Cleaning Ocean plastic

Buff has partnered with Dots Eco and we have created items which allow our users the opportunity to also play a role in helping the environment. Our impacts include: planting trees, saving baby sea-turtles, offsetting carbon emissions, and cleaning the ocean

Why is it needed?

More than eight million tonnes of plastic reach the oceans yearly, spewed via rivers, dumped along coastlines, or abandoned by fishing vessels. 

The type of plastic that proliferates through the different levels of the ocean ecosystem depends in large part on where you look. While bags, bottles, and food takeaway litter dominate the shoreline further out to sea, abandoned fishing gear, synthetic ropes, and plastic caps choke the deeper waters. 

80% of ocean plastic comes from around 1500 polluted rivers

  1. One of the reasons to focus on stopping the flow of plastic pollution before it enters the beaches and oceans is that once it happens, it becomes degraded by sea salt and UV light, rendering the material brittle, fragmented, and discolored, making it essentially unusable for recycling. Because of this, most plastic retrieved from the ocean will not make it to the recycling plant.


Where is it done?

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. Asia
  4. Africa
  5. Australia & New Zealand
  6. Europe

How does it work?

Our partners work at key turtles sites around the world. Funding goes to different projects such as:

    1. Beach Cleanups
    2. River Cleanups
    3. Ocean Cleanup
    4. Tree plantations next to rivers 
    5. Job creation for women to become collectors of plastic, after which partnerships with brands involved with the circular economy take place. Finally, the plastic which can be recycled will be turned into packaging.

What environmental organization do we support?

  • Plastic Bank
  • River CleanUp
  • Change Now
  • Ocean Blue Project
  • Ocean CleanUp
  • Oceans Integrity
  • Green Worms

How do they prove their credibility?

  1. Key metrics such as tons of plastic collected, jobs created, and rivers tackled are some of the main tracking points for our partners to evaluate impact. 
  2. Auditing: our partners are working with 3rd party auditing firms to track the operations and data transparently. 
  3. Reports: Annual, impact, and project reports are released by the organizations we work with to have an overview of the numbers and projects they have worked on. Some organizations focused on plastic cleanup do not share these publicly, but with partners and people inside the ecosystem.
  4. Certifications: Ocean Bound Plastic Collector by Control Union

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