The tank class in League of Legends online battle consists of strong melee champions who sacrifice significant damage for robust crowd control, effectively breaking any group attacks—separating enemies from one another. Among them, Alistar is one of the most well-known, thanks to his robust disengaged gameplay. 

Alistar is a minotaur, which are gigantic humanoid bovines living in great tribes within Piltover and Noxus. They’re noble and fearless creatures, resulting in many minotaur clans to join the Noxian war machine. Unfortunately, those who opposed the empire have been enslaved and forced to fight as gladiators in the brutal game known as the “Fleshing.” 

His “unbreakable will” was what kept this mighty minotaur from becoming a beast while in captivity. As a survivor, he vowed to protect his people and get revenge on the Noxian empire for the death of his clan. 

Alistar fights for the oppressed and weak, using his rage as a weapon alongside his horns, fists, and hooves.



Alistar is a mighty minotaur that towers many in strength and is one of the greatest in his tribe. The mere stomp of his hooves can lift opponents high into the air. He can “Headbutt” his enemies, launching them far away. 

He can also call upon his inner fortitude, healing himself and his allies around him, making him a great all-around warrior that has constantly defended his pride land in the Great Barrier from Valoran’s forces. 

A Noxian emissary, the matriarch of House Tewain, proclaimed that the empire was poised to take Basilich, a coastal city to the east.  She pledged that she won’t do this without the support of the great clans of the mountains which were the minotaur clans and she called for parley on neutral ground. Many of the minotaurs were eager to accept the offer but Alistar was skeptical due to his previous encounters with the Noxian scouts. For this reason he, alongside 50 of his clans’ mightiest warriors were sent to reject the alliance. The other clans could do as they wished, but Alistars clan wouldn’t accept the rule of some distant “Grand General”. The larger clans already have pledged themselves to Noxus, and their representatives turned against Alistar as soon as he made his position known. The battle was swift and bloody and Alistar himself crushed lady Tewain’s skull with his bare hands but soon enough he and his surviving warriors were bound into chains. 

After he was captured he and his clan mates were forced to participate as gladiator for Noxus citizen’s entertainment. He implored his clanfolk not to fight back, not to give the Noxians the monstrous display they craved. 

When the festival ended 21 days later. Alistar was the only living member of his tribe that was still alive. Pelted with pebbles and rotten fruit from the crowd he was dragged out to face Reckoner. After Reckoner he was driven to fight and think like a beast. He killed and killed untill even his memories were stained with blood. 

Alistar had fallen far by the time he met Ayelia, a servant girl in the arenas. He charged into the bars expecting her to fear or goad him but Ayelia did neither. Everyday she returned and spoke to him with gentle respect until Alistar answered in kind. Her homeland had, just like Alistars, been claimed by Noxus. Together they formed a plan for escape. Ayelia brough Alistar the keys to his cell and they began their escape. Since she sacrificed a lot to help Alistar escape he promised to repay her tenfold.

They hurried to the river, where a cargo barge was waiting for them. However, Noxian agents ambushed them and Alistar hurled himself into battle, his vision was tunneled with rage and even though Ayelia called for Alistar he did not hear it. By the time Alistar slain the attackers the boat alongside Ayelia was gone.

Weeks later, a political coup shook the empire to its dark foundations and the minotaurs escape was forgotten.

Now, Alistar travels as anonymously and quietly as possible encouraging resistance in Noxian-held territories and fighting on behalf of the downtrodden and abused. Only when he clears his heart of shame will he return to his homeland and leave his rage behind.

ALISTAR's Skills and abilities

Alistar is an excellent Tank class in League of Legends and is often praised for being a versatile supporting champion. He has two types of play styles, and one of them requires good reaction time and ping from the player, making him a robust disengage champion. 

Let’s take a closer look at Alistar’s unique skills and abilities:

  • Triumphant Roar

This active attack lets Alistar gain a stack of “Triumph” whenever he CC’s one enemy with any of his abilities. Every time a little monster or enemy minion dies near him, he’ll gain one stack. When reaching seven stacks, Alistar will consume them all and roar, healing himself around 25 to 161 hp, depending on his levels, including all surrounding allies for double the amount. Plus, Alistar can roar instantly if a nearby champion or epic monster dies.

  • Pulverize

Alistar smashes the ground under him, knocking up enemies nearby, and deals 60 to 240 magic damage to all opponents within the area while tossing them into the air—stunning enemies for 1 second.

  • Headbutt

Headbutt allows Alistar to dashes to enemies, dealing 55 to 275 magic damage upon contact, knowing them back at a distance of 650 units. All targets hit by Headbutt will get stunned for 1 second. He can headbutt enemies through walls.

  • Trample

During Trample, Alistar will “trample” the ground, dealing anywhere between 80 to 200 damage over 5 seconds to any nearby enemy, ticking every 0.5 seconds. Each trample pulse hitting one enemy champion gives Alistar 1 Trample stack, usually capped at 5. When you reach 5 Trample stacks, it’ll provide Alistar’s basic attack against a champion a damage boost, inflicting an additional 35 to 290 magic damage at levels 1 to 18 while stunning the target for 1 second. 

  • Unbreakable Will

When activating Unbreakable Will, Alistar will remove all forms of CC from himself, and he will reduce incoming physical and magic damage up from 55% to 75% for 7 seconds.


Alistar is a mighty minotaur that towers above most champions in League of Legends when it comes to strength and is one of the greatest among his tribe. He’s a moderately complex champion to master and has the function of a DPS but is usually best used for tanking—charging through enemy lines without fear, leading your team to victory. 

Here are tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of Alistar’s brute strength and durability. 

  • Alistar’s area of effect heal and Triumphant Roar have low costs of mana, so it’s best to take advantage of this and repeatedly use it to keep up with allies. 
  • Using Unbreakable Will for crowd control is an excellent choice since this will make Alistar extremely challenging to kill and makes him a great distraction to enemy forces. 
  • When on the “Laning” phase, make Alistar stand close to your ADC at all times, and with excellent positioning, you can threaten and engage enemies even if you don’t want to fight.
  • When you’ve engaged in a team fight, retreat as soon as you can protect your ADC and never leave them alone against the enemy frontline—use Alistar to engage and fall back to help them. 
  • It’s best to stop flashing before you use Alistar’s Pulverize since you can cast his Q before pressing flash, providing a nearly instantaneous knock-up that opponents can’t react to. 
  • Never use the Headbutt and Pulverize combo whenever you’re too close to the enemy, as it’ll usually fail. Whenever you want to do the combo, make sure you’re at a mid or max-range distance. 
  • Never use Alistar’s ultimate whenever you’re low on hp unless you’re baiting someone. It’s best to use it before taking damage to mitigate Alistar’s burst and stay in the fight inflicting damage. 
  • When you are using your E ability, don’t AA because that will stop his stomping animation and will make it longer for the chain to fully complete, it’s best to use E and than move with the enemy champion depending on where they are going because by doing this you will be ready to instantly stun the enemy with your E when the chain completes instead of having to get close to the enemy again
  • If the enemy is near your tower you can cast Q flash and walk behind the enemy champion that is knocked up to W them into your tower, if you aren’t confident that you can Q flash fast enough for the instant knock-up you can flash Q the enemy as the Q animation is short so the enemy, most of the time, won’t have enough time to react
  • Depending on your enemies, yours and your teams position you can use 1 of the 2 combos, W, Q, E, walk around the enemy till full chain completion, AA or W, flash, Q, E, walk, AA. The first combo is for engaging onto an enemy that is in front of you and your team, by doing this you will cc them long enough for your team to kill them. The second combo is used to boop your enemy to your team if the enemy is located in between you and your team. By doing W flash into Q the enemy won’t have a chance to react with a flash after your W
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