Cryophoenix is a battlemage class that plays an essential role in offensive attacks. Annivia being a winged spirit, is one of the battlemage that you can play in League of Legends. It can burn down all the enemies using strength and power as a demigod.

Anivia is the ancient protector of the land of Freljord. Freljord is an unforgiving land with fearless warriors and a strong sense of culture.

The Cryophoenix, a mystical representation of ice magic. She can be the coldest winter, where she can call out the snow and strong winds to protect her home or anyone who will harm it. Anivia is a benevolent spirit that is eternally bound to protect and keep Freljord beyond life, rebirth, and death. She was destined to protect everything in Freljord – it is her purpose, reason, and the only way to actually exist.


Who is ANIVIA?

Anivia is a powerful mage champion that increases the winning rate of every team that has her. 

Anivia is an incredible champion with excellent crowd control. She provides a protective laning phase with insane push potential. It also comes with a free Guardian Angel in her kit that helps her survive burst damage. 

A winged spirit that endured the eternal cycle of life, death, and resurrection. She uses her elemental powers to protect her homeland. She is a symbol of hope and delivery of change. Anivia sacrifices her own being, and with perseverance, she will again be reborn to fulfill her duty. 

If Anivia takes crystallization in case, the battle is going well. It is a utility spell that cuts off the key champions or creates an alternate route for escape. Once she takes tremendous damage during the fight, Anivia can revert as an egg that allows her to be reborn and recovering her health. So if you are looking for an incredible addition to your set of champions, Anivia can assist you with that. With proper mastery of the abilities, techniques, and combos, you will be unstoppable.

ANIVIA's Skills and abilities

Anivia is a champion with a lot of tricks up her sleeve. She can undergo a series of rebirths, takedown an opponent using magic damage, heal herself, damage her opponent, and even take them down! Her passive ability allows her to transform into Eggnivia and recover her loss of strength. Based on the level, she can improve her armor and even magic resistance. 

The most unique part about Anivia’s abilities is that they have two functions: one offensive, the other defensive. For example, Anivia can launch strong magic in a specific area or summon a shield of ice to blast the opponents and protect the base. 

Let’s take a closer look at her unique traits and abilities:

  • Crystalize: It is Anivia’s ability to cast a wall of crystalized ice in the target location and knocking down all the units in it. The wall is an impassable terrain that persists for five seconds.
  • Rebirth: Anivia can suffer from severe damage in protecting and attacking midlanes. However, through the resurrection, she can cast spells that can transform her into an Eggnivia. After a period of time, she can recover all her health and continue protecting the lane. She can also acquire extra armor and magic resistance.
  • Flash Frost: Anivia creates a massive chunk of ice, damaging and slowing all enemies it passes through. At the end of its range the ice will detonate, stunning and damaging all enemies in its radius. Anivia can detonate her ice before it reaches maximum range.

Frostbite: It is the ability that blasts the target champion using a freezing wind and tremendous magic damage. Frostbite effect can be doubled if it was hit with a Flash Frost inside the Glacial Storm

Glacial Storm: Anivia can summon a rain of hail and ice in a target location, damaging and slowing all enemies inside. The storm starts out small but gradually increases for 1.5 seconds until reaching maximum size and dealing increased damage. Anivia can stop the storm at her will or when she runs out of mana.


Anivia is a champion that can unite or destroy a team. If you’re playing as Anivia, there are lots of combos that you can do to ensure your team’s victory.

  1. Timing is everything. Make sure that you try to combine Frostbite with Flash Frost. It can help you create devastating damage to your enemies. 
  2. Anivia heavily depends on mana to cash the Glacial Storm. So before you cast a spell, try to get items that can store and improve your mana. 
  3. Be aggressive at the beginning of the game. It can create tremendous damage on your opponents because they cannot kill her quickly. Use this as an advantage, and play your trump card. 
  4. Anivia is an excellent combo mage in terms of combining her skills and landing on the enemy. Three of her skills are extremely useful. Use her combo with immense crowd control.
  5. The auto-attack ranges that she has in combining her abilities are a huge advantage in killing enemies. She can increase the damage by combining Frostbite and Flash Frost. It immobilizes the enemy, making it chill and slows down the movement. 
  6. It is also wise to remember that a lot of champions have abilities that are not too easy to dodge, so make sure you focus on an all-in-combo to kill the enemies ideally.

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