Amumu is a champion that has a role of a tank in League of Legends. This champion provides a lot of crowd control capabilities and a solid amount of damage.

Amumu is a sad mummy that becomes very popular for most League of Legends players. His individual crowd control or CC, armored stats, and AoE damage capabilities make Amumu perfect for holding down vital champions and launching surprise attacks during team fights.


Who is AMUMU?

He is known as the miserable and lonely soul from ancient Shurima who wanders the world to look for a friend. But his fate is to be alone forever as an ancient spell cursed him. Amumu’s touch is death, and his affection has been ruined.

Those who see Amumu describe him as a tiny, living corpse, covered by lichen color bandages. Amumu has inspired folklore, legends, and myths told for many generations that it’s impossible to separate truth from fiction. Amumu is unfortunate to exist in a shattered state of emptiness, friendless and alone. They tend to search for a forever companion. His existence is simply cursed. 

AMUMU's Skills and abilities

Combining all these abilities properly can leave the opponent’s team absolutely locked down for many seconds, giving your team enough time to beat them up. 


Cursed Touch. Amumu’s primary attacks Curse Touch his opponents, bringing them to grasp true bonus damage from the approaching magic damage.

Bandage Toss. Amumu’s Bandage Toss can throw a sticky bandage at their enemy, damaging and stunning the target while he pulls himself near them.

Despair. Overcoming agony, closer opponents lose a percentage of Amumu’s max health every second and have the effect of Cursed Touch refreshed.


Tantrum. It constantly lessens the physical damage Amumu would lay hold of. Amumu can release his temper, dealing damages to the surrounding opponents. Every time Amumu is being hit, Tantrum’s cooldown is lowered by 0.5 seconds.

Curse Of The Sad Mummy. Amumu can entrap enemies surrounding him by bandages, applying Cursed Touch, destructing and stunning the opponents.

playing as amumu

Amumu needs a lot of mana to clean his jungle. He can’t do it swiftly without his Despair ability. Amumu is countered if you can steal and contest his blue bluff.

Amumu needs a team fight after pursuing level six when he gains his Curse of the Sad Mummy—counter Amumu by outpacing him in his jungle, dueling with him in the early game, and stealing his jungle.

The moment Amumu grasps his Bandage Toss in, there is no way for him to back out. If you can make a few distances, he has no other way to close the gap. All abilities of Amumu have minimal range but can swap back the damage generously.


Finally, here are essential tips and tricks to assist you in mastering the nuisances and mechanics of this deadly yet amazing mummy.

  • The E cooldown lessens by 0.5 seconds when you’re being attacked. So, when you try to kill Raptors, Wolves, and Krugs, focus only on the giant monsters and permit the small ones to strike against you and reduce the E cool down quickly.
  • Since W swiftly strains your mana, ensure you turn it on when clearing or fighting the camps. Please turn it off when you need to leave the fight.
  • Some champions are hard to hit using the Q, like LeBlanc and Zed. So, if you are fighting to beat opponents, move closer to them and press R, then hit again with your Q.
  • If your R is not available, or you simply don’t want to use it, use the Blue Smite to slow down an enemy and make them dodge your Q the hard way instead.
  • Finally, save your Flash for the teamfights, where you can simply press R for a massive AOE stun!

There is no doubt that Amumu is one of the most popular and best gankers in the League of Legends game, especially after hitting level six. For new gamers, please know that Amumu’s Bandage Toss is not used to just hit the opponent champion for a good chunk of damage, but also to trap them for a small amount of time while Amumu is launching himself towards them.

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