Burst mage is a mage class that uses massive burst damage to take down opponents in a short time. In League of Legends Buff, Ahri is one of the most well-known Burst mages with her nine tails and fox-like appearance.


Ahri, an adult Vastaya, is over a few hundred years old. She was inspired by the Kumiho from Korean mythology and the mythological Chinese nine-tailed fox.


The Gatekeeper has been the subject of many myths and legends. One myth is that she’s a bloodthirsty demon fox who will eat anyone who passes through her gate. Another legend says that she lives in a temple on the outskirts of town, coming to take your soul if you should ever die.


Who is Ahri?

Ahri is a Vastaya mage with the power to reshape her magic into powerful energy orbs.

Ahri is a cunning champion, because she toys with her opponents first and manipulates their emotions before destroying their whole life essence. Even with the strength and destroyer sense of character, Ahri still emphasizes the memories of souls she devours.

Ahri was abandoned in the woods of Northern Ionia, and she knew nothing about her legitimate family except with the tokens that she had. Luckily, she found a group that taught her how to survive. The ice foxes also helped Ahri learn how to adapt to the hunting style and became one of them after all her hard work.

Ahri is a natural mage and someone who learned magic based on the surroundings. She learned how to shape destructive spheres and improved her reflexes to kill those that hunt her.

Ahri's Skills and abilities

Ahri is a champion with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She can heal herself, damage her opponent, and even take them down! Her passive ability allows her to regenerate health when she hits an enemy.


The most unique part about Ahri’s abilities is that they have two functions: one offensive, the other defensive. For example, she has a skill called Charm which damages the target while healing Ahri for half of the damage dealt.


Let’s take a closer look at her unique traits and abilities:


Ahri is a great mage: Whenever she touches her opponent, she can easily activate her innate abilities. She can devour her opponent and improve her stats. Here are Ahri’s capabilities that you should not miss.

Essence Theft: Ahri’s Nine-Tail Fox form gives her a variety of abilities. The one that comes in most handy is the ability to heal herself from any damage using the Orb of Deception. With nine stacks and a perfectly hit attack, she can restore her health and come back stronger than ever.

Orb of Deception: Ahri can completely control her orb. It can send out, pull back, or go whenever she wants. It can create equal damage by sending it out and pulling it back to all opponents that pass it through. Ahri’s mana costs vary depending on what she needs to do during the battle; but no matter what, she is always prepared for whatever comes up next.


Fox Fire: Ahri’s foxfire magic is the most potent she has. It can be used to slow down enemies, or to deal huge amounts of damage that will cut through even the thickest armor. Fox Fire is Ahri’s final ability and with it, she can make her movement 40% faster than normal and use 1.5 seconds before they evaporate. Additionally, those Fox Fires are perfect for annihilating nearby energies or increasing magic damage by a lot!


Charm: Charm is the third ability in her arsenal. It’s an attack that can deal massive damage to opponents, but you need 70 mana to use it. When Charm activates, a powerful magic blows onto your opponent and they become vulnerable for a short while, stopping any progress on their abilities.

Spirit Rush: Ahri’s ultimate ability, Spirit Rush, allows Ahri to dash while firing three bolts of magical energy that will pierce and damage any champion they come into contact with. The price for this power is 100 mana which can be used 3 times over a ten-second cooldown period.


Ahri is a champion that can make or break your team. If you’re playing as Ahri, there are lots of combos that you can do to ensure your team’s victory.


  • To ensure the Fox-fire and Orb of Deception land to other champions easier, use the charm for your combos. To make sure these spells hit as they are intended, tap on them while pressing the spacebar or click with your mouse.
  • You can also use the charms in initiating team fights or chasing down stragglers with Spirit Rush.
  • To initiate a killer combo or offensive attacks, you can start with a spirit rush to enable all Ahri’s abilities. It allows you to open up ways to activate your charms and ensure double hitting using the Orb of Deception and attack using the Fox-fire.
  • If you are chasing down other champions, it would be best to use fox-fire followed with the Spirit Rush.
  • The Orb of Deception is a powerful tool for harassing other champions on the field.
  • By aiming it at an enemy champion, you can deal massive damage with its knockback ability by using the Orb’s long range and unpredictable movement pattern.
  • With her ability to charm and kill, Ahri is an unstoppable force in team fights. Her Orb of Deception can be used to take out all enemies at once by waiting for them to group together before casting it on a target within the enemy’s ranks. 
  • It is also wise to remember that a lot of champions have abilities that are not too easy to dodge, so make sure you hit your targets with a Charm first before any other skills are unleashed. This will force the opponents into vulnerable positions outside your defensive line where they can then easily be picked off by allies as well as yourself!
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