free Even though the mission to save enough essence for a Mythic Skin seems like an expensive one, there are ways to get there without spending a dime: Levels When you hit summoner level 150, and for every 50 levels beyond that, you'll be rewarded with some Mythic Essence as a token of your progress.Honor system Be a team player, spread the love, and the honor will come pouring in! If you've earned enough GGs and honors from your fellow teammates, your efforts won't go unnoticed. You might find yourself with a shiny Masterwork Chest that might hold some Mythic Essence.Insane luck Ready to test your luck? Sometimes, the cosmos align just right, and you'll be blessed with the (0.04%) chance to get a Mythic Skin Shard when you open a chest or orb. You can unlock the skin using orange essence, which is basically free! » Learn more: How to get Mythic Essence for free Download Buff Buff is the easiest free way to gain Mythic Essence. All you need to do is sign up and run Buff in the background while you play, and we'll track your performance so you can passively earn Buff Points that you can redeem for Riot gift cards. » Learn more about Buff and download it for free Best Ways to Purchase Mythic Skins The Mythic Store is your exclusive destination for getting your hands on those coveted Mythic Skins in League of Legends. Whether you're eyeing Prestige Skins, Hextech Skins, or those rare un-vaulted Mythic Gems from special events, you'll be navigating to your loot box to make your purchase. All of this will require Mythic Essence, one of LoL's in-game currencies. Understanding Mythic Essence Your best shot at scoring some Mythic Essence is through chests like Hextech Chests, Masterwork Chests, or Event Orbs. There's only a small chance for a random drop, but you're guaranteed a stash for every few Masterwork Chests you purchase. To speed up your collection, consider bulk-buying those chests. Events Now, when events hit the scene, keep an eye out for the Event Shop. Here's where you can trade in your hard-earned Event Tokens for some Mythic Essence. Speaking of events, some of them even feature exclusive Mythic Skins that you can unlock. Just remember that to claim these exciting rewards, you'll need to purchase the event pass and collect all the paid-tier Event Tokens. Amazon Prime Gaming If you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, here's an exciting perk for you! Along with Prime Gaming, you'll receive monthly capsules loaded with awesome rewards that might even have some Mythic Essence, a sweet thank-you gift from the big boss himself, Jeff Bezos! » A fan of LoL esports? See how you can earn stream drops Are Mythic Skins Worth It? So, when it comes to the question of whether Mythic Skins are worth it in League of Legends, we think so! These rare gems offer a level of prestige and exclusivity that sets your champion apart from the crowd. With stunning visuals, unique animations, and special effects, Mythic Skins can truly elevate your gaming experience, and you can get them for free with a little extra help from Buff.
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Esports5 Legitimate Ways to Make Real Money From Playing GamesIf artists and musicians can get paid for doing what they are passionate about, why not gamers too? As the gaming industry continues to grow, it's becoming very possible to do just that: make real money from playing games! If you're thinking of getting serious about this, we've made a list of some of the legitimate ways people have made real money from the gaming world so that you can turn your favorite hobby into an income. 1. Stream Your Gameplay on Twitch/YouTube One of the most popular ways to make money by playing games online is to stream your content using Twitch or YouTube, and starting up is pretty easy! Both sights have a well-written startup guide to get the ball rolling (Twitch or YouTube), but you'll need more than a fresh account to start making some real income. Here are 3 big tips that we've learned that make a YouTube or Twitch steam more successful: Tip #1: Find a Unique Way to Present Content Let's be honest, there are already thousands of gamers streaming COD, Battlefield, LoL, and all the other games we love playing. In such a saturated market, we have to find something unique that makes people click on our streams and stay there. There are many ways to do this, but unfortunately, no one can tell you what your unique feature should be. For example, some people are naturally funny and have comedic themes in their streams, some put on personas like Dr. Disrespect, an overly aggressive role-playing gamer, and some streamers are just absolute pros that are too good to even need personalities. Tip #2: Make a Schedule So here's a scenario: you've had a bunch of viewers that stumbled across your stream, liked your content enough to follow your channel (great!), but they have no idea when your next stream is going to happen, so they accidentally miss it. That sucks for both you and your viewers, so it's important to have a schedule to let your viewers know that you—hypothetically—stream every Friday at 19:00. Post the schedule to your homepage so that everyone knows what to expect. Tip #3: Consistency Is Key We've seen streamers that have put hundreds of hours into their streams without much success, just because they never made their "recipe" work for them. If you're playing games in one stream, then doing artwork in the next, then your gaming viewers might not be interested in your art stream, and vice versa. Make sure that your viewers know what they're up for when they hop into your next stream. If you enjoy doing a variety of different streams, consider separating them into different days or times, such as art on Tuesdays and games on Thursdays and Fridays. 2. Join a Platform That Rewards You for Playing Did you know you can earn free rewards by playing the games you're already playing? I know, sounds too good to be true, right? However, there are free platforms out there like Buff that reward you simply for playing the games you already play! Playing earns Buff Points that you can spend on real-world items like PC peripherals and gift cards. Additionally, Buff gives you weekly and daily challenges you can complete to earn those points, and it's completely legit. You might be thinking "well what does Buff get out of it?" Buff primarily receives revenue from ads and premium subscriptions to the service, so you aren't impacted at all. » Ready for some free rewards? Get Buff now! 3. Create Video Game Tutorials & Guides We've all had that moment before when we think "man, I wish I knew that earlier," or "why isn't this common knowledge?" If you feel like you could teach a few tips and tricks to people on the game you've been playing, making tutorials or guides is a good way to help those people out and make some money doing it! YouTube is an extremely popular platform to post tutorials and guides onto, and getting an account started there is fairly simple. The trick is learning to efficiently record your content—we recommend free software like OBS for this—and editing your footage in a way that makes it entertaining for the duration of your tutorial. After enough people subscribe and watch your videos, you will be able to monetize your channel and start earning passive income from all your videos, new and old. 4. Compete in eSports Tournaments If you've found yourself feeling like you've mastered your game—like you're always carrying your team and could compete with anyone—then maybe it's time to try and sign up for a professional eSports team. The eSports scene is huge, and growing bigger every year, so the search for the best players in the competitive titles means that there's an ever-growing opportunity to sign up and compete in major tournaments for huge prize money. You'll be up against the best of the best here, so get ready to sweat for those rewards. Some eSports organizations create teams in multiple games, while others are limited to one game. Finding one to join will be different for each game, so you'll have to do some research about how different eSports organizations recruit their players. » Want to become an eSports pro? Take a look at the games with the biggest eSports prize pools. 5. Establish a Video Game Coaching Business So you've mastered your game, but you don't want the stress of eSports publicity, or maybe you're feeling too old to compete (the average peak age for eSports players is 19-22) or maybe you just want to get paid to help people improve, then consider becoming a coach and privately train players to gain a competitive advantage. The easiest way to get started with coaching is to sign up for a coaching platform, such as GamerSensei, Pro Guides, or freelance platforms like Fiverr. Start Earning Now Turning your gaming hobby into an income has never been more possible than it is today. Not only do each of the methods above provide viable ways to make some money, but you can also do all of them at the same to maximize your earning potential. The only thing holding you back is the amount of time and effort you put into making this a reality, so you better start soon!
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Buff faqsDota 2 Account Boosting: What It Is & Why You Need to Avoid ItEvery so often, taking a shortcut can mean gaining an unfair advantage over other people, and in the case of Dota 2 account boosting, it means causing negative impacts on your team play and the quality of your games. » Learn how to sell your Dota 2 skins on Steam Account Boosting There's no dodging the fact that learning and mastering Dota 2 and climbing the ranks in the MOBA takes a long, long time. Like in many other online competitive games, Valve has a simple rating system to measure your potential rank amongst thousands of other players called MMR (matchmaking rating). So far, there are 8 ranks in total, and every rank is split into 5 tiers. Players will earn a badge when reaching these tiers as they earn enough MMR, and can display and show off these badges publicly. Here's a breakdown of how much MMR is needed per rank: Herald 0 - 616 MMRGuardian 770 - 1,386 MMRCrusader 1,540 - 2,156 MMRArchon 2,310 - 2,926 MMRLegend 3,080 - 3,696 MMRAncient 3,850 - 4,466 MMRDivine 4,620 - 5,420 MMRImmortal 5420+ MMR Your rank represents how good you are at Dota 2 and the respective badges you own show other people you are a skilled player. However, some players aren't quite happy with where they're placed and are too tempted by a cheeky (and bannable) tactic called account boosting. This allows them to climb through the tiers to higher ranks without actually earning those placements through the effort that's required to get there. Account boosting isn't legal in Dota 2 and violates the terms of service you agree to when you play the game for the first time. Unfortunately, that doesn't stop loads of websites from advertising account boosting, and thousands of pros who are willing to boost low-ranked accounts for a certain price. How It Works Essentially, a player who has a low rank, or one who isn't happy with their current rank, will give their account over to another person or bot, who will then climb through ranks on their behalf. There are a few methods to boost accounts and all of them are frowned upon. Getting a friend or pro rank up for you: This seems to be tempting enough that people are willing to pay pros to play on their accounts and soar through the ranks. Smurfing: Even more tempting than getting your rank boosted by a pro, is being the pro getting paid to cheat the system by boosting accounts. Using a bot: Players who have been previously reported are moved to low-priority queues—and some 'hire' a bot to take their account out of low-priority lobbies. Implications on Game Play There's a reason Valve is trying to stomp on this behavior—not only is it unfair to players who climb legitimately, but it also causes huge balancing issues for many players' matches, and often for many matches too. Imagine you get a teamie who's been boosted all the way from Guardian to where you are in Ancient and has no idea how to play the game properly. That player would be a liability to the team and would continue to weigh down his teammates. Though the idea of quickly excelling to a high rank and slipping past all the trouble of grinding seems like an exciting idea to some, it really ruins the game for those players who have genuine intentions and are there to play fairly. Players who have their account boosted also tend to skip past essential lessons about the game that are learned by climbing through the ranks at a regular pace. Consequences of Account Boosting in Dota 2 If the idea of ruining the game for themselves and other players doesn't sway cheeky gamers from account boosting in Dota 2, Valve has some lovely measures in place. Dota 2 has in-game bans for offenses like toxic behavior and leaving matches early, and depending on how often you earn these bans, they can stack up from 10 min to 6 months—but account boosting incurs much bigger wrath from Valve: the VAC ban, a year-long ban. Final Words It's definitely not worth it to go through the incredible risk of having a VAC ban just to have your account boosted by a pro you had to pay. On top of that, you're just going to suffer each ranked game you play because you're not where you're supposed to be. There's a reason Valve made account boosting illegal, so be a team player and stay on your own account. While you're sweating it out while climbing the ranks in Dota 2, why not have Buff open in the background to earn some sweet free rewards?
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RewardsP2P Trade—Buying & Selling In-Game Items for Real $$$The most expensive in-game item ever sold officially was a virtual planet called Planet Calypso, which was sold for $6 million in a game called Entropia Universe. The planet in question is super lucrative and made over $400 million in the year 2010 with in-game transactions. This shows that people are willing to pay exorbitant amounts for rare in-game items, or things in-game that add benefit to the gameplay. If you're lucky enough to have gotten a super rare item in a crate opening or a roll, then it's well worth considering selling the item for some real-world cash. » There are more ways to make real money from playing games How to Trade In-Game Items for Real Money There are a few different ways to go about selling your items if you're feeling up for exchanging your rare goodies for some real-world cash. Some marketplaces are more popular than others, depending on the title of the game, and could result in much higher sales if you find the right place. Trading via Steam If you have a Steam game that has items that you can sell, selling via the Steam marketplace is by far the safest way to do it. There are a few prerequisites to setting up your account to be eligible to sell items on the marketplace: Your account has to be non-limited (meaning you have to own a game worth at least $5 or have had at least $5 in your steam wallet). Your steam account has to be protected by Steam Guard (this involves 2-step verification with a cellular device) for at least 15 days.You need to have some funds available in your steam account.You need to own at least one marketable item. If you meet these prerequisites, selling an item on the Steam marketplace is really easy. Open Inventory in your Steam account.Find the item you'd like to sell, click on it, and find the 'sell' button under the item's description (If there's no sell button, the item isn't marketable).Check the graph showing previous sales of the item to set its price (when deciding on the price, keep in mind that Steam will take a small portion of the sale).Agree to the terms and services, and put it up for sale (if you haven't used your mobile authenticator for a week, your item will only be listed for 15 days).Check your email—you might receive an email from Steam requiring you to further authenticate the sale. If you'd like to check the items you have listed, head over to the market under the community tab, and under 'My Active Listings' you'll find your item and its price. If it says your item is on hold—don't panic. Steam puts a delay on marketplace postings and trade items. Trading via an External Marketplace Trading via 3rd party marketplaces can be risky, and if you're not sure where to go, ask friends and other gamers, and double-check if that site is safe before going ahead with a sale of an item. Keep in mind that these 3rd party sites often require you to log into your Steam account, and if you're at a malicious site, it could mean losing all of your accounts inventory. Be careful, especially if you have items such as CS:GO knives. Considerations for Identifying a Reliable Marketplace If you're having doubts about whether a site is legit or not, there are a few ways you can check up on the site's reliability. Check if it has a trusted platform for taking care of its users, and google the reliability of the site and its methods.Make sure the site guarantees the safety of both parties' privacy as well as inventory security.Ask around or turn to Reddit to find out which sites are viable for what you want to sell. BONUS: In-Game Items Commonly Favored by Buyers Got a bunch of items and you're not sure what's good to sell or what people want to buy? Here are some tips on what to look out for when selling an item. Accessories & Cosmetics Most sought-after cosmetics are usually a high tier/rarity, or items that are from limited-time events. Keep an eye out for tags like 'Legendary,' 'Epic,' 'Factory New,' 'Limited,' etc. One game using such tags is CS:GO, for which we also compiled a list of its best weapon skins. Equipment & Weapons The best-selling equipment and weapons are those with the highest stats or best rolls. In Diablo 3, a player sold a weapon called 'Echoing Fury,' a mace that isn't that amazing but it had the highest possible rolls of that weapon, for $14000. It wouldn't be a surprise at all to see similar transactions happening in Blizzard's next release, Diablo 4. Materials & Resources Sometimes farming for materials is too much of a grind, so some players are willing to buy them on marketplaces. If you've got some spare useful resources or some shiny gems that you're holding onto, you might score some actual cash by selling them to other players. Aside from trading, you can get your hands on passive income by playing your favorite games. Run Buff while you're gaming for some sweet free rewards.
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Rewards5 Pro Tips to Earn Money Streaming Your Gameplay on YouTubeYouTube has millions of content creators trying to make an income off of creating videos and streaming content, so you need to stand out from the rest to be successful. Having more followers and subscribers means higher chances of receiving donations and getting viewers to join your channel as members—where they'll pay a subscription to use special features when you're broadcasting live on the site. » Already streaming your gameplay on YouTube? Run Buff in the back for some extra free rewards 1. Broadcast Consistently According to Your Content Calendar It's important to have consistency in streaming content. Having a set schedule means the viewers who want to see your content know exactly when to show up to see you live. Sure, if your stream is shorter than eight hours, you have the option to save it as VOD that people can watch for a period of time. But the real entertainment is being able to communicate with your audience as a streamer, as well as interacting with your favorite streamer. 2. Produce High-Quality & Valuable Content Yes, it's possible to stream with low-end rigs and equipment, but putting a little budget into a better microphone and camera (if you want to show your face) goes an extremely long way for your viewers. If you think about it, even if you're watching a stream at 480p, having clear sound makes it okay to watch, but bad sound even at 4k is just a bad experience. Depending on your budget, you'll need to prioritize what you need to focus on to improve your stream quality. Internet Connection: Do a speed test to find out what you're working with—at least 20Mbps up and down is a recommended speed for consistent streaming performance.Audio Quality: Test for background noise that comes through your mic. It's best to get a standalone mic, but first, check if you can change sound filters on your streaming software. Lighting: Get a decent ring light from Amazon—this will dramatically improve how well you appear on your video feed. 3. Personalize Your Content to Stand Out From the Rest It's important that you bring something that fits your personality and character to the table, even if it's not entirely unique. For example, having a style of T-shirt that you exclusively wear while streaming can really make you more memorable. Here are some more examples: Intros & Outros Think of simple intros to use at the start of each video. It's usually a good idea to let your stream run for 5-10 minutes to let some of your audience hop on first before you start your intro. As for outros, keep it simple as well—"until next time, friends" works well, but try to find something that leans towards your personality. Unique Catchphrases Catchphrases can be a bit challenging, as they're something that best comes around naturally during your streaming career. If you have some catchy phrases you've been saying in the outside world, use them, but don't force them. Custom Video Thumbnails Stand out from the other streams with a custom video thumbnail. Bright colors and large text on your thumbnail work surprisingly well when trying to grab viewers' attention—combine that with a click-bait title, and you'll be seeing loads of traffic hitting your stream. » Interested in more than just YouTube? Discover the best games to Stream on Twitch 4. Promote Your Videos Using the Correct YouTube SEO YouTube is the biggest video platform worldwide, so you must know how to get your videos seen by millions of other content creators. Here are a few tips on how you can be found easier in the vast sea of content on YouTube. Use Keywords: Refine keywords in your titles and descriptions to a potential niche market and you'll find more success.Use Tags & Descriptions: You only have 20 tags and 5000 characters to work with, so use the space wisely.Promote Your Channel: Take advantage of other social media platforms. Monitor Analytics Closely: This will help you find your strengths and weaknesses in marketing your channel. 5. Interact With Your Viewers While Streaming You shouldn't force conversations, but do chat with your viewers if they're communicating with you. One of the biggest highlights of being a streamer is being able to communicate with your audience, and doing so can keep them around for longer. It's okay not to respond to chat if you've got millions of followers and there are thousands of messages coming through per minute, or if the comment simply isn't worth responding to, but try not to ignore your chat completely. » Want to get paid to play the games you love? Check out other ways to make money from playing games

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