BUFF Bounty Program Terms and Conditions

– The total supply of BUFF tokens which shall be allocated as part of this Program shall be equal to 2.5% of total Tokens issued.

Buff hereby clarifies that the Bounty shall be allocated to each participant on a performance basis on a pro-rata basis, according to the Terms of each campaign. Company states that allocation of each bounty may change in accordance with the number of participants in the Program.

– The BUFF tokens shall be allocated following Qualified Token Distribution Event, 45 days after the Qualified Token Distribution Event, in accordance with the information presented on the Company’s Website and subject to the Company’s Terms and Conditions.

Please note that if you do not accept these Program Terms and Conditions, please do not participate in this Bounty Program.

  1. These Program Terms and Conditions may change from time to time according to the Company’s sole discretion.
  2. Entry into the Program is deemed to be acceptance of the terms and conditions and confirmation that you are fully eligible to participate in it.
  3. Company shall have sole discretion when excluding a certain person from participating in any other program of the Company.
  4. Company reserves the right to refuse to award any Bounty to an entrant who Company decides (at its sole discretion) has violated the Program Terms and Conditions, or the Website Terms and Conditions, as the case may be or has gained unfair advantage in participating in the Program.
  5. The Program is only open to people aged 18 or
  6. This Program is not intended nor does it allow any participation to U.S nationals and/or U.S residents.
  7. The Company may change or amend the Term of this Program according to its sole discretion without any prior notification whatsoever.
  8. Bounties provided by the Company are non-transferable
  9. Company shall be fully entitled to make use of any and all information, content, data and any other form of materials which have been created or have been used by participants as part of this Program.

Governing Law

These Program Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the state of Gibraltar, without giving effect to the principles of the conflict of laws.


The Prize list for the new program shall include but not limited to Steam gift cards and Buff merchandise.
There are no restrictions for participating in the community reward program.

Distribution schedule for the prizes:

– Gift cards shall be sent within 7 days after Buff team receives and acknowledges winner’s contact details and depending on the destination country.

Distribution of tokens is subject to the terms mentioned on the “Buff bounty program” terms and has an age limit of 18 and US residents are restricted.