Carbon Offset

Buff has partnered with Dots Eco and we have created items which allow our users the opportunity to also play a role in helping the environment. Our impacts include: planting trees, saving baby sea-turtles, offsetting carbon emissions, and cleaning the ocean

Why is it needed?

  1. The Paris Agreement’s target to keep the temperature below 1.5° pre-industrial levels is no longer achievable, which is why the climate crisis keeps becoming urgent every day. Carbon offsetting allows companies to compensate for their emissions through climate action by organizations. 
  2. Reduction of carbon emissions is essential in the fight against the climate emergency. Moreover, compensating for the emissions caused is necessary to build a conscious business. 
  3. Carbon credits allow people and organizations to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions they can’t avoid by funding projects that reduce emissions elsewhere.

Which registries do we support?

  1. BioCarbon Registry 
  2. CDM CER
  4. Gold Standard 
  5. ISO 14064-2
  6. ITMO
  7. International Carbon Registry 

How does it work?

  1. A carbon credit represents 1 tonne of CO2e reduction – so a business that emits 1000 tonnes of carbon can offset its unavoidable emissions by purchasing and canceling 1000 carbon credits.
  2. Once the registration has been completed in Carbon Trade Exchange, it is possible to Browse the VERs listed in the platform (certified carbon credits). After this, cash must be uploaded to te account to buy listed credits. Once purchased, the trade is settled in real-time, with cash and credits transferred immediately.

How do they prove their credibility?

Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) is the leading global spot trading platform for voluntary carbon credits with 10+ years of experience. 

Impact: The World’s first and only pure digital spot exchange for trading voluntary carbon credits (or offsets), The venue with the lowest transaction fees for carbon offsets, and the only digital venue connected to multiple registries across Europe, the US, Africa, and Asia

Certifications: Certified Carbon Trading:  

  • Verified Carbon Standard
  • Gold Standard
  • GEM


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Join forces with Buff and Dots Eco to become a hero for the environment. Dive into eco-friendly gaming experiences that plant trees, save baby sea turtles, offset carbon emissions, and clean the oceans. Your gaming actions can make a tangible difference!

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