Team Liquid CS: GO

Team Liquid is a professional esports organization founded in the Netherlands, running operations since 2000. Initially a StarCraft clan, this successful foreign esports team announced the formation of its very own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) division in 2015.


Team Liquid is a globally renowned professional esports organization launched in 2000. The organization began as a clan and StarCraft community website and has since grown into a multifaceted world-renowned company with unparalleled reach in the gaming industry. Although Team Liquid was initially known as a StarCraft news website, several subsections on its forums are dedicated to other games, including CS: GO.

On September 27, 2016, the original owners of the professional esports organization sold its controlling interest to aXiomatic Gaming. It’s an investment group run by Peter Guber, Ted Leonsis, Tony Robbins, Magic Johnson, and Steve Case. Since then, Team Liquid rose to be one of the highest-earning and generally the best esports teams worldwide, winning millions of dollars. Now, the organization boasts more than 60 championship-caliber athletes among the world’s most popular video games.

Team Liquid is synonymous with success. The organization’s collaborative teams have won the most prize money in esports history while earning countless trophies across various gaming titles and countries. CS: GO is one of the biggest games Team Liquid competes in, winning the IEM Sydney in 2019 and ending with an IEM Chicago and IEM Grand Slam title so far.

Today, Team Liquid continually leads the competition and innovation from its headquarters, the Alienware Training Facility, a one-of-a-kind esports facility in Los Angeles. The organization has plans for further investments into the best esports athletes and infrastructure, allowing them to stand at the forefront of the thriving gaming industry.


Here is a brief timeline of Team Liquid’s history regarding CS: GO:


  • January 13 – Team Liquid enters CS: GO, signing the roster of “Chill guys.” The original team consisted of adreN, daps, FugLy, NAF, and nitr0. 
  • March 16 – Team Liquid parts ways with Warden.
  • March 23 – Team Liquid exchanges NAF with EliGE.
  • May 25 – Team Liquid signs up flowsicK. 
  • September 3 – Team Liquid replaces flowsicK with Hiko.
  • December 15 – Team Liquid replaces FugLy in the active lineup with Allu. 
  • December 23 – Allu joins Team Liquid.


  • January 2 – Team Liquid acquires s1mple. 
  • February 21 – Team Liquid signs Koosta as the newest addition, moving adreN to a substitute position.
  • April 7 – Team Liquid’s analyst, KJ, parts ways with the organization. 
  • April 21 – S1mple leaves Team Liquid to join a European team, and adreN will rejoin the starting lineup.
  • April 23 – GBJame^s stepped down as Team Liquid’s coach and has parted ways with the organization. 
  • May 17 – Team Liquid signs peacemaker as their new coach.
  • June 6 – Team Liquid releases adreN, and s1mple returns to the active lineup for two last events. 
  • June 13 – Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid exchange jdm64 and Koosta. 
  • June 15 – Team Liquid acquires Pimp. 
  • August 4 – Natus Vincere acquires S1mple. 
  • October 22 – Team Liquid parts way with coach Peacemaker.


  • February 3 – Stanislaw joins Team Liquid. 
  • February 7 – Hiko parts way with Team Liquid. 
  • April 14 – Twistzz joins Team Liquid. 
  • November 13 – Team Liquid acquires steel, replacing Stanislaw in the starting player roster.


  • February 5 – NAF returns to Team Liquid after nearly three years. 
  • February 7 – OpTic Gaming acquires Stanislaw. 
  • April 6 – Team Liquid replaces steel with TACO.
  • April 22 – Luminosity Gaming signs steel. 
  • December 21 – Team Liquid exchange TACO and Zews for Stewie2K.
  • December 22 – Team Liquid acquires adreN as the CS: GO team’s coach.


  • July 17 – Team Liquid signs up Hepa as an analyst. 
  • August 1 – Team Liquid benches nitr0.
  • August 4 – Team Liquid acquires Grim.
  • August 5 – Team Liquid signs up pashaBiceps as a content streamer.
  • August 9 – Team Liquid signs Moses as the team’s new coach.
  • December 22 – Team Liquid benches Twistzz. 


  • January 9 – Team Liquid signs up FalleN from MIBR.
  • January 30 – FaZe Clan acquires Twistzz. 
  • May 3 – Team Liquid parts ways with Moses. 

May 4 – Team Liquid re-signs adreN as their CS: GO team’s coach.

Player Roster

The current active roster for Team Liquid CS: GO includes:

Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski

Jonathan Jablonowski is an American professional CS: GO player currently playing for Team Liquid. He’s widely considered one of the best North American CS: GO players, earning a spot on HLTV’s top ten players since 2019. 

Keith “NAF” Markovic

Keith Markovic is a Canadian professional CS: GO player currently playing for Team Liquid. He plays as the rifler (lurker) or AWPer.

Jacky “Stewie2k” Yip

Jacky Yip is an American professional CS: GO player currently playing for Team Liquid. He plays as the entry fragger and is one of the most accomplished and decorated players in North America despite only playing the game since 2014. Yip played for different teams, but following months of up-and-down results, he returned to his NA roots, joining Team Liquid.

Michael “Grim” Wince

Michael Wince is an American professional CS: GO player currently playing for Team Liquid. He plays as the rifler.

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Gabriel Toledo is a Brazilian professional CS: GO player and former professional CS: Source, Counter-Strike, and CrossFire player. He currently plays for Team Liquid, playing as the in-game leader and AWPer.

Eric “adreN” Hoag

Eric Hoag is an American professional CS: GO coach, currently coaching for Team Liquid. He is a former CS: Source player. Hoag has previous experience as an in-game leader and an AWPer for different top-tier teams, like Team Liquid.

Trivia About MIBR

  • Team Liquid previously won the most considerable prize money from one major event with a stand-in in 2016. Their record was surpassed by SK Gaming after winning EPICENTER in 2017. 
  • This esports organization has the 2nd longest LAN Bo3/Bo5 win streak, which started in DreamHack Masters Dallas in 2019. 
  • Team Liquid is the first-ever North American team to qualify for a CS: GO Major grand final at ESL One: Cologne back in 2016. 
  • Team Liquid completed the Intel Grand Slam in 63 days. 
  • The Esports organization consecutively won IEM Sydney, Dreamhack Masters, ESL Pro League, and ESL One Cologne in 2019.
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