Most frequent questions and answers

Like all the best things in life – Buff is FREE to use!

The only thing you share with us is your gaming activity, and even that is anonymous.

Once the Buff app is downloaded, just make sure it’s running in the background. We’ll make sure you are then rewarded for playing.

It is very easy to earn Buff points. All you need to do is continue playing your favorite games while the buff app is running in the background and you will earn points while playing. In reality, you get paid to play games with Buff.

You can also follow our referral and promotion program for the chance to earn more points. Check out the details of our algorithm for an in-depth explanation of our remuneration plan.

Because you need to disable trusted mode. Trusted Mode blocks the vast majority of external processes from interacting with the game, requiring players to close any offending programs and restart CS:GO before access will be granted. While trusted mode can be disabled through adding “-untrusted” to the game’s launch options in Steam.

Generally speaking, you won’t feel the Buff app running in the background.

Our goal is for Buff is to run efficiently on your CPU and video card. If your PC runs a game perfectly, it should easily support Buff. Still, if you encounter performance issues please write to us at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.

Well, this is our secret sauce. We have our AI-based algorithm that collects data, calculates statistical probabilities and generates the reward allocation accordingly, but the logic is for rewards to be based on in-game achievements. For example, the better your KDA ratio in LoL, the more Buff coins you will earn. On top of that, victories or defeats in team matches will influence your rewards.

Buff is committed to offering and maintaining the best gaming experience and therefore runs in the background while you are playing, hardly taking any computing power or GPU.

The whole concept of Buff relies on increasing the gamer’s experience and not making it worse. If you feel there is a decrease in your computer performance please contact our support team.

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (64bit), Windows 8 and Windows 10 (Windows Vista and XP are no longer supported)
  • 50MB on your hard drive.
  • In-game support: DirectX8, DirectX9, DirectX11 and OpenGL
  • Microsoft .Net 4.5.
  • CPU – If your computer runs your game, it will run Buff with it.
  • RAM – At least 4GB of RAM (Recommended: 8GB)


Our goal is for Buff to run efficiently on your CPU and video card. If your PC runs a game perfectly, it should easily support Buff. Still, if you encounter performance issues please write to us at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you.

There is no need for approval from game publishers as Buff uses Overwolf technology, which is based on open APIs from the game publishers. For more information, check out Overwolf’s legal policy.

Buff will update itself automatically so you can concentrate on what matters most – playing your favorite games.


When Buff finds a new update, it will download it silently in the background. The update will be installed the next time you launch Buff. You can always update it manually by following these steps:

  1. Head into the settings menu
  2. Click on the “Support” tab
  3. Click on “Check for updates”
  4. Click save
  5. Restart Buff

Good thing you asked!

For anything related to feedback, ideas, product, design and campaigns: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit 

For all your tech needs, assistance with Buff and bugs that you wish to report: Facebook, , Twitter, Contact Form, our Discord channel

Go to our Discord channel . Add any comments you might have describing what happened when you encountered the bug. You can also send an email to [email protected] or use this form in order to contact us. Thank you for helping us improve Buff!

Please make sure you have checked all the following:

  • Buff is running in the background.
  • Overlay is enabled on Overwolf.
  • You are playing a supported game/mode.
  • Your match was longer than 16 min.
  • Make sure you haven’t tabbed out of the match, or pressed alt+f4 as this will prevent you from getting the coins reward.

You get the gift cards you purchased on BUFF marketplace immediately, and you can view them later on the transaction page in our app. The only exception is Steam credit, which takes around 4 business days to process on the first time only. As of the 2nd time onward the process takes only a few hours to complete.

Try closing and restarting it. If it still doesn’t work, please try to uninstall and install it again.

The ads are based on your geographical region, and some regions just aren’t supported at the moment.

Buff’s referral program allows you to earn more Buff coins by inviting your friends to install the app. When a friend signs up using your special code, you receive a reward of 20 coins as soon as they earn their first 20 coins! So, the more people you refer, the more you earn.

BUFF premium is a monthly subscription at the expense of $2.99 per month. BUFF premium gives you special benefits as an extra 50% to your earnings, 50 BUFF COINS every month, Special Marketplace items, Marketplace discounts, Special promotions, Dedicated Discord channel, Special Raffles, and more features to come…

The only data BUFF collects and uses is the user game performance and achievements. We are not interested in any other kind of user data; the privacy of our users is of top importance.

The BUFF app is built on top of the Overwolf platform, it is very safe for use. We declare unequivocally that the BUFF app has no malicious properties of any kind.

Like many other freemium apps, we make our earnings from ads & monthly paid subscription.
BUFF is available worldwide, although there could be some problems in several servers out from the U.S, you are welcome to reach us in any such case. At this point, some of the products on our marketplace are available only to U.S residents.

Buff currently supports Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA 2, CS:GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, PUBG, Splitgate & Valorant.

We will be adding more games on a monthly basis and you are welcome to check out our list of games we plan to support in the future. We are always working to add more top-rated games to this list

Dota 2:

All classic modes + autochess

LoL – Summoner’s Rift:
Teamfight Tactics

5v5 Draft Pick games

5v5 Ranked Solo games

5v5 Blind Pick games

5v5 Ranked Flex games 


PVP modes


All modes without bots

Rainbow Six:

PVP modes (casual, ranked and unranked)

We’re not supporting modes with bots


All Classic modes


Spike Rush, Competitive, Unrated


Ranked and Unranked modes