Phantom Valorant

Valorant is a first-person shooter (FPS) developed by Riot Games, and the Phantom is one of the game’s most popular weapons.

The Phantom is a submachine gun, sniper gun, and fully automatic rifle worth 2,900 Credits. It causes more damage per bullet than the Vandal. However, it compensates with superior accuracy, tight spread, rapid-fire, and a silencer. It can hold 30 bullets before being upgraded to have 40 shots.

The Phantom’s design is a mix of Heckler & Koch’s HK433 and FN SCAR-H. The model has a handguard, charging handle, and receiver based on the HK433, while the magazine is a replica of FN’s proprietary SCAR-17 magazine. The stock seems derived from Magpul’s MOE Rifle stock, and it is available in various colors.

It’s also known as the “Swiss army knife” for its ability to do everything, including a submachine gun and sniper rifle. Overall, this makes the weapon highly versatile in all situations since it has both high-damage of the Vandal with higher accuracy, resulting in a lower spread. The Phantom is known for its good precision at long range, which makes it especially popular for playing Sniper on Capture Points.

The Phantom is most often seen in gun rounds owing to its higher price than SMGs and other rifles. It is an excellent weapon for keeping positions and decreasing recoil and spread, making it a very accurate, fully automatic rifle.

Another advantage of this weapon is that it includes a Silencer, which is a highly beneficial tool for eliminating other players and creeping into Capture Points. An example of this is having a Silencer on the models such as Legacy and Star Station, where it can be pretty helpful in setting up defenses or positioning snipers.

The Phantom has a fast fire rate and a suppressor, making it ideal for ambushing at close range since a single headshot will cause instant death. It’s six taps to the legs, 5 to the body, and 2 to the head at closer ranges.

The Phantom’s rapid rate of fire, compared to the Vandal, and its fast speed compared to other weapons, not to mention the fact that it has no recoil, make it ideal for close-quarters combat. The high fire rate comes at the cost of reduced damage per bullet, which can be compensated for by using the Silencer.

Although the Vandal delivers more damage per shot, it also has a somewhat wider spread, employs heavier ammo, and is considerably noisier than the Phantom. It’s also a little more costly to buy at 3,150 Credits than the Phantom.

The Vandal has a higher rate of fire than the M4A1 or the AK-47, making it more challenging to master and use if one has no prior knowledge. Most users believe that the Phantom performs significantly better than the Vandal at long ranges, owing to its superior accuracy and reduced recoils.

In conclusion, while the Vandal has a higher short-medium damage potential, the Phantom is considered superior overall due to its reduced spread at long range and its Silencer.

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