How do I redeem my reward with PayPal?

Step 1:

Make sure your PayPal account is verified. If it’s not verified, you must do it in order to claim your reward. You can read about PayPal account verification here –

Please note! The account verification might take 1-2 days.

Step 2:

Press the “Claim” button on the “My Rewards” screen

Step 3:

If your account is indeed verified, fill the confirmation checkbox and press the “continue with PayPal” button.

Step 4:

Allow PayPal to open BUFF.

Please note! This step is crucial to proceed with the reward redemption.

Step 5:

Wait patiently for the process to be completed, it might take a few minutes.

Please note! The payout might appear in your PayPal account before you will see it on BUFF.

Step 6:

The process has been done successfully! Enjoy your reward!

* If you are having payout issues, please contact our support

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