The marksmen class in Lol download consists of long-ranged champions whose powers revolve around basic attacks alongside their long reach—landing continuous damage from a distance. They’re capable of taking down the most vigorous opponents, as long as they’re positioned behind the safety of their team, and one of the strongest marksmen is Caitlyn.

Caitlyn is Piltover’s most renowned peacekeeper and is typically considered Piltover’s best shot, ridding the city of criminals and their elements. Although she carries a unique Hextech rifle, her most potent weapon is her intelligence. This allows her to place elaborate traps for any lawbreakers who dare to operate in Piltover under Caitlyn’s protection.

Now, alongside her usual partner, Vi, Caitlyn aims to protect her people while serving justice.


Who is Caitlyn?

Caitlyn’s a determined and skilled investigator and is one of the sheriffs of Piltover, also known as the City of Progress. She’s intelligent and has a robust sense of justice and an unwavering devotion to the law. Caitlyn uses a Hextech rifle in battle.

Caitlyn was born to a wealthy family of Hextech artificers in Piltover. She swiftly learned the social graces of city life but preferred to spend her time in the wildlands. Although Caitlyn’s family’s engineering skills had made them wealthy, she always got warned of Piltover’s seductions. Caitlyn didn’t listen at first, but that all changed after her parents got kidnapped.

While searching for her parents, Caitlyn stumbled upon a Hextech laboratory where her parents got forced to work for a rival clan. She shortly rescued them, and since then—Caitlyn changed.

Now, Caitlyn continues her work as a sheriff but has become a highly respected officer within the ranks of the Piltover Wardens, keeping order and peace in Piltover.

Caitlyn's Skills and abilities

In League of Legends, Caitlyn has the “longest” basic auto-attack range so far, making this champion the perfect winning lane. She’s relatively easy to use but can be extremely challenging to master.

Here’s a closer look at Caitlyn’s skills and abilities:

Headshot: After every couple of basic attacks or against targets Caitlyn’s trapped or netted, she’ll fire a “headshot,” dealing bonus damage scaling with her critical strike chance. On trapped or netted enemies, Caitlyn’s Headshot attack range gets doubled.

Plus, Caitlyn’s non-empowered basic attacks generate one stack of Headshot, doubling when attacking from a bush, granting Caitlyn’s next basic attack the same bonus physical damage you’d get at six stacks, but this doesn’t benefit from bonus range.

Piltover Peacemaker: After a second, Caitlyn fires projectiles in the target direction, inflicting physical damage to the first opponent it passes through, after which it extends in width, dealing 67% damage to all enemies it passes through afterward.

Yordle Snap Trap: This skill has two forms, passive and active. Passive is where Caitlyn periodically stores a charge of the trap up to a specific limit held at once. Meanwhile, active is where Caitlyn sets up traps at the target location that arms after 1.1 seconds, where the max amount of the Yordle Snap Traps are laid down, deploying another, destroying previously placed ones.

Any enemy champion stepping on a Yordle Snap Trap and setting them off—roots them for 1.5 seconds, taking increased damage from Headshot and granting true sight to Caitlyn for 3 seconds while becoming immune to Yordle Snap Traps for 4 seconds within the area.

90 Caliber Net: Caitlyn will fire a net and recoil around 400 units in the opposite direction, inflicting damage to the first opponent it hits, slowing them by 50% for one second.

Ace in the Hole: It’s an active attack where after a brief delay, Caitlyn will lock onto target enemy champions and “channels” for a second. During the beginning of the cast, Caitlyn will gain “true” sight of the target—where after completing the channel, Caitlyn fires a homing projectile toward the targets dealing physical damage to first enemy champion hit. 


Caitlyn is a moderately tricky character to master and has a reasonable win rate. She’s one of the most popular in League of Legends, thanks to her versatility and strength. When you use Precision Runes and full damage item build while combined with the marksman playstyle, you’ll be sweeping off enemies in no time. Here are a few tips and tricks to do when using Caitlyn:
  • Caitlyn has a powerful auto-attack range. So, whenever you can, auto-attack the enemy.
  • When sieging towers, it’s wise to place your traps W behind them, zoning the opponents. Once they step in one, then go for a favorable trade.
  • Save the 90 Caliber Net E to use as an escape tool if the enemy tries to trade or attacks your lane. Plus, ensure you save enough mana to use the skill during emergencies.
  • It’s best to take advantage of Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Traps by placing them preemptively, ensuring you’ll have a one-off cooldown while in battle.
  • Never use Ace in the Hole in big team melees since it can be easily blocked.
  • When firing 90 Caliber Net, make sure to do it away from the enemy to help you close the gap or hop over walls, dealing more damage while keeping Caitlyn from a safe distance.
  • If you encounter an enemy champion teleporting nearby, it’s best to place a Yordle Snap Trap on the unit they’re teleporting to stun them and attack. Remember that if they’re teleporting to their turrets, they’ll always arrive behind them, specifically the part facing the nexus—ensuring you’ll trap the enemy upon arrival.
  • Purchasing an Essence Reaver and Attack Speed or Critical Chance item like the Runaan’s Hurricane can give your DPS a massive boost, enabling you to proc Caitlyn’s passive fast with appropriately timed auto attacks and combos.
  • Remember that Caitlyn’s Headshot skill gets two stacks if you use her auto from a bush. It’s best to take advantage of this whenever it’s safe to do so, dealing the most damage. This tip means that Caitlyn is excellent at fighting in the jungle because of her long range, allowing her to shoot over terrains and bushes.
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