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Partner with us to earn more!

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Over 4 million people all over the world use BUFF to earn while playing games.
Join the success with the BUFF Affiliate Program.

We provide you with all of the resources you need
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App installs

4 000 000+

Daily active players:

 400 000+

Games played per day:

3 000 000+

How does it work?



Sign up to BUFF affiliates program.


Get Supplied

We will provide everything you need to start spreading the word – a unique referral link, banners & videos.



Post and share the link wherever you think it will gain traffic.
When someone clicks on it, they will be redirected to download the BUFF app.



You will get paid for each referred installation and registration from your link.

Unlimited Referrals

The sky’s the limit. Drive as much
traffic as you can, and get paid for
each unique registration you refer.

Intuitive Dashboard

Track and analyze your data
From your personal dashboard,
Plan your future campaigns,
Check your payments and more.


  • $1.5 per unique registration from the US 
  • $1 per unique registration from the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Mexico
  • $0.60 per unique registration from the Spain
  • $0.30 per unique registration from the rest of the World.

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We want to partner with

YouTubers/ twitch streamers

Website owners

Discord server owners

Professional marketers


We are looking for talented content creators and marketers who specialize in gaming industry marketing and know how to approach gamers and attract their attention. The acceptance will be relayed on a previous work review. Please make sure you are sharing relevant content with us.

We are trying to reply as fast as we can, you will get an answer within a few days.

BUFF Affiliate Program involves payouts for bringing unique users into BUFF app. The program is based on the CPI (Cost Per Install) model: the payouts are made for unique install and user registration. The amount of money depends on the user’s country.

We support PayPal and Payout Service. Once your account has been activated and you reach the minimum payment threshold of $50 USD, you can ask for payment. All payments are made up to 30 days after the end of each calendar month.

Partner with us to earn more!