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TLDR—our Discord channel, Contact Form, or with an email to [email protected].


Add any comments that might describe what happened for us to locate the issue with ease. 

Thank you for helping us level up.

Please make sure you check all of the following:

  • Buff is running in the background
  • Overlay is enabled on Overwolf
    • Find Overwolf (a little black/white wolf Icon) in the bottom right of your taskbar
    • Right-click on the icon
    • Click on Settings
    • Click on ‘Overlay & Hotkeys”
  • You are playing a supported game and mode

TLDR—first install Overwolf then, from its Appstore, install Buff.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Download Overwolf here—if it doesn’t work, click here for solutions
  2. Install Overwolf
  3. Open Overwolf Appstore
  4. Find Buff in Overwolf Appstore
  5. Install Buff.

TLDR—either because of your internet connection or a regional problem.


If your internet is not working well, the ad can take some time to download. Another reason might be that ads are based on your geographical region, and some regions are not supported yet. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

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