The specialist class in Lol website doesn’t limit themselves in a small portion or area like other classes. They are diverse and are bound to explore and maximize all the possibilities to improve and enhance their attacks and defense. Cho’Gath is a champion specialist that serves as a tank and mage on the battlefield.

Cho’Gath serves as a top lane that defends, protects, and attacks the enemies directly. Cho’Gath is a being from the Void, a place where unknown creatures reside. It’s full of horrors that mustn’t be seen and explored by mortals as creatures in this place, known as Voidborn, spread terror and fear wherever they go.

Cho’Gath, as the terror of the Void foretold in stories, will come back and spread darkness in the world. It’s an intelligent creature that spreads horror who wants to see Runeterra, a paradise that allows you to visit your standard of terror of the world.

Once Cho’Gath reaches its goal, all of humanity will lose its chance for survival.


Who is Cho'Gath?

Cho’Gath is a specialized mage that maximizes the mana in the environment during the battle. It can quickly launch an attack and destroy the formation of the enemy.

Cho’Gath is a creature from the Void, a mysterious place where no human would dare to step in. It can gather energy from the environment and use it to cast magic or attack enemies. It also belongs to the class of specialists that allows it to explore and improve its attacks smoothly.

It’s a powerful champion that brings terror to his opponents. He can attack and restore its stats at the same time—and the more enemies it kills, the greater the healing magic it can cast for itself. Cho’Gath can also cast a spell that can destroy a whole area and blind the enemies within the area in seconds.

Cho'Gath's Skills and abilities

Cho’Gath is a champion with a lot of tricks and strategies up its sleeve. It can heal itself, damage its opponent, and lock them up in fear while taking them down! Its passive ability allows it to regenerate health every time it kills an enemy.

A unique part about Cho’Gath’s abilities is that they have two functions: one offensive, the other defensive. For example, it can cast magic that can destroy its opponents and gather mana from the surroundings to prepare for the next attack.

Let’s take a closer look at its unique traits and abilities:

Cho’Gath Devours All: Whenever it kills an enemy unit, it automatically regains its health and mana. It’s a ruthless champion that eats every single part of its opponents.

Carnivore: Cho’Gath is a creature from the Void. It’s merciless, and it resorts to killing the entire unit of its enemy. Carnivore is one of the handiest abilities of Cho’Gath. It allows it to heal itself from any damage by killing its enemy. It can also absorb the mana of the one it devours and uses it to launch an attack.

Rupture: It’s one of the abilities of CHo’Gath that allows it to destroy the base of the enemy. It also grants it the ability to gain sight of the enemy’s location and kill them. The enemies caught in this attack will deal significant magic damage and slow them down. It also reduces the enemy’s chance of flawlessly executing an attack.

Feral Scream: It’s a fearful roar of Cho’Gath in a specific location. Whoever stays within the area will suffer from extreme magic damage. It can also silence any champion for a particular time once they are in the range of the Feral Scream.

Vorpal Spikes: It’s an enhancement to Cho’Gath’s auto attacks as it makes his next 3 auto attacks in the next 6 seconds gain 50 bonus range and fire spikes dealing magic damage and applying a slow that decays over 1.5 seconds.

Feast: Cho’Gath’s ultimate ability, Feast, eats up the enemy entirely, leading them to deal with actual damage. If Cho’Gath is against non-champions, it can damage the base for up to 1000. Once it kills the target, it gains a feast stack that can help it devour another monster or enemy.


Cho’Gath is a champion that can destroy your enemies. If you’re playing as Cho’Gath, there are many combos that you can do to ensure your team’s victory:

  1. If you want to see the terror within the eyes of your enemies, you can use Vorpal spikes to harass and destroy the balance of the enemy champion. It can also kill the minions and immobilize their base.
  2. Feasting is a great skill to gain, improve and maximize all the possibilities. If you are having a hard time feasting the champions, you can start with minions until you reach your needed stats.
  3. If you are dealing with a more extended range, you can use rupture. However, if you want to make sure that you hit your enemies directly, you can use Feral scream. 
  4. You can also use Feral Scream and Rupture as a combo to destroy the tactics and immobilize your opponents. It can stop the ongoing abilities of other champions. 
  5. Using Feast can allow you to regain your entire health once you kill a champion. It also helps you to create real damage to your opponent. It is also effective for jungle monsters and helps you regain your mana.
  6. Use Feast to secure objectives as your ultimate ability will always out damage the smite at any point of the game making it safer for your team to go for drakes, heralds or baron
  7. Feast can stack unlimitedly but keep in mind that you can only gain 6 stacks from feasting on enemy minions and jungle monsters combined. The stacks are unlimited on enemy champions and epic monsters
  8. When in laning phase and your jungler is trying to gank, use your Void Spikes to slow down the enemy giving them a harder time of escaping

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