The Buff Reward Track

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The Buff Reward Track allows you to earn various rewards by gaining XP and leveling up. The Reward Track resets every time a new season starts—every three months. The first season will be shorter and will last 30 days.

You can view your Reward Track progress on the Lounge page. Click “See Details” in the Rewards Track to view the current season’s possible rewards.

Gaming XP

Available Rewards

The Buff Pass

The reward track is free for everyone but the coolest prizes can be earned only with the Buff Pass. You can upgrade to have the Buff Pass at any time during a season and automatically unlock any prize from levels you have already advanced. The Buff Pass will also get  you a 20% increase in XP gains. Premium Elite users with a yearly subscription receive the Buff Pass for free!

Faster leveling, Cooler prizes? What are you waiting for?!

Season 7

Season 7 starts on April 15 and will run until July 15

The grand prizes:

Level up your gameplay!

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Triple Welcome Bonus 90 Buff Points Instead of 30

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