In Bilgewater, residents dragged out monstrous creatures of the deep for the butcheries that lined the waterfront. The Bilgewater tide was not strong enough to wash away the red slick that constantly flowed down its wooden slips. One of the avid workers in the district of Bloodharbor was Pyke.

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Who is Pyke?

Pyke was a known harpooner and called the Bloodharbor ripper. He returned from his supposed death in the belly of a gigantic jaull fish.

Pyke started on the slaughter docks. He became familiar with the trade, which included the gruesome work and the meager paychecks. He was able to witness heavy purses of gold being handed to captains and crews in exchange for formidable carcasses that he and his fellow workers would chop into marketable chunks. Pyke was hungry for more than a few pieces of copper in his pocket and managed to talk his way onto the ship’s crew. Few individuals tried to hunt in the mythical Serpent Isles manner. It is the way where they were lancing themselves at targets to secure tow-hooks and start to butcher the creatures while alive. Pyke was known to be fearless and highly skilled in this field and made a name for himself as the best harpooner a fishing boat could have. He knew that meat was more expensive than certain organs from the larger and more dangerous beasts, which needed to be harvested fresh.

Each sea monster had its respective price, but it was commonly based on the difficulty of the hunt. But the most desired by Bilgewater traders was the jaull-fish. It has a razor-toothed maw, a priceless sac of sapphilite, which were envied across Runeterra for several sorcerous distillations, and a little flask of gleaming blue oil could pay for a ship including its crew, ten times over. While hunting with an untested captain, Pyke learned that a life of blood and guts would land him the riches he desired.

On their way to their journey, a huge jaull-fish appeared to them, opening its maw wide enough to reveal its rows of sapphilite sacs. They were able to secure the beast with harpoon lines. Although it was bigger and older than those Pyke had encountered, he didn’t hesitate to jump into its mouth. As he was in the mouth of the creature, a deep vibration began to stir in its cavernous gullet. Then on the ocean’s surface broke some roiling bubbles where an entire pod of jaulls began to push against the fettered ship’s frame. The captain was shocked and panicked until he cut Pyke’s lifeline. The last thing Pyke saw before the beast snapped shut its jaw was the look of horror on the faces of his crewmates watching him being swallowed by the beast alive.

But it was not the end for Pyke. In the deepest of the unknown ocean, crushed by the titanic pressure, still trapped inside the jaull’s mouth, Pyke opened his eyes again. He saw blue lights everywhere, looking like thousands of eyes were watching him. There were fearful echoes of something old and mysterious that filled his brain. It was breaking his mind, showing him flashes of everything he had lost. A new hunger took over him. He craved vengeance and retribution, thoughts of filling the depth with corpses of those who wronged him were on his mind.

Bilgewater was a place where the red tide was nothing new, but no one had thought much of the killings. However, weeks and later months became a pattern, and captains from many ships were carved and left out for the dawn. People in the barrooms believed that it was a supernatural killer, aggrieved at sea and making its way through the crew manifest of a cursed ship called the Terror. Once a way to respect and be marked a celebrity, asking “You a captain” became a cause for alarm.

Soon the first mates, caulkers, merchant officers, and bankers, too, and all those associated with the bloody business of the slaughter docks. A new name later went up on the bounty boards, a thousand Kraken for the infamous Bloodharbor Ripper.

Driven by the twisted memories created by the deep, even though no one ever mentioned the ship named the Terror, Pyke succeeded in inflicting fear into the hearts of dishonest businessmen, killers, and seafaring villains.

A monster is now hunting a city that once prides itself on killing monsters, and Pyke has no intention of stopping.

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Pyke's Skills and Abilities

  • Gift of the Drowned Ones. When Pyke hides from his enemies, he regenerates damage that he recently took from champions. While Pyke cannot gain Maximum extra health from any source, he gains Bonus AD. He gains bonus movement speed while in the river.
  • Bone Skewer. Pyke attacks by throwing his harpoon towards the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first opponent hit or drawing them towards his direction if he holds onto his blade for a bit longer. While the enemies are being revealed, they are slowed down for a second. 
  • Ghostwater Dive. Pyke camouflages and gains significant movement speed that decays over time. However, attacking or casting abilities stops the Ghostwater Dive.
  • Phantom Undertow. The phantom that Pyke leaves behind when he dashes will return to him, stunning all enemy champions along its way.
  • Death From Below. Pyke blinks to the target area, dealing damage and executing any champion in the area that is below the health threshold. Allies with the most recent assist will get the full gold if Pyke executes an enemy with Death From Below. Successfully executing an enemy champion allows Pyke to recast his ultimate with no mana cost in a short time window.

Playing as Pyke

  • Pyke is very fragile, so don’t worry if you have to run from a fight. You may regenerate your health from the Gift of the Drowned Ones when your opponents don’t see you.
  • Tapping on Bone Skewer results in faster hits and deals more damage.
  • Ghostwater Dive is great when in the lane to push back laning opponents. As aggressive support, Pyke can act and kill anytime without being noticed.
  • Following up Bone Skewer with Phantom Undertow will ensure that you can land the stun before the enemy can move again.


Pyke is a champion from League of Legends.

Pyke was cursed for an unknown crime and sent to the Shadow Isles where he became entangled in a web of frightful magic, charges with monstrous power. For untold generations, he languished beneath the surface, his soul crying out in loneliness until some other would listen.

Pyke is the Bloodharbor Ripper, hell-bent on murdering his targets and eradicating evidence that would incriminate him in the process. He’s a man of few words but many knives.

His main job is to assassinate people with his harpoon and choke them out with chains so he can kill them easily, this is called the skill shot . He also has a lot of burst damage with his abilities which allows for him to burst down tanky enemies as well as squishy ones.

Pyke’s abilities are called Death from Below, Bone Skewer, Phanton Undertow , and Curse of the Drowned.

Pyke is a ruthless assassin who prides himself on recovering stolen goods, even if it means killing their owners.

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