Fighters or Bruisers in League of Legends consist of a diverse group of short-ranged combatants excellent at dealing and surviving substantial damage. One such champion is Hecarim.

He’s an S-Tier champion that many consider as one of the best choices for Jungle gameplay. Hecarim was once a grand knight, fighting for the Blessed Isles.

However, the Blessed Isles fell under the corruption of the Black Mist and its destructive energies of the Ruination, the once-proud knight, was no more.

Now, Hecarim, his cavalry, and mounts patrol the Shadow Isles for eternity.


Who is hecarim?

Hecarim, known as the Shadow of War, is the spectral fusion of man and beast.

Hecarim is a hybrid between man and beast. He was once a proud knight serving the Blessed Isles. However, when the holy place fell into ruins, Hecarim was cursed to ride down the souls of living for eternity.

The once-proud knight got obliterated by the destructive energies of the Ruination, including his cavalry and mounts.

Now, wherever the Black Mist goes in Runeterra, Hecarim will be there to lead his Devastating Charge.

HECARIM's Skills and abilities

Hecarim is a “diving” fighter that becomes stronger the quicker he goes. He does great at diving into enemy units while causing a commotion, blowing up back-liners on enemy teams.

Here’s a closer look at Hecarim’s unique set of skills and abilities that makes him a grand champion:

Warpath: This passive skill lets Hecarim gradually gain bonus attack damage equal to 12% to 25%, depending on the champion’s level of bonus movement speed.

Rampage: Rampage is where Hecarim will cleave his glaive around himself, inflicting physical damage to surrounding enemy units. However, the damage dealt is reduced to 60% against enemy minions.

If you manage to damage one enemy unit with Rampage, Hecarim will gain a buff for 8 seconds that stacks up to two times, with the duration refreshing on future damaging hits.

The buff you’ll receive from Rampage can increase the skill’s damage by 5% while reducing the base cooldown by one second. The maximum the buff can provide is up to a 10% damage increase and reduction in 2 seconds of the base cooldown.

Spirit of Dread: When activated, this skill lets Hecarim surround himself with the Spirit of Dread for 4 seconds, inflicting magic damage to nearby enemy units per second.

When Spirit of Dread is active, Hecarim will get instantly healed for 30% of the damage taken by enemy units regardless of the source within the area. However, it’ll get capped from enemy minions and monsters.

Devastating Charge: This active attack is where Hecarim becomes ghosted, gaining 25% to 65% bonus movement speed for 4 seconds, depending on the duration Hecarim is active.

While in effect, the champion’s next basic attack will be improved and possess a non-cancelable windup. It’ll also gain 50 to 250 bonus range, depending on the distance Hecarim traveled and cause him to dash toward a target location.

If the target enemies remain nearby after Hecarim’s dash, they’ll get knocked back 250 to 450 units, stunned, and dealt improved physical damage. The severity of these depends on the distance you travel, but all end the ability in the process.

Devastating Charge can reset Hecarim’s primary attack timer and critically hit AD bonus physical damage. Plus, Devastating Charge pauses while Onslaught of Shadows is in effect.

Onslaught of Shadows: When activated, Hecarim will summon spectral riders and dash with displacement immunity in the target location. With these, he’ll deal moderate magic damage while revealing enemies in their path over 2.5 seconds.

Enemy units within range of where Hecarim stops are made to flee from him for 0.75 to 2 seconds, based on the distance you traveled. While in effect, enemies will also be gradually slowed down up to 99% over the duration.

The slow effect’s strength can’t be reduced and is based on how far the affected enemy units are from the champion—meaning Onslaught of Shadows won’t slow enemies from a close range.

Finally, the wave of spectral riders travels through the whole duration of Onslaught of Shadows no matter where you choose where Hecarim should stop.


Hecarim is an S-Tier pick for the Jungle role in League of Legends, making him one of the most popular champions for Jungling. He’s an overall strong champion with solid defensive stats and significant base damage.

Because of these, Hecarim is best-played off-tank. However, he can be tricky to use, especially for those not used to playing the Jungler role in the game.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you master Hecarim’s winning playstyle:

  • Make sure to cast Spirit of Dread when engaging in large fights to maximize Hecarim’s survivability. 
  • Hecarim boasts impressive defensive stats, decent base damage, and AD rations, meaning you won’t need items offering raw AD. 
  • You can use Hecarim as a full tank. However, it can waste the damage potential of his skills. 
  • It’s best to use Hecarim in the “Jungle,” thanks to his ganking potential, which increases after he obtains Onslaught of Shadows. 
  • This champion absorbs mana fast, so it’s best to access the blue buff early on in the game. 
  • Hecarim can be challenging to gank thanks to his skills Onslaught of Shadows and Devastating Charge. Use these wisely. 
  • When using Hecarim, pay attention to your mana, especially not before you attain items like Glacial Shroud or Sheen. 
  • Hecarim is one of the few bruisers that doesn’t fall off late game whether using him as top or jungle. 
  • Devastating Charge can deal more damage based on the distance Hecarim traveled. So, use Onslaught of Shadows or Summoner spells to max this damage. 
  • Hecarim’s Spirit of Dread can restore his health when nearby enemy units take damage, including those inflicted by allies.
  • When Jungling as Hecarim, use Smite alongside Spirit of Dread to gain small bursts of healing. 
  • If you build Hecarim with high movement speed, slow effects will significantly reduce his damage output. Use Cleanse and Tenacity to combat this.
  • You can use Devastating Charge to apply on-hit effects and damage enemy turrets. For max damage, combine Sheen and Trinity Force alongside this skill.

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