The assassin class in League of Legends are mobile champions who eliminate key targets or any enemy unit with high damage output and by efficiently overpowering enemy teams in five vs. four situations. One of the most mysterious assassins is Evelynn.

Evelynn is a sadistic demon that’s usually played in the jungle thanks to her ability to be permanently invisible to enemy units, where she roams around in her shadow form when outside of combat. It allows her to sneak up on enemies swiftly. 

Once she sneaks up on her enemies, Evelynn uses her charm spell to immobilize them, quickly eliminating enemy forces using her combo and execution-like ultimate attack. As Evelynn subjects her enemies to torment while gratifying herself with their pain—she has grown to despise the feeble lives of humans, leaving her hungry for more.


Who is Evelynn?

Evelynn isn’t wholly human, and her heritage remains unclear. However, many believe that she hails from the Shadow Isle, where she began as a nascent wisp of shadow merely existing. However, Evelynn has become a skilled huntress, which she gradually learned from centuries of basking in the pains of all the creatures involved in the endless battles of Runeterra.

But it wasn’t until the war in Runeterra that resulted in the anguish, pain, and loss of many where the shadow felt excitement. In a few weeks, the demon has now the “perfect physique” of a human female, enamoring victims for sustenance. Although she relishes the exquisite pain of her victims, Evelynn often finds herself wanting more.

Now, the cunning demon yearns for the day she can plunge the world into utter chaos—helping her return to an existence filled with pure and rapturous ecstasy.

Evelynn's Skills and abilities

Evelynn is a swift and lethal demon and is one of the deadliest assassins in Runeterra. She can emerge from shadows at will and patiently stalks her prey, always waiting for the right moment. Although Evelynn isn’t human, her heritage is unclear, but regardless, she’s one of the most complex champions to play in League of Legends.

Let’s take a closer look at Evelynn’s skills and abilities:

Demon Shade: Evelynn will gain Demon Shade after being out of combat for 4 seconds – making her become stealthed. On top of that, while Demon Shade is active Evelynn will regenerate a certain amount of health depending on how much ability power she has. Attacking or taking damage from enemy units will reveal Evelynn and put this ability on cooldown.

Hate Spike: Hate Spike is a skill where Evelynn launches a projectile in a target direction, inflicting decent magic damage to the first enemy hit by the attack. Hitting monsters with Hate Spike will refund you 50% of your Q cooldown.

You can recast Hate Spike three times after the first cast, resulting in Evelynn unleashing a series of deadly spikes in the target direction, which deals moderate magic damage to all enemies hit.

Allure: This skill is where Evelynn applies a curse on target enemies and monsters for 5 seconds, where Evelynn’s next attack or ability will slow the curse-afflicted targets by 65%. Plus, if the targets are cursed for 2.5 seconds, Evelynn will charm the target. If the target is a champion, Allure will also reduce their magic resistance.

Whiplash: Whiplash is an active attack where Evelynn dashes to a target and whips them using her lashers, dealing moderate magic damage while applying additional on-hit effects. You can amp up this ability and make it more powerful when you get Demon Shade—dealing more bonus damage to the targets. 

Empowered Whiplash: Evelynn will dash toward a target enemy, dealing 75 to 175 magic while dealing damage to all enemies she passes through. Empowered Whiplash’s on-hit effects are only applied to her target. Besides all these, Evelynn gains 30% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.

Last Caress: When activated, the Last Caress skill makes Evelynn “invisible” to targets and Evelynn blinks back 700 units after inflicting devastating damage to all enemies within the ability area. Enemy units typically take more damage if they’re below 30% of their max health.


Evelynn the cunning demon is a moderately challenging champion to play due to her assassin role and mage legacy, relying on inflicting damage from afar—making her weak against one-on-one champion battles. However, like the agile demon that she is, Evelynn has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Here are tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Evelynn and bring your team to victory:

  • Before approaching a lane, make sure you’re invisible to avoid getting spotted by wards—and it’s best to change forms when you’re in your jungle. 
  • If you haven’t reached level six, avoid fighting enemies as much as possible as Evelynn isn’t powerful if she doesn’t have her Ultimate R and invisibility ready. 
  • When stealthed, pay attention to when Evelynn is near or being detected by an enemy champion, which you can see through the glowing eye near these champions. 
  • Never go for risky picks when Evelynn’s Ultimate R is down since it’ll make it harder to kill enemy forces. 
  • Evelynn is far more reliant on level six power spike than other junglers, so it’s wise to focus on farming. 
  • When you’re low on health, wait for the passive health generation provided by Demon Shade to heal you before using any potions as the skill works best on low levels—but it can also heal you to nearly complete health on high levels. 
  • Never run after marked targets when using Whiplash unless you can’t line up a clear shot through the enemy minions. 
  • Hate Spike can inflict moderate damage to a target marked by the skill and should be your primary tool to help you clear jungle camps easier. 
  • Allure can deal massive damage to monsters after Evelynn marks them for 2.5 seconds. It’s best to use Allure on the enemy camp’s “main monster” to charm it and make it easier for your champion to eliminate the enemy. 
  • Evelynn’s Whiplash is the most efficient when using it in full range, allowing you to potentially hit all the targets on its way, which is useful when clearing camps such as Raptors and Krugs. It can also work during team fights, but it can only work in its empowered version.

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