In League of Legends, a demonic amalgamation formed from the nightmares that plague every conscious mind, the thing identified as Nocturne has grown a primordial power of pure fear. It is liquidly disorganised in aspect, a faceless shadow with sharp eyes and loaded with wicked-looking edges. After releasing itself from the spirit field, Nocturne now frequently descends upon the waking world to support the kind of terror that can only succeed in true evil.



While all magic can be serious and inconstant, there are some forms of limitations that even the most skilled mages and wizards will evade, and with valid reason. For ages, the practice of “shadow magic” was all forbidden across Runeterra, for fear of reawakening the terrors it once unleashed upon the world. The most renowned of those terrors has a name, and its name is Nocturne.

Towards the end of the Rune Wars, frantic for victory, warrior-mages explored any power they could find over their opponents. Although no story names the first of them to hurl off their body and enter the spiritual kingdom, it is known that they appeared to seek one another not only on the battlefront but in domains shaped by their unconscious thoughts and sentiments. Unconstrained by the rules of physical reality, they competed in ways that more worldly minds could barely understand, even charming, subtle, etheric slayers to make their demand. Shadow mages seemed exceptionally experienced at such things—and so it was, for a moment, that they came to control the spirit kingdom, casting it into dusk.

This darkness touched the thoughts of mortals everywhere. It sapped their spirit and infected their aspirations, with unknown fears bothering them day and night, prompting some to engage ever more horrible acts against their kin.

No one can say whether all this distress created Nocturne from nothing or if it merely co-opted a lesser assassin-construct into something more stubborn and tedious. Still, the hazy creature that ensued was one of intangible form and fathomless terror. Nocturne knew nothing of virtue, honor, or greatness—it was fear made visible, with none of the discipline necessary to restrain itself.

This wicked creature cried within the spirit realm and set upon those silly, shifting mages who had provided it life, throwing in desperation for an end to its misery. It was in agony, and that pain made it harsh, but it quickly developed a taste for human fear. Time has limited meaning in that other place, but Nocturne pulled out every hunt for as long as possible, appreciating the prey’s distress before forming their life’s silvery twist in an instant. Soon enough, there were none given who attempted to enter Nocturne’s kingdom.

Would the result of the Rune Wars have been changed if the demon had not performed its role beyond the mist? It is arduous to tell for sure, but soon, what few survived, the wisdom of dark magic was secreted away, and its practice communicated the order of death in many realms.

Living now as a spirit, eyes burning with intense light, Nocturne has become a wicked reflection of the most primal dread of the many peoples of Runeterra. From the bustling downtowns to the dismal plains, from the most powerful king to the meekest peasant, the devil is drawn to any fault of spirit; it can turn into mortal terror and eternal darkness.

Confined in the spiritual kingdom, and with valuable few invaders to sustain it, Nocturne started to perish. The only thing familiar to the delicious feasts of despair it had once felt was when human minds unknowingly floated through the ether in the hours of slumber. Hooked on flows of magic to where the two domains divide—and where calm dreams can quickly become night fears—Nocturne gained a way to reveal itself into the wakeful world.

Nocturne's Skills and abilities


Each few seconds, Nocturne’s subsequent attack hits surrounding opponents for bonus bodily damage and repairs himself. Nocturne’s basic strikes diminish this cooldown.


Nocturne casts a shadow edge that deals damage and creates a Dusk Trail. While on the trail, Nocturne can move through minions and has improved Movement Speed and Attack Damage.


Nocturne enables his swords, calmly gaining Attack Speed. Stimulating Shroud of Darkness allows Nocturne to disappear into the shadows, producing a magical boundary that blocks a particular enemy’s ability and doubles Nocturne’s Attack Speed if an ability is blocked successfully.


Nocturne settles a nightmare into his target’s memory, dealing damage every second and inflicting fear to an enemy if they do not get out of the limit by the end of the duration.


Nocturne lessens the vision radius of all enemy champions, eliminating vision of their allies. Nocturne can then launch himself towards a targeted enemy champion, dealing physical damage to them.

Playing as Nocturne

  1. Duskbringer isn’t only an aggressive ability. It can be used to secure a block out of battle or flee from certain death.
  2. Use Shroud of Darkness, together with Paranoia’s mark to ensure you get some crowd control when your enemies least expect it.
  3. The Dragon’s primary attack can trigger a shroud of Darkness. Use this to get the bonus attack speed from Shroud of Darkness’ passive to attack quicker.

Tips and Tricks

  • Umbra Blades lets Nocturne sustain very well. Attack speed runes and his Shroud of Darkness synergize well with Umbra Blades since its cooldown is lowered with every auto attack that arrives.
  • Using Duskbringer is a powerful way to follow or escape an attacker.
  • Be sure to hit your target with Duskbringer when you are chasing, as it will enable you to close your gap and catch up to your victim more easily.
  • Stealthed champions hit by Duskbringer will still leave a trail, so use it to your advantage!
  • Duskbringer can be a great tool when striking towers. A well-aimed Duskbringer may not only destroy approaching minions but also provide you with its advantages, allowing you to do more damage to the tower. However, this tactic should be done with care if an enemy champion is nearby, as beating an opponent champion with Duskbringer will draw the turret’s aggro onto you. Also, trying this ability away from the tower while working on splitting push could provide you with a quick escape plan while still providing you with the bonus attack injury.
  • Unspeakable Horror has excellent synergy with Duskbringer. You can either use the dread to secure landing Duskbringer or vice versa.
  • Unspeakable Horror lets you gain fights that you contrarily wouldn’t because of its strong CC.
  • Save your Shroud of Darkness if you don’t need it. It can be crucial for surviving in some situations.
  • Nocturne grows more potent with more vision. His Paranoia does not reveal enemy champions, so you must see them in order to dash to them. Because of this, getting Wards and putting them around the map is of high value.
  • Nocturne can cast other abilities such as Unspeakable Horror while mid-dash with Paranoia. Casting Unspeakable Horror while mid-dash will give enemies less time to react to it and escape.

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