League of Legends Download here – Lol’s support role consists of champions that assist their teammates throughout the game and is a position that suits characters with utility, disengage, or high base damage. One of the best support champions in the game is Janna.

Janna, armed with the blessings and powers of Runeterra’s gales, is a mystic elemental wind spirit protecting the dispossessed of Zaun.

Some people believe Janna was brought into existence by the pleas of Runeterra’s sailors, who diligently prayed for fair winds as they went through treacherous waters and rough storms.

Since her introduction, Janna’s favor and protection have been called in Zaun’s depth, where she became of hope for the needy.

No one knows when or where Janna will appear, but she will always come to help, as legends say.


Who is JANNA?

Janna is a support and mage champion in League of Legends, possessing great ability powers. She focuses on helping her allies with her multiple utility skills.

She’s an ancient wind spirit or elemental that has come to protect the dispossessed of Zaun.

While Janna’s presence is most often felt like a soothing cool breeze or a ferocious storm, the champion can manifest in human form as a ghostly figure, helping the downtrodden.

Over the eons, this wind elemental has witnessed the glorious rise and destructive fall of different civilizations—and through it all, Janna stays steadfast as a beacon of hope to all.

JANNA's Skills and abilities

Janna boasts one of the highest win rates in League of Legends, making her one of the best support champions in the game. She’s also been featured in many LCS and Pro games.

Here’s a closer look at Janna’s skills and abilities—and what makes her so popular and robust:

Tailwind: This passive skill allows Janna to gain 8% bonus movement speed while granting the same percentage to nearby allied champions. Janna’s basic attacks on-hit and Zephyr will also receive bonus magic damage.

Howling Gale: When activated, Howling Gale lets Janna summon whirlwinds at her current location, charging up over 3 seconds. After that, it’ll increase the range, speed, damage, and knock-up duration every second.

You can recast Howling Gale at any time within the 3 seconds and usually does so automatically.

Recast: When recasting Howling Gale, Janna will launch a whirlwind in a target location over 1.5 seconds, inflicting magic damage to all enemies within its path.

Howling Gale can knock back enemies for 0.5 to 1.25 seconds.

Zephyr – Passive: When Janna’s Zephyr isn’t on cooldown, she’s aided by an air element, granting her ghosting and movement speed.

Active: When Janna summons her Zephyr, this air elemental attacks target enemies by dealing them magic damage upon arrival. The attack also slows down enemy units up to 99% max for 2 seconds.

Eye of the Storm: This active skill lets Janna bless target allied champions, turrets, or herself for 5 seconds. This blessing grants the target a shield that decays after 0.75 seconds.

When you apply a slow or airborne effect with using one of Janna’s other abilities toward one enemy champion, it can reduce the Eye of the Storm’s cooldown by 20%. However, this can only happen once per cast.

Monsoon: When activated, Janna will knock back all surrounding enemies using Monsoon up to 875 units over 0.5 seconds based on their closeness to her. However, she can’t knock them back through terrains.

Janna can channel up to 3 seconds, which allows her to release soothing winds healing nearby ally units every 0.5 seconds.


Janna is one of the best support champions in League of Legends, protecting and strengthening her allies while blocking enemy attacks.

Although she isn’t a challenging support character to play, she requires much practice and awareness of different scenarios to get the most out of her.

Here are seven tips and tricks that’ll assist you in leveling up your Janna gameplay, helping you support your team members with ease:

  • Timing Janna’s ultimate can help you push enemy units away from wounded allies or separate them from their team. 
  • Janna’s abilities enable her to have natural mobility that you can use to your advantage. 
  • Remember that Janna is a “defensive support,” meaning you must use all her abilities to defend and save your allies instead of yourself. 
  • Never use Howling Gale during the laning phase as it has high mana costs and cooldown. 
  • Quickly firing Howling Gale without the charge-up is a great way to disable the enemy team without giving them time to react. 
  • It’s wise to plant Howling Gales in uncovered brushes to surprise enemies. 
  • Always max out Eye of the Storm first for Jana to level 9 as it’s her most used skill in the laning phase. 
  • Next to the Eye of the Storm, make sure to max out Zephyr as its high movement speed boost can help Janna escape foes easier. 
  • It’s best to max out Howling Gale last as it gains Janna minor benefits. 
  • You can use Eye of the Storm on turrets, which also damages ally turrets. So, always use this skill with caution. 
  • Remember that the AD bonus you get from Eye of the Storm stays as long as Janna’s shield is active. 
  • Use Monsoon to push enemies against walls to stun them. This move is best used when enemy units dive you in your tower. 
  • When your team is currently losing, combine Monsoon and Howling Gale to save your allies. 
  • Never use Monsoon too early in the game, as it can be a waste. It’s best to use the skill until enemies reach your backline. 
  • Monsoon is a great counter with a team filled with AoE abilities and ultimates, knocking them back, preventing engagement, canceling channeled spells, and healing your allies. 
  • Using Kleptomancy allows Janna to endure lane pressure by gaining suitable consumable potions and bonus gold. 
  • Due to Janna’s high cooldowns and constant use of active items, it’s best to have Cosmic Insight on hand. 
  • Using Approach Velocity can help Janna secure her allies while in danger or assisting in hunting enemies. 
  • Because Jana has high-costing mana abilities, make sure to have Manaflow Band in hand at all times.
  • Celerity works well with Janna’s high movement speed.
  • Since Janna’s a roamer between the top and mid lanes, Waterwalking is crucial for her escapes.
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