Preserving coral reefs

Buff has partnered with Dots Eco and we have created items which allow our users the opportunity to also play a role in helping the environment. Our impacts include: planting trees, saving baby sea-turtles, offsetting carbon emissions, and cleaning the ocean

Why is it needed?

  1. Coral reefs act as a buffer by protecting shorelines and coastal communities from the impact of big waves, storms, and hurricanes. In addition, they create habitats for marine organisms like sponges, snails, and clams. 
  2. Ocean corals support entire marine food chains and absorb and store harmful pollutants like CO2 in the same way trees remove CO2 from the atmosphere. With this, corals regulate CO2 levels in the water and create a healthy environment for microorganisms near reefs to thrive. 
  3. The reefs benefit 1 billion people on average through their ecosystem services (e.g., tourism and fisheries).

Where is it done?

  1. Honduras 
  2. Hawaii
  3. Mexico
  4. Indonesia
  5. India

How does it work?

Promoting the conservation of coral reefs in Hawaii, Honduras, and Mexico. The funding goes to projects like:

    1. Building worldwide networks of researchers that allow monitoring of global bleaching
    2. Launching alliances of organizations and scientists committed to reducing the impact of sewage and wastewater 
    3. Create partnerships to launch regional water quality testing programs to tackle sewage pollution along the Mesoamerican reef
    4. Ensuring a highly coveted lagoon and popular fishing breeding is properly patrolled against illegal fishing.

What environmental organization do we support?

  • Coral Reef Alliance 
  • Biorock Indonesia

How do they prove their credibility?

  1. Certificates: Gold Seal from GoldsStar (fiscal responsability certificate)
  2. Audits: Financial statements have been audited every year since 2010 to ensure transparency for the donors.
  3. Reports: Annual and financial reports have been released since 2010 to ensure all-around transparency on the projects our partners work on. Their annual reports show how the donor’s money is being spent to create a positive impact.

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