Buff-League of Legends‘ mage class or role consists of ranged champions prioritizing powerful abilities over basic attacks. One of the most well-known in this class is Cassiopeia, a deadly creature that manipulates others to her will.

Cassiopeia is the youngest and most beautiful daughter of the mighty noble family of Du Couteau of Noxus, where she went deep into the crypts between Shurima, searching for ancient power. There, Cassiopeia got attacked and bitten by a tomb guardian, whose venom turned the once-beautiful Cassiopeia into a slithering monster.

Charming and quick-witted, Cassiopeia continues to slither under the beautiful night, petrifying all with her menacing gaze.



Cassiopeia was once a beautiful noble woman capable of manipulating even the strongest of wills. Assassins killed in her slightest whim, soldiers spilled their darkest stories and generals willingly followed her in the hopes of patronage. She was the youngest daughter of one of the Noxuses most  influential families, although the members of the family won’t confirm this but it is highly possible that she is the younger sister of Katarina. Her entire life changed when she decided to venture into an ancient tomb inside the ruins of Shurima.

On the edge of the desert a stranger appears, Cassiopeia, a noble woman of Noxus looking to hire a guide to take her to the fabled lost city. But not just any guide, the owner of the legendary ancient blade, the mercenary called Sivir. They set out to the desert to find the buried bones of Shurima. Five days beneath the boiling sun, a scout spots towers jutting from the dunes and the stairway leading underground. They climb down into the darkness.

Ancient treasures gleam in the torchlight even Sivir is astonished at the grandeur of the ruins. Her men went deeper in only to stumble into traps and be eviscerated. Sivir is stunned by horor but Cassiopeia does not flinch. She sees only the statue of a huge serpent silently guarding the door to the tomb of the emperors and smiles.

The ancient weapon that Sivir wielded was a key. Cassiopeia betrays Sivir and takes her balde. She puts it into the lock and the Guardians curse was triggered causing the stone serpent to come alive and pins Cassiopeia in its jaws. The venom melts her skin like acid. The door opens and Renekton emerges, the brother Nasus loved and locked away twisted beyond insanity followed by Xerath, an architect of his torment.

Cassiopeia survived the accident but she was never since the same. After she returned to Noxus her entire lifestyle changed. She was no longer the beautiful woman that manipulated others, she was a monster. She decided to hide in her family’s crypts afraid of revealing what had happened. She remained alone in her family’s vaults filled with disgust for her serpentine body and mourning the loss of her aristocratic life.

Eventually, a growing desire to hunt overwhelmed her and she ventured out to roam the city by night as her family slumbered. Even though it was the middle of the night. The city was full of life. She climbed on a roof overlooking the crowded streets of Noxus. Below her, she saw poor children running around the streets, soldiers walking in and out of taverns and hooded figures whispering secrets in the shadows all of them were oblivious to the predator lurking in the darkness above.

Finally, a soldier with a drink in his hand came out of a tavern. This was the man she was waiting for so she trailed his movements from above following him silently over fortress walls and arc ways until he entered an empty courtyard.

 She then slithered onto an adjacent roof, her eyes full of thrill of the hunt, her figure cast a shadow onto the soldier. He drunkenly turned towards her and said:” I know you’re there, show yourself.”. “Fight me face to face.”, he shouted. “I ain’t gonna be stalked like some animal.” Cassiopeia let out an angry hiss, by the time the soldier looked up she had slid to the opposite side of the courtyard directly above him. ”You consider yourself better than an animal, do you?” she said. The man’s head turned trying to find the source of the voice. “How did you get across so fast?” he asked.

He hammered his fist against every door, trying to escape, but each was bolted shut. He pulled his sword and said: “You don’t want to cross me. I’ve gutted worse enemies than you.”. “Not just enemies.” Cassiopeia replied: “I’ve seen your handiwork.” As he was turning around she spat a dose of venom just as he turned towards her voice. He told her: “Show yourself, you can’t fight me from the shadows.” “Very well.”, Cassiopeia said as she slithered in front of him standing head and shoulders over the man. “MONSTER!” he cried. “Monster, not the worst I have been called.” Cassiopeia said.

She effortlessly whipped him with her tail throwing him to the ground. She reaped her tail around him squeezing his ribcage tighter and tighter, sensing his pounding heart straining beneath her grasp she heard bones crack. She resisted the urge to break him completely and released her grip. He crawled to his sword grasping in desperation. She enjoyed watching him tremble. He met her gaze and staired in slow recognition. “I know your face, the lady Cassiopeia.”, he pushed himself to his feet using his sword:“You chase drunk guards like me through the filthy gutters of the city now, is that it?”. The man spat a lot of blood: “From such great heights we fall, eh?”

She screamed puring all her rage into the cry, it was a combination of her fury at the unfairness of her current state, the anger at the loss of her privileged life and the resentment for her failed ambitions. She channeled it all into a mind shredding wail, as she screamed her fury was replaced by joy. Searing emerald light blazed from her eyes. The man’s final panic was outlined in silhouette as he petrified from inside out with Cassiopeia’s curse his flesh turned to stone.

Her life as a noble was over but never had she felt such boundless power coursing through her veins. She slithered back onto the rooftops. With her next victim offering a much greater challenge.

CASSIOPEIA's Skills and abilities

Cassiopeia is one of the top-performing mages in League of Legends and is excellent for solo carry games. She possesses impressive sustained DPS and an outplay potential alongside a high skill ceiling, allowing you to improve playing Cassiopeia over time.

Here are Cassiopeia’s unique skills and abilities:

Serpentine Grace: This passive attack lets Cassiopeia gain movement speed per level up. However, you can’t purchase any boost items with this champion.

Noxious Blast: This attack is where Cassiopeia creates a blast at the target area, exploding after 0.4 seconds—dealing moderate magic damage every second over 3 seconds to any enemy forces hit. Plus, it also inflicts poison to any enemy caught within the blast. Cassiopeia gains bonus movement speed that decays after 3 seconds if it hits a champion.

Miasma: Cassiopeia will spew forth eight bolts of venom in the shape of an arc whenever activating Miasma at a target area, emitting toxic clouds in the exact location for 5 seconds. Any enemy going through the clouds gets dealt magic damage every second, grounded and slowed down that gradually wears down.

Twin Fang: This active attack is when Cassiopeia launches her fangs to a target enemy, which upon the bite deals 52 to 120 magic damage to the enemy. Depending on the situation, the Twin Fang can restore some of the mana costs: if the attack kills the target or gets killed while in flight, the mana cost of Twin Fang gets refunded.

However, if an enemy was already poisoned beforehand, this attack will deal additional magic damage to the target while healing Cassiopeia. The healing is reduced by 75% against monsters and minions.

Petrifying Gaze: The active form of Petrifying Gaze is where Cassiopeia blasts enemies in a target direction, inflicting magic damage to enemies hit by the attack. When enemies get hit by Petrifying Gaze, they’ll get stunned for 2 seconds, and all other affected opponents are slowed down up to 40% for the same duration.


Cassiopeia shouldn’t be too challenging to pick up and play. However, she’s one of the hardest champions in League of Legends to master. But it can be rewarding. After all, Cassiopeia is one of the best ADC with magic damage. She’s still strong, but with the current meta and popularization of the marksman class and their long-ranged attacks, Cassiopeia tends to die more often—and fast.

Here are tips and tricks to help you master Cassiopeia:

  • When you poison stationary targets like enemy monsters and units using Cassiopeia’s Petrifying Gaze, use Twin Fang on these opponents to inflict maximum damage. 
  • Cassiopeia is one of the best “harasser” champions, regardless of the stage of the game since all three of her basic abilities can be used continually in lanes to zones, all capable of inflicting significant damage over time from afar
  • Keep in mind that Noxious Blast has a slight delay. That’s why before you use this skill, make sure to lead the enemy when targeting them with Noxious Blast to ensure a direct hit—or you can use the skill on them when they need to stand still. 
  • Using Noxious Blast while in the brush will not reveal Cassiopeia, so when you’re in the side lanes, take advantage of the brush to engage with enemy minions and take as minimal damage as possible. 
  • When chasing or fleeing from enemies, make sure to use Cassiopeia’s Noxious Blast on an enemy champion as this will speed Cassiopeia, while the Miasma can slow enemies down. 
  • Using Miasma while in the middle lane when enemy minions are coming will slow them down, inflicting moderate damage—giving your minions the advantage. This strategy is best used in pushes, intentionally pushing Cassiopeia’s lane during the “Laning Phase,” opening yourself up to the gank. 
  • You can use Noxious Blast to check brush since it’ll give Cassiopeia a movement speed boost and buff icon if an enemy gets hit. Meanwhile, if you cast the spell in a bush and see the buff icon, an enemy is hiding there. 

Cassiopeia’s Twin Fang becomes extremely strong if the target is poisoned, dealing more damage. Plus, it’ll have a quicker cooldown, allowing you to do even more damage.

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