Arena Warfare @Buff

Level up everywhere

Arena Warfare gamers, this one is for you!

The more you play, the more you earn Buffs. Redeem them and get Steam Credit or other items for free! 

It’s time to get rewarded for playing, stop wasting your time.

Arena Warfare @Buff

Buff was created with a simple concept: the ideal gamer’s reward program to help you improve. Earn Buffs as you play and exchange them for in-game items. Our unique app runs in the background making sure you do your best, play. Buff will keep accumulating your Buffs for you until you are ready to redeem them. Not enough Buffs? No sweat, just keep playing.


Buffed Security

Malware secure

As an Overwolf authorized app, Buff is safe for use with no malicious properties.. 

Ban Safe

We completely comply with game publishers’ terms. 

No Mining

You won’t even feel the Buff app running in the background.

How to Win the Game

How to Win the Game

1.Always be alert to deny or contest power weapons

Even though the Splitgate’s default weapons are strong, they are behind when compared to the game’s most fatal loadouts. Arena-based shooters like splitgate features powerful weapons that players can use to their edge. The power weapons can be a big advantage to the team especially during firefights which can affect your entire performance.

2.Destroy Enemy Portals

Splitgate’s explosive EMP grenades can prevent the enemy from sneaking around the map, but it could not deal with damage to the enemies upon impact. By tossing an EMP grenade at a nearby portal, the player can close it in an instant and get to track down their target.

3.Don’t throw away your pistol

Although it is tempting to leave behind your pistol on behalf of other powerful weapons, it is helpful in hitting your enemy at range. The attached scope can precise shots that allow you to take down most opponents at the range before they can even try to hit you. This sidearm does not work as deadly as the sniper, the chances of you getting another of this weapon throughout the game are low.

4.Bait opponents with your portals

This portal gameplay of Splitgate is vital to battle and you have to be an expert to increase to win the game. Portals can be used to see what goes beyond the walls and travel around the area with ease.

5.Play the objective

A lot of players avoid the objective to inflate their KDA. The game’s focus should be gaining as many points as possible without conceding the objectives.



  • Play Arena Warfare
  • Earn Buffs
  • Redeem your winnings for Steam Credit or other valuable items!

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Frequently asked questions

Questions? we’ve got answers

Like all the best things in life, Buff is free. The only thing you share with us is your gaming activity, such as when and for how long you have played Valorant, and even *that* is anonymous.

Not P2P, nor F2P.
Buff is P2E—Play to Earn.

TLDR—if you can run your game, you can run Buff.


Like any program, Buff uses your computer to run. It doesn’t require much—for sure less than games that should run with it.

Overall, you won’t need to change your game’s settings because of Buff and will feel no change with it running in the background.

TLDR—an AI-based algorithm based on your game stats. 


We have a little robot. 

Or do we?
Our AI-based algorithm collects data, calculates statistical probabilities, and generates the reward accordingly. 

You’ll want to know, though, that the reward depends on your in-game stats. For example, the better your KDA ratio in LoL, the more Buffs you will earn from each match. 

On top of that, victories or defeats will influence your Earnings.

TLDR—we get our revenue from premium subscriptions, ads, sponsored events, and in-app purchases. 

It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.  


Our platform is first and foremost for you. 

With our revenue, we’re adding more games and features, making your experience better.

We’re leveling up together.

TLDR—we are humans and we answer on: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Contact Form, or our Discord channel.

To share some feedback or ideas, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit are the best options for you. 

To get assistance, tech help, or report bugs you encounter, head over to Facebook, Twitter, Contact Form, or our Discord channel.

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