Aurelion Sol

In League of Legends, mages are a whole league of their own, consisting of champions who possess great reach and ability-based damages alongside crowd control—destroying enemies with all these strengths in tandem from a distance. Among the best is Aurelion Sol, also known as the Star Forger, and is one of the oldest celestial dragons.

Aurelion Sol graced the dullness and emptiness of the great celestial realm with wonders of his very own devising. However, the dragon was tricked by the Aspects of Targon into sharing the secrets of a sun he created.

Even though he is responsible for creating endless stars and constellations, like the Runeterras sun and the Great Beyond, he is enslaved by the Aspects of Targon. 

Aurelion Sol plots for the day he can take revenge upon them and all Runeterra—all to regain his freedom in the stars.


Who is Aurelion Sol?

The almighty celestial being known as Aurelion Sol is an ancient creature that’s been roaming the world before the rise of the mortal races of Runeterra. Aurelion Sol was born in the first breath of creation, where he and those like him roamed the vast emptiness of a celestial realm ruled by celestial dragons.

Celestial dragons like Aurelion Sol have incredibly long lifespans and are highly deemed immortal. These heavenly beings are considered the originators of the Dragon species, existing since the beginning of creation—boasting powerful abilities beyond their terrestrial kin.

Aurelion Sol can shape different aspects of the universe, including creating new stars, and this celestial dragon has forged stars since the dawn of time. However, after being tricked by the Aspects of Tagon, this powerful being now unwillingly serves these mortals.

His power was given to immortal god-warriors, protecting the realm of Runeterra. Now, with a heavy desire to get back his mastery of the cosmos, Aurelion Sol aims to drag the very stars he created from the sky, soar high—and regain his freedom.

Aurelion Sol's Skills and abilities

Aurelion Sol is a zone control mage and has a huge potential in becoming one of the most potent roaming champions in League of Legends with his impressive abilities and potential to wreak havoc.

Let’s take a closer look at Aurelion Sol’s unique skills and abilities:

  • Center of the Universe

This a passive attack, where Aurelion has stars orbiting around him, inflicting magic damage whenever hitting an enemy. Three stars continually circle the celestial dragon, dealing 12 to 120 damages from levels 1 to 18. This magic damage swiftly executes minions below 25 health—all while applying spell effects to every enemy they strike.

  • Starsurge

Aurelion Sol fires the core of a newborn star, which explodes upon reactivation or once it travels beyond the celestial dragon’s stars’ maximum orbital damage. It deals 70 to 230 magic damage and stunning all nearby opponents up to 0.55 to 0.75 seconds, scaling up to 2.2 to 3 seconds after traveling for 5 seconds.

While traveling alongside Starsurge, Aurelion Sol gains a 20% bonus movement speed. By keeping the Starsurge close, the celestial dragon will nurture it, growing it in size, so its damage and stuns cover a broader area whenever it explodes.

If Aurelion Sol is faster than a missile, the missile speed will increase to keep up with the champion.

  • Celestial Expansion

Celestial Expansion is an active attack where Aurelion Sol will push his stars out to the Outer Limit, increasing the damage inflicted by his stars up to 40% while rotating the stars at a high but gradually decaying speed. Upon reactivation of the attack or after 3 seconds, Aurelion Sol will pull his cosmos back, gaining 40% bonus movement speeds that will slowly decay over 1.5 seconds. 

  • Comet of Legend

Aurelion Sol takes off flying for an extended distance by pulling in his orbiting stars and taking flight, all while traversing 5500 to 7500 units in the target direction or until the player clicks to move him. Aurelion Sol will then be able to see while being seen over walls while flying through a Comet of Legend. 

  • Voice of Light

Aurelion Sol breathes out an attack of pure Starfire, inflicting 150 to 350 magic damage while slowing down struck opponents by 40% to 60% for 2 seconds. Meanwhile, nearby enemies caught in the blast of the Voice of Light get knocked back to Aurelion Sol’s outer ring.


This is an excellent champion as we’ve seen in Aurelion Sol’s Abilities above, perfect for a broad range of situations, including team fights, late-game battles, and clearing lanes. However, the mage class is known to be challenging to get the hang of, but there are multiple tips and tricks you can use to secure victory with this celestial dragon, including the following:

  • It’s best to take advantage of Aurelion Sol’s Comet of Legend’s flight to expansively grow Starsurge until reaching massive proportions to deal more significant damage. 
  • Make sure to save Voice of Light as a defense mechanism against melee champions if you need to since Aurelion Sol isn’t the best in physical attacks. 
  • However, when you’re not dealing with melee opponents, use the Voice of Light’s slow effect to begin a fight at long range. 
  • Remember that Comet of Legend enables Aurelion Sol to move faster around the map—take advantage of this by placing pressure on other lanes. 
  • Whenever you take champion or turret damage, this will end Comet of Legend early on, so avoid these as much as possible. 
  • If an opponent suddenly jumps on you, use the Voice of Light to knock them back in your Celestial Expansion. Doing this brings them to their original and vulnerable positions while slowing them down if you’ve bought Rylai’s Crystal Scepter beforehand.
  • Keep in mind that Starsurge can get bigger the further it travels, so take advantage of this and create a larger stun area whenever possible. 
  • Starsurge doesn’t have a minimum recast delay. However, it does have a minimum distance that Aurelion Sol needs to be away from the core to recast the ability faster. Take advantage of this by using Flash in tandem, immediately reactivating Starsurge. 
  • When playing Aurelion Sol your early game isn’t strong and it’s better to roam bot/top than just sit in your lane getting punished for staying, make sure to roam and get yourself and your teammates ahead
  • Your E, Comet of Legend will allow you to rotate faster than your enemies so use that to follow up roams or to roam quickly
  • Keep in mind that your E, Comet of Legends leaves an orb of light which shows where your landing location is, so think about where you are placing it, if possible position in a way to have the end of your E in the alcove or in a bush where it will be harder to spot it

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