Welcome to the Investing Mastery Challenge! Sponsored by Fidelity.

Are you ready to embark on an epic 2-week League of Legends showdown right here in the United States? Brace yourself for the ultimate gaming experience!

Get ready for a thrilling tournament featuring five heart-pounding challenges. It’s your chance to shine, prove your skills, and join the game’s legends. Plus, incredible prizes are up for grabs, including an Alienware m18 Gaming Laptop and 500 Buffs Points!

* Rewards and prizes managed and distributed by Overwolf

Play League of Legends, Conquer the Challenges, and Secure Your Prizes!

At the end of the event, we’ll be rewarding the top 800 players who manage to conquer these challenges:

  1. Diversity Challenge: Show your versatility by playing at least 20 different champions during the competition.
  2. Financial Fortitude Challenge: Amass a total of 500,000 gold during the challenge to prove your financial mastery.
  3. Strategic Prowess Challenge: Achieve an awe-inspiring 5-win streak to demonstrate your strategic brilliance.
  4. Risk Management Challenge: Go on the offensive and destroy 20 enemy towers during the challenge, showcasing your exceptional risk management skills.

Prepare yourself for the gaming event of a lifetime, where your skills, strategy, and courage will be put to the test. Will you rise to the occasion and become one of the elite top 800 players? The Investing Mastery Challenge awaits! Sponsored by Fidelity.


On the Main Page, you can see your challenges progress:

* Rewards and prizes managed and distributed by Overwolf

* Fidelity is not associated with and does not endorse or monitor any content in third party chats

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