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Although skills mean a lot in competitive FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), having the most eye-catching skin on your weapons also matters! After all, CS: GO’s weapon skins are one of the only ways players can customize their gaming experience. The game has been around for over a decade. During that time, it managed to produce hundreds of skins for nearly 60 of its weapons in-game. 

Of all these skins, there are some that everyone can agree on that they’re impressive, stunning, and worthwhile! That said, here are some of the best weapon skins you can get for CS: GO.


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Red Line - Field-Tested (AK-47)

  • Collection: The Phoenix Collection
  • Prices: Field-Tested – $11 to $16

The red line skin for the AK-47 appeared in CS: GO with the Phoenix Weapon operation case back in 2014, boasting an average Steam price of $11 to $16. It drops from the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. The rifle has a black body that mixes well with free red lines, giving it a sleek and modern look.

Water Elemental (Glock)

  • Collection: The Breakout Collection
  • Prices: Factory New – $11 and StatTrak – $38

The Water Elemental weapon skin for the Glock is part of the Breakout Collection released in 2014, generally sold between $11 for Factory New to $38 for StatTrak. It covers the whole Glock in vibrant reds and blues with the image of a water elemental or a wave. Its trigger and handle are the only parts without color. Although these black accents may be subtle, they perfectly complement the design, making all the difference.

It’s one of the cheaper weapon skins in the game, but it’s still stylish and high in demand thanks to its unique artistic style.

Asiimov - Battle-Scarred (AWP)

  • Collection: The Phoenix Collection
  • Prices: Battle-Scarred – $29

The Battle-Scarred weapon skin for the AWP is the second weapon from the Asiimov family. It appeared alongside the Phoenix Weapon Operation Case in 2014. Many believe that the Asiimov family started the sci-fi trend on CS: GO with its futuristic style and orange and black patches. You can get this skin for around $29 in the Steam Marketplace.

Mecha Industries (M4A1-S)

  • Collection: The Gamma Collection
  • Prices: Factory New – $29 andStatTrak – $102

The Mecha Industries weapon skin might look like a simple color change. However, the closer you look at it, the better you can see its intricate details. The weapon skin boasts a white and gray base color scheme with light red highlights around the body. These unique combinations give it a rustic yet contemporary look, making it perfect for anyone looking for something different. It comes from the Gamma Collection, released back in 2016.

For a fuller effect, you can opt to get the Battle-Scarred variation, making the skin look more rustic and appealing.


  • Collection: The Danger Zone Collection
  • Prices: Factory New – $57 and StatTrak – $137

The Neo NOIR skin for the AWP is a premium variation, and though it is a little costly, it’s worthwhile! It comes from the Danger Collection, released in 2018, and is a unique artwork of one the most potent firearms in CS: GO.

The skin boasts vibrant splashes of color, donning illustrious noir-style imagery of two ladies on the body and rear. And with its unique purple, blue, and pink color scheme, you’ll be the center of attention of all your matches, helping you show your skills in style!

Frontside Misty - Field-Tested (AK-47)

  • Collection: The Shadow Collection
  • Prices: Field-Tested – $14

The Frontside Misty weapon skin for the AK-47 was added to the game as part of the Shadow Collection released in 2015. It drops from the Shadow Case, and it has a unique style, boasting vibrant arctic colors.

Neon Rider (AK-47)

  • Collection: The Horizon Collection
  • Prices: Factory New – $137 and StatTrak – $450

The Neon Rider weapon skin for the Ak-47 was released as part of the Horizon Collection released in 2018. Although it’s been around since 2018, the skin looks like something straight out of a cyberpunk setting. It’s covered in vibrant neon colors pink, purple, and blue, making it one of the flashiest skins available in the game right now.

Although the Neon Rider skin isn’t the most expensive weapon skin in the game, it’s still going to cost you a lot to become the proud owner of the Neon Rider skin.

Worm God - Minimal Wear (AWP)

  • Collection: The Chroma 2 Collection
  • Prices: Minimal Wear – $2

The AWP Worm God weapon skin was released as part of the Chroma 2 Collection in 2015, where you can get it from the Chroma 2 case. Its minimal wear variation is one of the cheapest skins you can get, featuring the painting of a skull and roots following a metallic-colored scheme.

Disco Tech (MAC-10)

  • Collection: The Prisma 2 Collection
  • Prices: Factory New – $23 and StatTrak – $73

The Disco Tech is one of the newest weapon skins from CS: GO. It was released in 2020 as part of the Prisma 2 Collection, boasting a unique pattern. Combining its mesmerizing design with vibrant colors flowing into one another makes for eye-catching skin! However, it doesn’t stop there. Its color combination changes with movement as the skin is holographic.

Moonrise - Minimal Wear (Glock-18)

  • Collection: The Clutch Collection
  • Prices: Minimal Wear – $0.58

The Moonrise minimal wear weapon skin is one of the cheapest skins you can get on CS: GO. Although it’s been through a lot, it still beautifully showcases a moonlit city painted in ethereal purple and skyscrapers in the sky. It’s one of the most artistic pieces you can get for the classic Glock-18.

How to Get CS: GO Weapon Skins?

CS: GO weapon skins are usually received organically and randomly. You can get them from weapon cases or through mission rewards. Meanwhile, you can also open some skin variations with keys that you can buy from the CS: GO store, starting at $2.50. However, the most popular way to get weapon skins for the game is through the Steam Marketplace.

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That’s because players that received weapon skins from crates can sell them on the Steam Marketplace, where users can buy them outright without worrying about drop probability. Its popularity and supply and demand have made CS: GO weapon skins a form of currency in the game’s ecosystem.

Alternatively, you can also get some of the best weapon skins in the game by trading up. This process is where players can trade a set amount of skins for an upgrade.

There you have it, the top ten best CS: GO skins available on the market today, giving you a chance to show off your skills in the game with style. So for your next CS: GO ranked match, try to get one of these!


CSGO Skins are extremely expensive depending on  their rarity and high demand – if they are in high demand but with low supply they will be expensive.

When including all of CSGO’s weapon skin collections that are available, there are a total of 953 different skins available to players.

Yes,it’s worth it to buy CSGO skins. Good quality skins make for more satisfying gameplay. The player can customize their skins to match their tastes and character. You could also sell the skin to other players if you get tired of it and want to change it.

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