Fighters are a melee-based class in https://buff.game/league-of-legends/ consisting of potent and sturdy champions that deal continuous damage and a host of innate defenses—thriving in one-on-one battles. One of the most versatile champions in this class is Jarvan IV.

Prince Jarvan IV, a direct descendant of the Lightshield Dynasty, is the heir to the Demacian throne.

Jarvan was raised to be the epitome of his country’s greatest virtues, forced to balance the expectations placed upon him with his desires to fight on the front lines.

He is The Exemplar of Demacia, inspiring his troops with his endless courage and determination—raising his family’s color high and revealing his true strength as a future leader of Demacia.


Who is Jarvan IV?

Prince Jarvan IV is the previous King’s only son, making him the sole heir to the throne of Demacia. 

The young Prince was raised at court as his mother, Lady Catherine, died from childbirth. He was pampered and guarded until he grew up, learning early on the moral value of charity, the burden of duty, and the honor of serving his people. 

As he grew up, Jarvan IV made a stand and pledged to bring stability back to the region by waging war against Noxus. Jarvan’s won victory after victory—but he was eventually defeated. 

However, Jarvan IV found his way back and resumed his position within the Demacian military, fighting alongside his friend Garen, the Sword-Captain of the elite Dauntless Vanguard. 

With his team on his back and being an exceptional warrior himself, Jarvan rests easy that Demacia is in safe hands for now.

Jarvan IV's Skills and abilities

Jarvan IV is of Demacian royalty and is a tanky man. He’s an early pressure Jungler that can deal a lot of damage early on the game to midway.

Jarvan IV transitions into a team-fighting initiator later in the game as he becomes sturdy enough to survive front-line damage and lead his allies to victory. 

Here are Jarvan IV’s unique skills and abilities that made him the hero and King he is today:

Martial Cadence: This passive skill lets Jarvan’s basic attacks inflict 6% of the target’s current health physical damage. It has a minimum threshold of 20 and capped at 400 for monsters and minions.

Martial Cadence can’t occur on the same targets more than once a couple of seconds. 

Dragon Strike: This active ability is where Jarvan IV will extend his lance in a target location, inflicting damage to enemy units hit, lowering their armor resistance over 3 seconds.

If you manage to hit Jarvan’s lance to a deployed Demacian Standard, he will dash to the location and knock up nearby enemies along his path for 0.75 seconds.

Golden Aegis: When activating Golden Aegis, Jarvan IV will slow down all nearby enemy units for 2 seconds while shielding himself for 5 seconds. Plus, the skill can increase his max health for each enemy champion hit by it.

Demacian Standard – Passive: Jarvan IV will gradually gain bonus attack speed as the game progresses.

Active: When activated, Jarvan will throw a Demacian flag in the target direction, inflicting magic damage to enemies within the location. The Demacian flag will then remain for 8 seconds.

While in effect, the flag grants sight of its surroundings while providing an aura giving Demacian Standard’s passive bonus attack speed to the champion and his nearby allies.

Cataclysm: When activated, Jarvan IV will leap with displacement immunity to target enemy champions over 0.35 seconds, dealing physical damage to all surrounding enemies upon arrival.

Upon Cataclysm’s impact, Jarvan creates a circle of impassable terrain, initially pulling units inside it. However, it won’t render those trapped airborne.

The impassable terrain can last for 3.5 seconds, granting sight of the area. Jarvan can recast Cataclysm after one second.


Jarvan IV is an excellent champion to use in the early and mid-game. The more gold he gets, the more he can accomplish and “tanky” he’ll become. However, keep in mind that Jarvan will continually look to gank and fight mid-game.

In essence, Jarvan IV is an aggressive “Jungler” who requires to take short jungle paths to gank fast and efficiently.

Here are tips and tricks to remember to help you get the most out of Jarvan IV:

  • Use the Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike combo to get out of Jarvan’s Cataclysm arenas since it can trap allies as well. 
  • Split Jarvan’s primary attacks on enemy champions at the start of fights to maximize damage. 
  • It’s wise to take advantage of Demacian Standard and use it as a scouting tool when you suspect incoming enemies. 
  • When playing as a Jungler, use Hunter’s Machete to clean the jungle at the start of time. 
  • Using Black Cleaver is an excellent first damage item, reducing the cooldown of your spells. 
  • You can use Maw of Malmortius to counter magic damage used against Jarvan IV. 
  • Always start Jarvan IV with Red Buff to clear your camps quicker and without losing too much health. 
  • Make sure to follow up Jarvan’s Razorbeaks using Smite on the largest one, so you don’t lose too much life and use Blue Buff and Rift Scuttler to reach level 3. 
  • Use Jarvan’s E and Q combo to execute a successful gank and use Golden Aegis to slow down surrounding enemies. 
  • If you miss the combo, you can force the gank. However, this may lose you a lot of time. 
  • The more enemies are in Jarvan’s melee, the bigger his Golden Aegis gets, so use it wisely. 
  • When using Cataclysm, make sure to pay attention to their placements before locking them in the “arena” with Jarvan IV since it blocks opponents and allies. 
  • You can make Jarvan’s arena disappear early by reactivating his ultimate. 
  • When initiating a team fight, it’s best to use Demacian Standard, and Dragon Strike instead of Catalyst. 
  • Jarvan IV can use Catalyst again if you trap allies into the circle. 
  • Using Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike is a great way to escape from the enemy’s grasp. 
  • You can use Golden Aegis to slow enemies around you and escape. 
  • Jarvan IV usually synergizes well with AoE damage champions with his ultimate, including Amumu or Malphite. 
  • Although Dragon Strike is excellent for harassing, keep it off cooldown when chasing enemy units down. 
  • Jarvan’s Martial Cadence can only affect enemy units every 6 seconds, so try to hit another enemy champion and minions while waiting for it to recharge.
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